Best Oscillating Tool Blades Reviews 2020 [Multi Tool Blades]

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Best Multitool Blades

It’s undeniable that the best oscillating tool blades are an essential part of the oscillating tool.

Choosing the right and best multitool blades for different tasks is another challenge you face very often.

So, if you want to buy cheap & high-quality oscillating tool blades to get your job done smoothly, you are in the right place.

In this guide, I’m going to show you the best oscillating multi-tool blades for cutting metal, wood, tile, concrete, plastic, and masonry.

Let’s dive right in.

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Best Oscillating Tool Blades 2020

Blade's Name
#1.20 Oscillating Multitool Saw Blades Top pick
#2.10 Bi-metal Quick Release Saw Blade
#3.Bosch Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut Multi-Tool Blade Set
#4.10pc Mixed Quick Release Saw Blades
#5.7piece Flooring Tile and Grout Blade Pack
#6.50 Pack Universal Quick Release Oscillating Saw Blades
#7.10 Saw Blades For Oscillating Multi Tool For Wood/Plastic
#8.26 x TopsTools FAKA26A Fast Fit OMT Mix Blades
#9.INTEGRA 20pc Mix-Wood Bi-metal Precision Pack
#10.50 Pieces Pro Grade Universal Blade
#11.400pc Sanding Scraper Quick Release Saw Blades
#12.Imperial Blades IBOAT360-10 Carbide Tooth Saw Blade
#13Rockwell RW8963.2 Tools Sonicrafter Carbide Cut Blade
#1425-WORKPRO Multi Tool Accessories
#15.15 Professional Quick Release Saw Blades
#16.50pk Fast Cut Multi Tool Blades
#17.Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blades
#18.Rockwell RW8981K Sonicrafter Oscillating End Cut Blades

Best Oscillating Multi Tool Blades Reviews

01. 20 Quick Release Saw Blades for Metal and Wood Review

20 Metal wood Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades-min

This oscillating tool blades set is one of the best oscillating saw blades for metal and amazing product in our reviews. It is made of Platinum kits and is known for its durability and precision.

The product is compatible with most multi-tools on the market such as Craftsman Nextec series of 17438, 61199, and 5190, Faulk Tool Mate, Bosch Multi X, Dewalt, Dremel, EINHELL, Genesis Multipurpose, and Kind Canada, Genesis tool.

It can also be used with Driving Force and several models of Chicago, including 67256, 67537, 67538, 67707, and 68303. This is the best oscillating tool wood blade for you.

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  • Content: It contains 20 wood saw and multi tool metal cutting accessories.
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces; a fair weight for its size.
  • Size: 3.8 x 2.8 x 2 inches.
  • Color: Black and Silver.
  • It can fit into the classic Hex Screw system and most other quick release systems.

Fit with

Fein Multimaster, Porter Cable, Black & Decker, Bosch, Dremel, Craftsman, Ridgid, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Rockwell, Craftsman Nextec, Chicago and also more tools.

Not Fit with

1. Bosch MX30,
2. Dremel MM40/MM45.
3. Dremel or Bosch Quick Release tools.


1. Wood
2. Soft metal

Which Kits included

1. Wood & Soft-Metal saw blades.
2. Precision Japan Tooth saw blades.
3. Bi-Metal saw blades.

02. 10 Bi-metal Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Review
Platinum Blades 10 Bi-metal Oscillating Multitool Blade-min

If you are in need of a suitable and best oscillating tool blades for metal cutting such as lite gauge copper, light gauge sheet metal, for demolition, etc. or general wood cutting then this Platinum Saw Blade is what you are looking for precisely. It is one of the best oscillating blades.

The Bi-metal Multitool Quick Release Saw can cut nail embedded woods and fiberglass.

This is equally ideal for tubing, PVC, and various other soft metals such as lite gauge copper and lite gauge metal mesh including light gauge sheet metal.

