Best 12 Inch Rain Shower Head Reviews 2021

Are you looking to purchase the best 12-inch rain shower head in 2021? Then, you are on the right page. Take a closer look at some of the best 12 shower head models available in the US market. We are sure you will find something according to your preferences and bathroom style.

A rain shower head gives you the feeling of original rain. Such a bathroom fixture offers an elegant flair and spa-like experience at your residence. In other words, it’s one of the most luxurious ways to start your morning. Read on to know some of these models that can offer you a relaxing and refreshing bath every day.

12 Inch Rain Shower Heads 2021

NameFinishShower Hose
Square Rain [Top Pick] Brushed nickel71 inches.
IRIBER Ten Layer Brushed70.8 inches.
TRUSTMIBrushed Gold59 inches.
BESyMatte black59 inches.
SHAMANDAMatt black59 inches.
ArtbathMatte black59 inches.
Qomolangma Brushed nickel75 inches.
STARBATH SS01FCNBrushed nickel59 inches.
12 Inch Rainfall Shower HeadChromeNA

Best 12 Inch Rain Shower Head Reviews

The rain shower heads are significantly bigger than regular models. Hence, there are more nozzles to cover your entire body without much movement. These fixtures are available in various sizes, but 12 inch is the best among all because showerheads available with this size gives you unique bathing experiences. Let’s know more about them.


1. SunCleanse Store Ceiling Mounted Square Rainfall Shower Head

12 Inches Square Rain Shower Head



  • Built Material: 304 stainless steel, solid brass
  • Finish: Brushed nickel
  • Shower Hose: 71 inches.


SunCleanse shower system offers a luxurious spa shower using its 12-inch ceiling mounted head and a high-pressure handheld. The fixture is compatible with any of the pipes because it uses standard NPT 1/2’’ connectors. Whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating the existing one, it’s the best 12 shower head you can try.

The shower system has a pressure balance valve cartridge that has cUPC certification. It constantly monitors the water pressure and protects you from getting scalded due to sudden changes in water temperature. Made of brass, this valve offers reliable and durable services as well.

Made of 304 stainless steel, the ceiling-mounted 12-inch showerhead offers a high-pressure rainfall bath that feels similar to a spa. This showerhead has silicone outlets that are very easy to clean. Then, the bathing system has an L-shaped hand shower that also has easy to clean silicone outlets. The handheld is made of solid brass and hence, it’s long-lasting and offers repair free services.


  • Stylish and durable built
  • Two functions of the shower system
  • 360-degree adjustable shower holder
  • Long shower hose made of stainless steel
  • 5 years of replacement warranty.


  • Some of the users say that it starts to leak after a few usages.


2. IRIBER Champagne Bronze Large Shower Head

IRIBER Champagne Bronze


  • Built Material: 304 stainless steel, brass
  • Finish: Ten Layer Brushed Gold Plated
  • Shower Hose: 70.8 inches.


Primarily made of stainless steel and brass, the IRIBER rain shower system is a beautiful fixture for your bathroom. If you want to replace or modify an existing shower set, then it’s one of the best options available. A cUPC certified pressure balancing is the primary reason, which offers steady water flow, monitors water temperature, and keeps all the users safe.

The shower system has a 12 inch square rain shower head that has a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM. It uses Air charging technology that gives a delicate feeling and fills your mind and body with freshness. Due to this latest tech, the showerhead uses up to 20 percent less water. Still, it maintains proper water flow even if the pressure is low.

Apart from the ceiling mounted shower head, this fixture also has a brass made handheld. The hand shower looks elegant because of its high quality built and multi-layer gold brush finish. Due to metal built, the handheld is corrosion-free, withstands daily usage, scratch-resistant and you will never notice any tarnishes on its surface.


  • Uses the standard 1/2 NPT thread connector
  • Easy to install
  • Oxidation, scratch, and corrosion free
  • Offers consistent water flow even if the pressure is low
  • Has easy to maintain touch-clean nozzles
  • Dual function water valve with cUPC certification.


  • Can be expensive for some of the users.


3. TRUSTMI 12 Inch Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set

TRUSTMI Shower Faucet 12 inch Bathroom



  • Built Material: Brass, stainless steel, and copper
  • Finish: Brushed Gold
  • Shower Hose: 59 inches.


