Best Lightweight Water Hose Reviews 2020 (Small Garden Hose)

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Some people think a hose is a hose, and no much though should be put into its selection when purchasing one. However, that isn't true. The right best lightweight hose is the one that satisfies your hosing needs the best. It all depends on with what you want to do with it.

Do you want to use it for car cleaning? Do you want a hose for your gardening? Maybe you want a multitasking hose to help you with watering activities in your home.

There are hoses for each of these purposes, and for you to get the correct model for your intended project, you will need a little guidance for professionals like me.

This review highlights how to choose the right hose. It also points out some of the best lightweight hose. So, just read on and I'm sure you will get exactly what will impress you.

Best Lightweight Garden Hose 2020

 Model NameFeaturePrice
1.Miracle Gro UltraLite  Best Choice Length: 25 feet
2.Zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight Length: 600 in
3.Light Drinking Water Safe Garden HoseLength: 50 feet
4.Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden HoseLength: 25 feet
5.ALL NEW 2018 Expandable HoseExpands to 50 f

 Buying Guide of The Best Lightweight Flexible Garden Hose

Choosing the best lightweight hose from the many hoses out there can difficult to some people. Here is how you can single out the perfect choice.


Some hoses are made of rubber, others made of vinyl but may also compose of other materials such as polyurethane or nylon. Some are made of a combination of rubber and vinyl. Vinyl is less expensive and is excellent for small tasks like watering plants.

Hoses made from this material work better in mild climates. Rubber hoses are more expensive and more durable. They can be used to transport even hot water and hold up very well in harsh weather.


Garden hose vary in lengths. You can find lengths of under 10 feet to ones with over 100 feet in length. Common lengths range from 25 to 50 feet long. Shorter hoses will cost you more per foot than longer hoses, but are often easier to drain and coil.

I find longer hoses heavier and difficult to handle. The length you choose should be determined by the task at hand or the size of your garden. It should also be determined by the ease of use. Long hoses are difficult to handle.


Fittings connect the hose to the water spigot. Plastic fittings are a lot less expensive but have a shorter lifespan. You can go for brass fittings, which are more durable. They also maintain their threads for longer.

Crush-proof brass fittings are much stronger than those made from stamped brass. Whether the fittings are made from brass or plastic, female octagon-shaped fittings are better than regular round fittings. They are easier to use too.

Kinking and Burst Strength

Before you purchase the hose, you can open the package and unroll a few feet and fold it back to see if it kinks. Kinking can be annoying, and it is one of the reasons why using a garden hose can be so difficult.

You should also check the label for its burst strength. Burst strength is simply the amount of pressure than can cause a hole to burst through the hose. Burst strength varies from 50-600 psi. Higher psi means the hose is stronger.

Best Lightweight Hose

Best Lightweight Flexible Garden Hose Reviews

After spending a lot of hours researching for the best lightweight hose, I have some models that you can check. Read their reviews so that it will be easy for you to make the comparisons.

1. Miracle Gro Ultra Lite Garden Hose

Miracle Gro Ultra Lite Hose

This high-quality hose has everything you are looking for in a garden hose.

It is made with patented new material which is why it is of incredible quality like you will find out after using it.

Lightweight and Strong

These two qualities don't usually go hand in hand, but thanks to innovativeness and technology, the producers of this garden hose have managed to combine the two feature.


It is a lightweight water hose that is pretty durable on the side. It is a premium water hose that is also strong and sturdy so that it can last longer even with constant use.

Patented Hose Armor

It features a patented hose armor which prevents kinking at the faucet. This is a vital feature, which also ensures a better water flow through the pipe.

Perfect for Small Spaces

I find this water hose perfect for use in small spaces thanks to its lightweight and compact design. It delivers excellently in decks, patios, and gardens.

2. Teknor Apex Lightweight Ultra Flexible Garden Hose

Teknor Apex Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden Hose

Featuring advanced hose design, this hose in an excellent creation that has revolutionized water hose uses a great deal.