It cuts through a variety of soft metallic materials with no stress. This oscillating blade is very affordable and comes with ten pieces in a pack.

It also has open-back that don’t require you to take the screw entirely out. It is highly compatible with Craftsmen, and it has good quality and is quite durable. You can check also the best Dewalt multi-tool blades reviews.


  • Weight: It Weighs 8 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 1 inches.
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • It does not require batteries.

Compatible with

Black & Decker, Craftsman, Bosch, Cougar, DeWalt, Dremel, Driving Force, EINHELL, Milwaukee, Fein Multimaster, Genesis, Porter Cable and also maximum tools.

Not Compatible with

1. Dremel MM40/MM45, Bosch MX30,
2. Bosch or Dremel Quick Release tools.
3. Rockwell & Worx (except Hyperlock).
4. Fein Supercut, Fein Starlock.


1. Wood
2. Soft metal
3. Fiberglass, Tubing, PVC,
4. Gauge copper, and
5. non-metallic materials.

03. Bosch Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Set

Bosch Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut Multi-Tool Blade Set

This blade is fantastic for so many reasons. Read up, and you will see why this product made my list of the 12 best oscillating tool blades on the market. The star block design of the module gives it a 3-dimensional advantage making it easy to interchange the multi-tool and accessory functions. It helps it reduce vibration while in use, yet maximizing its efficiency. The plunge cut of this blade set makes it have higher precision and detail when using it.


The Bosch Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Set has a good quality.

  • Weight: It Weighs 2.08 ounces (approximately 59g).
  • Size: Package Dimensions are 4 x 1.2 x 0.1 inches, 1-1/4” width.
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • Style: Three Pack (plunge-cut blade)
  • Battery: No
  • It comes with a corded-electric power-source.


  • The Bosch Starlock Multi-Tool Blade set is long-lasting. It is 30x longer life compared to standard bi-metal blades.
  • It is very convenient to use for each tool because of its laser-etching and color-coded interface.
  • The Carbide Teeth of this tool makes it have a high performance.
  • It is very compatible with a lot of other brands.


  • It is very pricey, though a necessity.
  • This Blade does not fit with some brands and is very selective.

#04. 10pc Mixed Saw Wood Bi-metal Quick Release Saw Blades

10pc Mixed Saw Wood Bi-metal-min

This blade is notable for use in multiple positions. It prevents slip during operations due to the presence of its various arbores. The quality of materials used in its production, as well as its thick gauge,  makes it have very superior wear. It is used majorly in construction site duties.


  • Model Number: QFM107.
  • Dimension: 3.8 x 2.1 x 1.7 inches.
  • Weight: 8 ounces (approximately 227g).
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • Style: It comes in a 10-pack blade set.
  • Battery: No


  • The 10-pack blade set makes it last long
  • It is very compatible with a lot of other brands.
  • It can be used with a number of brands.


  • This Blade does not fit with some brands and is very selective.

#05. 7-Piece Flooring Tile and Grout Blade Pack Review

7-Piece Flooring Tile and Grout Blade Pack Review

These Blades are similar in function to the 10pc Mixed Saw Wood Bi-metal Precision Pack Oscillating Multi-Tool Quick Release Saw Blades but also has its unique features. These blades majorly used for flooring tiles and grout removal, and they are in 7 different styles which include: 3-1/8-inch triangle carbide grout blade, 2-1/2-inch semi-circular carbide grout blade, 2-1/2-inch semi-circular diamond-edged grout blade, Small delta triangle carbide grout blade, 2-1/8-inch diamond edge grout blade, 3/8-inch carbide grout blade, and a 3/4-inch carbide grout blade.


  • Model Number: FM180
  • Dimension: 3.5 x 3.4 x 1.1 inches.
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces (approximately 181g).
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • Style: It comes in one pack of 7 pieces.
  • Battery: No


  • This tool is perfect for flooring tile and grout removal work.
  • It does not get clogged easily.
  • It is affordable and works well with a great number of brands.