Trustmi rain mixer combo set comes with a brushed gold finish that fills your bathroom with warmth and induces relaxation. No matter it’s the summer, winter, or spring, this rain shower head with handheld spray offers comfortable bath experiences all year round. Whether you own a classic, minimalistic or modern, bathroom, it suits any of them and becomes the center of attraction in no time.

The combo set includes a 12-inch square shower head that can easily withstand high water pressure because of its solid brass construction. Also, the set has a brass made handheld that works in combination of a 150 cm stainless steel hose. The flexible steel hose is very useful when you need some targeted cleaning.

An angle-adjustable fixed shower head offers a customized bath setting as per your body. Both handheld and ceiling mounted come with straight silicone nozzles that are durable and easy to clean. What’s more? The nozzles never block even if you forget to clean them for a long time.


  • Stylish and elegant appearance
  • Angle adjustable brass made shower holder for handheld
  • Heavy-duty shower arm for additional safety
  • Corrosion, scratch, and tarnishing resistant
  • cUPC Certification to keep you safe from sudden temperature changes.


  • The length of the handheld hose is shorter than its competitors.


4. BESy  Rain Shower Head With Handheld Spray

BESy Shower System with 12 Inch Rain Shower Head and Handheld Wall Mounted


  • Built Material: Stainless steel and brass
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Shower Hose: 59 inches.


If you are want to enjoy an ultimate bathing experience every day, then take a closer look at the BESy shower system. It comes with a 12 inch fixed ceiling mounted shower head and a handheld shower spray with a 16-inch wand. The rainfall shower head 12-inch is made of 304 stainless steel and the handheld is built using brass.

The shower system operates using Air Injection Technology, which saves up to 30 percent of water. Even if the pressure is low, the Air Injection maintains the proper flow of water by mixing it with air. Also, it makes minimal noise while you enjoy a bath.

BESy bathroom fixture features a unique 2 in 1 handheld shower that you can use by twisting its body. There are two water modes; shower and spray gun. The handheld is connected with a 59-inch stainless steel shower hose, which is extremely useful for washing kids or pets.

What makes this shower set even more attractive is its matte black appearance. You don’t have to worry about corrosion because it has passed the Salt Spray test. Hence, the fixture is suitable to withstand everyday usage in your bathroom. In case you face any problem, the product comes with a replacement warranty of 5 years.


  • Solid metal built for long-lasting services
  • Water-saving Air Injection Technology
  • Maintains proper water flow even under low pressure
  • Makes minimal noise
  • Includes a unique and stylish 2 in 1 handheld shower.


  • Built quality is not satisfactory according to some of the users.


5. SHAMANDA Brass Rainfall Shower System

SHAMANDA Brass Rainfall Shower System


  • Built Material: 3.4 stainless steel and brass
  • Finish: Matt blackS
  • hower Hose: 59 inches.


The rainfall shower system by Shamanda is a high-quality bathroom fixture that not only decorates your bathing area but also gives you an energetic and refreshing bath every day. Its cUPC certified valve protects you and your family members from any injury that sudden changes in water temperature can cause. The bathing system has utilizes Injected Air Technology that makes the water flow delicate.

Shamanda shower system comes with a 12 inch square shower head made of 304 stainless steel and a handheld showerhead constructed using brass. The hand shower has a 15.7 inches arm and a 59-inch PVC shower hose. There is also a brass made shower holder that’s useful when the handheld is idle.

The ceiling-mounted 12 rain shower head has a rotary joint, which allows you to adjust it at any angle according to your preferences and body size. Then the handheld is connected with a high quality, flexible, and corrosion-free hose.


  • Large shower head for comfortable bathing times
  • Uses standard 1/2 NPT thread connector
  • Easy to install
  • Air Injection technology for low water consumption
  • Maintains the required water flow even if the pressure is low
  • 5 years of warranty.


  • The handheld hose is built with PVC, not stainless steel.


6. Artbath Black Shower System

12 inch Rain Shower Head and Handheld Shower


  • Built Material: 304 stainless steel, brass, and PVC
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Shower Hose: 59 inch.