It provides simple handling and is the best for gardening.

50 Percent Lighter Weight

The hose is 50 percent lighter than the normal weight. Many users would question how they achieved this. The hose is designed with a lot of expertise to make it lighter so that it can provide better use.

Jobsite Tough

Despite its lightweight, this hose is abrasion, leak, and puncture resistant. It will serve you in the garden or for water transfer with the perfection deserved and it remains strong after extra use.

Doesn't Expand or Retract

The hose does not retract or expand even when the water is at a high pressure. This guarantees uninterrupted high water flow rate, which is what we all want in a water hose.

Patented Crush-proof Couplings

The water hose features newly designed couplings that provide long-lasting, leak-free attachments. The couplings are of commercial grade and ergonomic design. They are crash-proof up to 900 lbs.

3. Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Slim

Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Slim & Light Drinking Water Safe Garden Hose

This is a high-quality water hose designed to perform better at different water pressures.

From the material used to make it to the expertise put into its construction, I love every bit of this water hose.

Soft and Smooth

It is soft and feels comfortable on the hands. Its shiny surface gives it a gorgeous look that adds admiration to your home. These features also contribute to the overall excellence of the hose.

Flexible in All Weather

No weather condition undermines its flexibility. From sub-freezing temperatures to up to140 degrees Fahrenheit running hot water, the hose will remain as flexible as it has always been.

No Toxic Chemicals

You can be sure that you and your loved ones will be safe from using this hose. Unlike some hoses, this model contains no toxic chemicals such as BPA and lead among others.


From the materials used to make the hose to the fittings, this model is designed to provide you with maximum durability so that you can use it for a longer period.

4. Platinum 50' Expanding Hose

Platinum 50' Expanding Hose

Another high-quality hose that my wife tend to like a lot.

She tells me how much she enjoys gardening with this hose.

I use it to clean my compound, and it never disappoints.

Super Strong

This is the strongest expandable hose you can ever come across today. It is invented to provide extraordinary water flow that many hoses can't beat, thanks to its strong nature.

Doesn't Twist or Kink

The hose is lightweight, a feature that gives it an upper hand against its competitors. The best part is that it doesn't twist, tangle or kink no matter the water pressure.

Solid Ends

Once you buy this hose, be sure that you won't experience leaks around its plastic fittings. The fittings are ingeniously designed to provide the best fittings possible. No leaks whatsoever.

Indestructible Double Layer

The hose is designed with a lot of specialties, with its engineers making it with an indestructible double layer latex core. It can hold water even at the craziest pressure ever.

5. Tuff-Guard the Perfect Garden Hose

Tuff-Guard the Perfect Garden Hose

This is a water hose that I'm sure would impress many users out there.

From elegance to appreciable design, this hose is a true innovation of the moment that carries flowing water excellently.

25-Foot in Length

At 25 feet, this hose is long enough to assist you with all sorts of activities from gardening, to car cleaning. It is designed for a variety of outdoor activities.

Extruded Three-ply Construction

This hose is created to provide impressive performance and to last long. It features extruded three-ply construction that contributes to its overall strength and durability.

Polypropylene Double Helix Exterior

It is engineered in a special way to make it stable and resistible to kinks and knots. The result is a hose that can provide full-length service to you and you loved ones any time of the day and for longer.

Strong and Flexible

Even when you are holding it in your hands, you feel its strength and flexibility. The hose features thermoplastic elastomer tube that contains a braided polyester core, which is why it is so flexible and strong.

Final Verdict

So, when you are out looking for the best hose for your projects, you need to be keen on your choice. There are a lot more to look for in a hose than just length and strength.

They come in a variety of designs, materials, colors, and durability, and only you can know exactly what you want to achieve with a hose.

That's when you can be guided on how to go about the selection process. Any of these hoses are designed to excellence and perfection in mind, so feel free to choose any of them.