  • Reviews on the product show that these blades do not last long.

#06. 50 pack Professional Universal Quick Release Wood Oscillating Saw Blades

50 Pack Universal Quick Release Wood Oscillating Saw Blades

If you do not understand how blades work, and you are not an engineer, you might want to take a step back from this one due to its very technical nature. Besides, why would you need a 50-pack set of blades when you are not professionally equipped to do so?

However, if you are a professional, these high carbon and steel metal blades will give you a thrill due to their versatility. They also have gauges and in-built markers so that you can measure the depth of your cutting. Amazing, right? The blades are majorly used for woodwork, but can also apply for light sheet metals, as well as non-metallic materials.


  • Model Number: 43308-103
  • Dimension: 5.1 x 4.5 x 2 inches.
  • Weight: 1.01 pounds (approximately 458g).
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • Style: It comes in a pack of 50 pieces of 32mm width each.
  • Battery: No


  • The value of these blades and the prices are very relatable. This makes it highly affordable
  • It works well with a great number of brands.


  • It is restricted in use for both brands, and users (only professionals can use these blades)

#07. 10 Saw Blades for Oscillating Multi-Tool for Wood/Plastic

10 Saw Blades For Oscillating Multi Tool For Wood/Plastic

You can use these blades to cut wood/plastic. If you want to use them with soft metals, you have to be very careful not to wear out the blades. These blades made of high carbon material and steel for premium quality, and they are compatible with most brands.

The teeth of these blades are stiff and are made to resist wear. They also have in-built markers to measure the depth of the cutting. It makes the precision of these cuts higher. They also have a universal fit detail to work with most brands.


  • Model Number: Ryk1002
  • Dimension: 7.1 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches.
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds (approximately 249g).
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • Style: It has a Quick Release pattern and is produced in large size.
  • Battery: No


  • It is highly affordable, and great for DIY users.
  • It lasts long, as long as it is not overworked.
  • These blades fit with a lot of popular brands.


  • You might need to check your tool before going for this product, just to ensure that they fit with the tool you have.

#08. 26x TopsTools FAKA26A Fast Fit OMT Mix Blades

26 x TopsTools FAKA26A Fast Fit OMT Mix Blades

This set is marvelous for a range of materials (wood, metal, nails, plastics, drywall, fiberglass), laminate, but they also work great on acrylics (Plexiglass) and laminate, which is something you would not find easily.

They are designed to fit with a great range of multitools, and this is why they presented with the “Fast Fit” feature. They are also professional quality blades that can also be used DIY with great measuring and cutting pieces.


  • Model Number: FAKA26A
  • Dimension: 8.3 x 5.1 x 1.2 inches.
  • Weight: 1.37 pounds (approximately 621g).
  • Color: It is black in color.
  • Style: This contains 26 pieces of blades.
  • Battery: No


  • These blades are produced with professional perfection but can be used DIY thus making them very versatile.
  • They are very affordable.


  • Be sure not to get too excited about this products, because when they are overworked, they wear out easily.

#09. INTEGRA 20pc Mix Saw Wood Bi-metal Precision Pack

INTEGRA 20pc Mix-Wood Bi-metal Precision Pack Oscillating Saw Blade

This product is excellent not just because it comes in a 20-piece mix, but it has a very distinguishing feature of the Integra trademark that allows blades to be mounted on each other quite efficiently, and with a Quick Release mechanism.

The blades are constructed using Bi-Metal and HCS, thus making them very durable. They are also made to fit a wide range of jobs and tasks due to their accessory function. Moreover, amazingly, this product has a 50% better return rate than similar items.


