Best Indoor Insect Killer 2020 [Indoor Flying Insect Killer]

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Having an insect infestation can be one of the most annoying and disgusting things there can be.

These little critters could not only ruin your day, but they could also transmit many different diseases.

The thing is, you could easily get rid of them, and it will only take you a few minutes!

If this is your problem, you should get yourself an insect killer, more precisely, the best indoor insect killer.

Because the better the insect killer, the fewer bugs you will have to see throughout your day. Take it as a fact!

Since we know how annoying these crawlers can be, we made a list with some of the most popular means of bug extermination that you could find.

 So, let's get on with it! The sooner we get started, the quicker you can plan how to deal with those troublesome unwanted visitors.

Top 10 Indoor Flying Insect Killer 2019

Model Name
Flowtron FC-8800  Top pick 120-Watt1,200 sqft
Flowtron BK-15D15 watt 25 1,200 sqft
Vet's Best-Home SprayN/AN/A
Livin’ Well Bug Zapper18W1,500 sqft
SereneLife Mosquito Killer36W5000+sqft
Stinger BKC90LRun time: 3.5h 625 sqft
Aspectek Insect Killer20W Great for any room
Aspectek Bug Zapper20W Great for any room
LiBa Insect KillerN/A Great for any room
Tiabo Insect Killer20W Great for any room

Best Indoor Electronic Insect Killer Reviews

As we go through the list, you will be able to notice that we wrote about some special perks about each insect killer like durability, efficiency when killing insects, and ease of maintenance between others.

This is because we are making sure that once you are done reading each review, you find yourself a model that will suit your needs perfectly.

1. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device

flowtron fc 8800 diplomat review

Next, we have one of the many Flowtron products we have on this list. This is mostly because Flowtron has become one of the signature brands when it comes to bug zappers.

You can be sure that their products are durable, and they will also give you control over almost any pest.

The product has explicitly become one of their most popular models since its features make it one of the best insect killer for home. Indoor or outdoors, it will keep any insects out of your house with ease.

Powerful Glo-Panel Reflector

This may be the main difference between this model and others on this list. It fashions a powerful reflector that helps concentrate the light from the light bulb to ensure that no insects escape its sight.

High Indoor And Outdoor Coverage

Specifications ensure that this model can cover an area of 1,200 square feet when used indoors and 2 acres when used outdoors if placed correctly. Once it is installed, not even the best indoor outdoor bug spray can rival this model.

Great for Wide Spaces

This product isn’t best used indoor but in wide areas such as barns, bodegas or indoor courts. This is because the light is so bright that it won't be comfortable to have one of these on top of your bedroom door. 

Things We Liked

  • Great for wide indoor spaces that need pest control
  • The powerful reflector ensures that the light coming from the zappers attracts all insects

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • It won’t work as well in small spaces such as flats or apartments
  • Overall, it's more significant than other models with the same power

2. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

flowtron bk 15d review

This next is without a doubt the best indoor mosquito killer you can find.

It is one of the most advanced models on the review.

With its many features, it will eliminate any flying pests that are attracted to it.

You can be sure that with this electronic indoor insect killer, your house will be free of pests.

15-Watt Bulbs

This model relies on a single 15-watt bulb (hence the 15 in the name) that will attract a significant number of flying insects.

          If you are having issues with crawlers more than flying pests, you can also set it on the floor and see how these creepy crawlers disappear.

In case you are specifically having problems with roaches, this model will be your way to freedom. Since it can be left on the floor without any problem, even big cockroaches are easily taken care of.

Its versatility doesn’t only make it the best indoor roach killer, but it also makes it one of the most reliable models.

High Range

When used in a single room, it ensures the total elimination of any pests, which is excellent.

But its real power can be seen when used outside since it has a protection range of one and a half acres long depending on the environment.

Non-Clogging Killing Grid

Cleaning remains of dead insects is not a fun task, especially when they are clogged in the grids of the zapper.

This model ensures that there will be no bugs attached to it, which means that it can run for longer times before it needs to be cleaned.