Artbath shower system is a wall-mountable bathroom fixture that includes a 12-inch rainfall showerhead and a handheld. The rain shower with hand shower uses air injection technology to offer you a gentle, high pressure, and wonderful shower every day. Apart from that, it has self-cleaning silicone nozzles that never seek much attention.

The 12 rainfall shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and it saves water up to 30 percent. The wall-mounted shower head is made of 304 stainless steel, but its ball joint is built using brass. Apart from that, its joint is adjustable that allows you to find the most comfortable angle.

This shower system simulates natural rainfall. Even if the pressure is low, it maintains 100 percent water flow. This fixture has a durable brass made valve that’s cUPC certified, rust-resistant, and remains free from corrosion all its life. Apart from that, it also monitors water pressure and temperature to protect you from scalds.

The matte black appearance of the fixture is stylish and elegant. Its multilayered finish has passed the Salt Spray test, which means it can easily withstand a humid environment for long periods. Apart from that, this bathing unit is easy to install without altering the internal plumbing.


  • Made of durable steel and brass
  • Optimal performance even under low water pressure
  • Easy to clean nozzles
  • Uses standard ½ inch NPT Standard Connection for fast installation
  • Incudes free plumber’s tape and flange.


  • The handheld hose is built with PVC, not stainless steel.


7. Qomolangma 12 inches Bathroom Rain Shower System

Qomolangma 12 inches Bathroom Rain Shower System


  • Built Material: 34 stainless steel and brass
  • Finish: Brushed nickel
  • Shower Hose: 75 inches.


Qomolangma rain shower system includes a 12-inch square-shaped fixed shower head, which is fixed and is made of 304 stainless steel. Then, it has a brass made handheld shower connected with a stainless steel hose. The handheld has a shower holder that is also made of solid brass.

The dual shower head with handheld has a brass made valve, which as cUPC certification. This means it can effectively protect you and your family members from scalds by maintaining favorable water pressure and temperature. Due to brass construction, its valve and all other parts keep pollution at bay.

Mineral buildup inside the shower system’s valve can be a problem while bathing. But the case is different when you have the shower set by Qomolangma because is valve has a ceramic balancing structure that prevents any mineral accumulation. It also allows you to adjust the cold and hot water pressure.

You can control the 12-inch square rainfall shower head and handheld using its valve. Simply turn its diversion to change the modes. The handheld deserves a special mention because of its stainless steel hose that’s tangle-free and can extend from 59 to 75 inches. Using its length, you can use the hand spray in multiple targeted cleaning tasks including washing the pets or kids.


  • Brass made valve that doesn’t pollute water
  • Adjustable fixed shower head
  • Uses standard American 1/2” NPT connections for easy installation
  • Soft silicone nozzles that are easy to clean
  • Brushed nickel finish for corrosion-free life.


  • Not significant enough to be mentioned.


8. STARBATH 12 Inch Ceiling Mounted Shower System – SS01FCN

STARBATH SS01FCN 12 Inch Ceiling Mounted Shower System


  • Built Material: Stainless steel and brass
  • Finish: Brushed nickel
  • Shower Hose: 59 inches.


Starbath SS01FCN is a high-quality shower system that has a simple and sophisticated design. So, it can blend into any of the bathrooms. The bathing set includes a 12 inch square rain shower head integrated with easy to clean silicone nozzles. You will also find a high-pressure handheld shower, which is perfect when you want to shampoo, clean the bathroom, and wash your pets or kids.

The bathing system has a large shower head made of stainless steel and has G1/G2 connectors. Then, the system has a hand spray that’s built using brass and has the same G1/G2 connections. The shower arm is also brass made and it standard ½ inch NPT connectors.

SS01FCN has a dual function valve that is integrated with a reliable ceramic disk cartridge, which can survive 500, 000 times open and close test. So, you can expect long-lasting services from this bathroom fixture. A shower bracket holder completes the bathing system. This holder is also made of brass and has the ½” NPT connectors.

Constructed with stainless steel and brass, SS01FCN is durable and never seeks early repairs. Plus, it’s easy to install. If you face any trouble while installing the unit, contact the friendly user support provided by Starbath.


  • Metal made structure that promises durable services
  • Easy to use and effortless to control
  • Uses reliable ceramic cartridge
  • Friendly support services.