Things We Liked

  • Non-clogging grid ensures an easier maintenance
  • It has a wide protection range, which ensures a bug-free ambient
  • check
    The powerful 15-Watt lightbulb provides that all bugs attracted will be taken care of

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit hard to find a replacement for the bulb

3. Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray for Dogs and Home

vets best flea and tick home spray review

If you are looking for an indoor insect bug spray to get rid of any fleas or ticks that you or your dog have brought home by accident, this is the product for you.

It will not only take care of pests, but it is also non-chemical based which is great for you and your pet’s health.

Made from All-Natural Oils

On many occasions, using a spray pesticide in your house is a bad idea. Mostly because these are full of harmful chemicals.

This environment and pet-friendly spray is made of clove extract and contains no toxic chemicals.

Home-friendly Product

The cool thing about this product is that you can spray it anywhere. From your dogs’ bed to your own. It will not leave any stains, and will eliminate ticks and fleas in a rush.

Plus, it will also take care of any eggs or small ticks that are not always visible.

Effect Lingers to Prevent Future Pests

Once you spray an area, you can be sure that there will be no pests around for a while. The product eliminates all traces of pests in an area.

This reduces the chance that you will have ticks or fleas again, making it one of the best indoor bug sprays you can find.

Things We Liked

  • Neither your pets or you will be affected by the spray since it has natural elements
  • It will eliminate all existing fleas and ticks from most areasThe spray will not leave any stains.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some people may be allergic to the scent comes from it.
  • There will be a point in which fleas and ticks are no longer affected by this spray.
flowtron electronic insect killer 40 watt

Yup, another Flowtron product. As we said earlier, they make top of the class insect killers so seeing another one on the list is no surprise.

When compared to the last model, this one may be a bit simpler, but this does not have to be a negative aspect.

Once you see what this model can do, you will automatically think of many scenarios where it could be useful!

​​​​Enhanced Protection Area

This specific model could reach a protection area of 1 ½ acre, which means that it will work splendidly indoors. Within a few days of exterminating pests, you can be sure that no other new pests will come through the window.

​​​​Non-Clogging Metal Grid

Cleaning a bug zapper might be disgusting since you need to take care of any insects that are clogged in the grid.

But with this model, you won't have to go through that since the grid is powerful enough to kill insects and let them fall to the ground or the tray.

Things We Liked

  • Although it bears smaller protection than the other Flowtron insect killers, it will take high concentrations of flying insects
  • The non-clogging grid allows you to perform maintenance faster and without much effort

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It does have a constant humming, so you would need to set it far from a populated area if you don’t want to hear it.

5. SereneLife Upgraded Electric Bug Zapper - 2018 Fly & Mosquito Killer

SereneLife Upgraded Electric Bug Zapper

Next in the list, we have a more economical and eco-friendly item that many of you may find useful. We are talking about the SereneLife upgraded bug zapper.

Of course, one of the signature picks for customers that are looking for a more affordable model.


The UV light that is used is not only designed to reduce the use of electricity, the whole model also works without any chemicals or pesticides.

Not only your electricity bill can be a bit lower, but you can also help the environment by reducing the consumption of pesticides.

Durable and Rugged Exterior

Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, this zapper is considered to be one of the best outdoor bug killers since it is constructed with durable materials that ensure that it will work correctly for many years to come.

Environment Resistant

Although it could correctly work indoors, you could leave this model outside for a few days and find that it still works perfectly. This is because it is designed to be durable above all else, smashing other models that would ruin after a few seconds in the rain.

Things We Liked

  • Durable construction means that you could use it for many years without a problem
  • Since it is weather resistant, you can leave it outdoors

Things We Didn’t like

  • It does emit a high pitched noise when near it, so you won't be able to sleep or talk peacefully without having that noise

6. Stinger BKC90L Cordle​​​​​ss Insect Zapper, Blue

Stringer BKC90L

At number seven, you may find this item interesting if you are planning to go on a camping trip shortly.

Mostly because this specific model is a cordless one, which means that you can set it up and turn it on almost everywhere! Additionally, you can use it for daily indoor and outdoor use as well.

​​​​Cordless Model

What stands out immediately is the fact that you don't have to set a large cord just to power it up. With only a few hours of charging the entire zapper can endure up to 4 hours in the harshest environments. Its long duration can beat some of the best insect killers in the list.

​​​​Perfect for Any Occasion

While it is on, it can cover an area of 625 sq. ft. which is more than enough for a single room.

But it could be especially useful in camping trips since what can be worse than sleeping with hundreds of mosquitoes and insects surrounding you!

​​​​Designed to Endure

Don't let the slick but straightforward design of the Stinger fool you. This model could be exposed to nature for long periods of time, and it will still work correctly.

Some people have tried it during rain and strong winds, and it will even go on for as long as the batteries last.

Things We Liked​​​​

  • You can take it anywhere; thanks to the cordless design
  • Rechargeable lithium battery can last for almost 4 hours
  • Durable design makes it perfect for any occasion.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The intense light and sound serve as a double-edged sword since you need to be far from it if you don’t want to get bothered

7. Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper by Hoont Mosquito Killer

If you are not fond of bug sprays, you may find this next item interesting. It does not use any chemicals.

Because it solely relies on an electrical lightbulb that will eliminate any bug that contacts it. Plus, it will also help you save some space since it can be hanged.

​​​​Powerful Attraction Bulbs

This model has a set of attraction bulbs that are more powerful than usual.

Meaning that it can get rid of more insects in less time, but the bulb will need routined changes constantly.

But don't worry, since the package already includes two replacement bulbs for your convenience.

​​​​Space Saver

This model also comes equipped with a metal chain on the back which will hold the entire weight of the zapper without a problem. If you feel more of a glitch with flying insects, you may find this useful.

​​​​Easy Cleaning

It is undoubtedly disgusting having to remove any dead insects from the zapper, but this model makes this more comfortable since it counts with a removable tray that catches all the insects killed by the bulbs.

Things We Liked

  • It is highly effective, especially with winged and flying insects
  • They do not depend on any chemicals to work
  • It can be hanged to save space.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The bulbs do not last for long
  • If it falls, the grid may deform or loosen without problem.

8. Aspectek Electric Indoor Insect Killer

pest sentry 20W electric bug zapper

Next in line, we have what might be the ideal zapper for gardens, living rooms and studios. This resilient bug zapper is the perfect purchase when it comes to compact and discreet insect killers.

It is known to eliminate most kinds of flying insects without you even noticing that its there.

Protective Outer Covering

The first thing that you may notice is the exterior. This hardcover is designed to keep both humans and animals safe and away from the electricity of the grid.

You can be sure that even if you trip with it by accident, you won't have to worry about broken or loose parts.

Easy Maintenance

For most users, support is a great deal. The easier it is, the less you will have to be in contact with dead insects. This model makes this process much more comfortable by gathering the remains on a removable tray which can be hand-washed.

20-Wa​​​​​tt Bulbs

Although a bit less potent than other bulbs, the ones equipped are strong enough to attract a significant amount of mosquitoes that fly by.

You may have to change them often, but you can be sure that you will find a replacement.

Things We Liked

  • The discreet design makes it the perfect model for small rooms.
  • It does not make a sizzling sound, so you can easily forget you have the buzzer in the room
  • Its removable tray allows you to have as little contact with the insect remains as possible.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The UV bulbs need to be taken care of constantly

9. LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer

PestZilla 8482

This next model is a fan favourite and has become one of the best indoor insect killers according to many customers.

Robust and reliable, this model takes only seconds to be set up and will last for a long time before it needs maintenance or a change of bulbs.

Long Lasting 20 Watts Bulbs

Thanks to the powerful and bright bulbs included, this model makes sure that there are no exceptions when it comes to taking care of winged insects.

They are designed to be ON for long periods of time, so you won't have to worry about changing the bulbs every day.

Increased Protection

It also counts with a broader area than its predecessors. Its protection range can get up to 6,000 square foot if the environmental conditions are ideal. This makes it a great bug zapper for big indoor spaces like garages and kitchens.

Constant Voltage Metal Grid

The metal grid is designed to ensure a continuous current of electricity to provide a more natural cleaning process. Once the bug makes contact with the grid, it will drop dead instantly.