  • Cannot maintain proper water flow in low pressure.


9. Sooreally 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head

Sooreally 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head


  • Built Material: 304 stainless steel and brass
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Shower Hose: NA .


Today’s next recommendation from Sooreally is a high-pressure rain shower head that comes with an 11-inch arm. If you want to enjoy ravishing experiences every morning, then it’s one of the best options to invest in. Why? Because the 12 inch square shower head has 144 rain jets that deliver well-proportioned water droplets, which gives you a soft and silky feel.

Sooreally sower head delivers comfortable water flow that relaxes your mind and rejuvenates the body due to its massage effects. This 12 rainfall shower head is constructed using 304 stainless steel and hence, it’s durable, sturdy, and provides leak free performance.

The showerhead comes with brass made extension arm that you can adjust at both of its angles. This fixture has standard 1/2” NPT thread connections. Hence, the showerhead is easy to install without investing much time and energy. Plus, Teflon tape and a small wrench are included with the unit. So, there is no need to call a professional, especially if you are experienced.


  • Solid construction that stays in your bathroom for long
  • An adjustable arm that gives you the best bathing angle
  • Mirror-like finish to add elegance to your bathroom
  • Anti-clogging nozzles for easy maintenance
  • Offers powerful and comfortable water flow.


  • Connections are flimsy.


10. Clarita Home 12 Inch Rainfall Shower Head

12 Inch Rainfall Shower Head - 12” Square


  • Built Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Shower Hose: NA.


If you are looking for a large showerhead at an affordable price tag, then take a closer look at the 12-inch rainfall fixture by Clarita Home. It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and 196 water nozzles to produce a rain-like effect. Plus, the showerhead has corrosion free and durable stainless steel construction.

The showerhead has a large size that offers a shoulder to shoulder cover while you are bathing. Hence, you do not have to move much to wash all the body parts. Above all, it consumes less water, but never compromises on the showering experience.

Clarita Home shower head is easy to install because it uses standard ½ inch threads. Simply screw the head to enjoy unique and relaxing bathing experiences. Then, the fixture has a swivel ball connection that allows you to adjust its angle. Moreover, its chrome finish fits easily in any of the bathroom décors and makes it elegant.


  • Lightweight and thin, yet long-lasting
  • Can be installed within seconds
  • Offers high-pressure rainfall water flow
  • Easy to clean nozzles
  • Conserves water.


  • Rusting is a common problem, especially if the fixture is leaking.


What To Know About Standard Shower Sizes? 

If you are planning to renovate the existing shower system or install a new one, then it’s important to know about the shower sizes. It will help you to choose the best bathing set according to the available space.

Standard Shower Sizes

In case you are planning for a walk-in shower, you can invest in any of the bathing systems. It’s because such a shower is flexible when we talk about size. However, the situation changes when you are in the mood to purchase a pre-fabricated shower unit. The smallest available size is 32 x 32 inches (width and depth) and the maximum is 36 x 60 inches. The standard size for such a shower is 36 x 36 inches.

Once you decide the size, you need to measure your bathing area or unit. You don’t have to follow this step if you are designing a new bathroom. But, in case of renovation, you will be limited in terms of the available open space.

To get an accurate measurement, you need to measure the height from the base of an existing unit to its top. Use the measuring tape in two different places and go with the higher number. Afterwards, you also need to measure the width and length of the unit. If you don’t have an existing shower unit, then measure the depth, width, and length of your bathroom.

Shower-bathtub combo

Are you looking for a shower space that also has a bathtub? Then, you need to take the measurements accordingly. Keep in mind the standard size of a shower and bathtub combo set is 60 x 30 x 72 inches and goes up to 60 x 36 x 72 inches.

Final talk

Rainshower heads are the best when you want to emerge yourself in a refreshing bath that leaves you fresh and energetic. 12 inch rain shower heads are perfect because of their extra-large size. Such an addition gives a feeling that you are outside in the rain, but actually, you are at the comfort of your house.

We hope that you find a 12 shower head as per your likings. Choose one of the models that we discussed today depending upon the built materials, style, and safety features. Also, make sure you invest in a cUPC certified product that can keep you and your family safe.

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