Easy to Install

You can hang it from something to ensure complete elimination of flying bugs, or you can leave it on the floor to take care of another kind of crawlers. Either way, you just need to plug it in so it can begin working.

Things We Liked

  • 20-watt bulbs make sure that every winged pest is attracted to it
  • High voltage grid makes sure that no insect gets out of it once touched
  • You can set it up in seconds.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The voltage is so high that some bugs get stuck to the grid
  • Regular maintenance can be uncomfortable

10. Bug Zapper Indoor Insect Killer

Bug Zapper Fly trap 538 sq ft

This model is one of the best indoor mosquito killers since it is powerful enough to eliminate any pests but silent enough to be used as a night lamp.

Without the use of any chemicals, the VivReal bug zapper will allow you to get a full night’s sleep without you worrying about any annoying pests.

  • Chemical Free

Instead of using any chemicals to lure in insects, this model will instead use a UV light that will grab the attention of any mosquitos or flies that come through it. The UV bulbs that are used are neither hard to find nor expensive.

  • Easy Maintenance

Brandishing a removable tray and a correctly charged grid, this model is straightforward to clean. You will almost never find insects stuck to it. Plus, the outer frame is made from non-rust metal that will ensure pleasant mosquito-free nights for a long time.

Things We Liked

  • This model can cover up to 538 sq. ft. without any problem
  • Silent enough to be used in your bedroom

Things We Didn’t Like

 It is a bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will most likely answer any queries you have, so give it a look before you go on with the article. Plus, it may also work as a complement to all the reviews you just saw.And, if you are still left with more question, try our comments section!

Q: What kinds of insects do these zappers and pesticides can kill? 

A: The best home insect killers can kill all flying insects like moths, flies, and mosquitoes. Pesticides, on the other hand, will work better for crawlers such as cockroaches, ants and fleas.

Q: For bug zappers, how difficult is it to change the bulbs if any of them breaks? 

Well, changing the bulb is not rocket science, but you need to make sure that you get the right bulb for your model. If you buy a lamp that is not specific for your zapper, it may not work as perfectly as it is supposed to.

Q: Does the Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray kill any tick eggs that haven’t hatched?

A: This spray will remove both eggs and adult ticks, but you may have to spray it evenly over most furniture and carpets if you want to be sure that no crawler made it through.

Q: How long do the bulbs on the zappers last? 

A: It depends on the voltage of the zapper. A zapper with 20W bulbs can be on every day for almost a month. Smaller zappers have bulbs that can last for a longer time since the voltage is not that big.

Q: Do zappers have to be hanged to work? 

A: If you want them to take care of most flying insects, it is highly advisable that you keep it hanging. If you don't think it is necessary, you can set it almost anywhere.

Buying Guide of The Best Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

When looking for the best home insect killer, familiarize yourself with the following important considerations.


When choosing a good insect killer, you ought to be careful not to end up causing more damage than you wanted to prevent. Some best indoor fly killers use chemicals that linger around that can have fatal consequences to human health.

Your safety and your family safety should come first. For those that use an electrical grid, they should incorporate a safety cage to protect you from direct contact.

Easy To Use

The best insect killers are easy to use; with little or no maintenance you will get an insect free house. It's quite amazing to know you are safe of insects without much of a hassle. All you have to do is put it in place and have it turned on, and there you go; you will be free of all insects.

Easy To Clean

It is very important that you can be able to get rid of the trapped insect easily. If your insect killer becomes clogged then you will be having problems, your insect killer will be very inefficient, it will be equally as bad as if you did not have an insect killer in place.


The power associated with the insect killer determines how well it is going to be able to deal with the insects. The higher the power, the stronger and hence the more efficient it will be. Sufficient power is needed to power the high voltage grid.

Other Considerations

  • Price
  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Brand

Final Words

To decide which is the best indoor insect killer for you, you need to notice what kind of insect you are trying to eliminate.

Don't worry, if you are trying to kill creepy crawlers or trying to get rid of a mosquito invasion, there is a specific model that will get you through it!

Hopefully, by the end of this best indoor electronic insect killer review, you have already found the model that will fully exterminate that annoying pest you are dealing with!