  • Model Number: MX20
  • Dimension: 3.7 x 2.7 x 1.9 inches.
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds (approximately 499g).
  • Color: It is Black and Silver colors.
  • Style: This comes in 1 pack of 20 blades, that include:

> 4 Bi-Metal Standard Endcut Metal Saw Blade, Size: 35mm (1-3/8″),

>4 Standard Endcut Saw Blade for Wood, Size: 35mm (1-3/8″),

>4 Precision Endcut Wood Saw Blade, Size: 35mm (1-3/8″),

>4 Standard Endcut Saw Blade for Wood, Size: 44mm (1-3/4″),

>4 Precision Endcut Wood Saw Blade, Size: 44mm (1-3/4″).


  • This product is highly affordable.
  • The blades are very durable, with a wide range of usage.
  • They are compatible with a great range of brands of tools.


  • They wear out when overworked, and may not be compatible with certain brands of tools.

#10. 50 pieces Pro Grade Universal Blade

50 Pieces Pro Grade Universal Blade

That is another great buy for professionals. DIY Users that are quite advanced may also find this an attractive value. The 50 pieces Pro Grade Universal Blade consists of 50 blades that can be used for both metalwork and woodwork.

It also has the Fit Most Quick Fix system, making it an exceptional choice for tools. However, it is highly selective of the tools it works. It is clear why it is among the best oscillating tool blades.


  • Model Number: 42MX
  • Dimension: 7.5 x 4.2 x 2.3 inches.
  • Weight: 1.16 pounds (approximately 526g).
  • Color: Black.
  • Style: It comes in a 42-item package quantity, and has 50 blades of various sizes and width:

namely; (10) Bi-Metal Standard Endcut Metal Saw Blade, Size: 35mm (1-3/8″),

(10) Standard Endcut Saw Blade for Wood, Size: 35mm (1-3/8″),

(10) Precision Endcut Wood Saw Blade, Size: 35mm (1-3/8″),

(10) Standard Endcut Saw Blade for Wood, Size: 44mm (1-3/4″),

(10) Precision Endcut Wood Saw Blade, Size: 44mm (1-3/4″).


  • For the number of blades it has, this product is relatively cheap.
  • It is compatible with quite a number of brands of tools.
  • It is very durable and long lasting.


  • It does not fit with popular brands of tools like Dremel, Bosch, Rockwell Bolt On and Fein SuperCut or Starlock brands.

#11. 400pc Saw Blade Sanding Scraper Oscillating Multitool for Quick Release Saw Blades

400pc Sanding Scraper Quick Release Saw Blades

I am sure you widened your eyes at the number of blades this product has. You will be shocked at the number of things you can do with a 400-piece product of this quality. It looks like the culmination of all the other products mentioned in this review.

The 400pc Saw Blade Sanding Scraper Oscillating Multitool for Quick Release Saw Blades is a professional selection of the highest grade of blades that used on construction sites. Professionals will have a field day with this product, as it is famous for work with high-quality manufacturing techniques.

This product also has a universal arbor that ensures slip-free operations, and high precision jobs. It works for grout removal, metalwork, woodwork, sanding and filing purposes, simply to mention a few.


  • Model Number: FM400
  • Dimension: 8.8 x 6.3 x 6.2 inches.
  • Weight: 5.03 pounds (approximately 2.28kg).
  • Color: Black & full size
  • Style: The package has 400 pcs blades of various sizes.


  • This product is very affordable; it gives you great value for money.
  • It is very effective for advance DIY projects, as it has a high range of uses.


  • It is very selective of tools it works with.

#12. Imperial Blades IBOAT360-10 Carbide Tooth Oscillating Saw Blade

Imperial Blades IBOAT360-10 Carbide Tooth Saw Blade

A Saw Blade that is used for cutting, smoothening and clearing debris, flushing nails, and metal objects like bolts should do easily implemented for the job, and that is what the Carbide Tooth Oscillating Saw Blade does. It is a titanium coated carbide blade with specific teeth configuration for extreme usage.

For this reason, the Imperial Blade is used for jobs like sheet metal, nail-laden wood, galvanized pipes, screws, slate tiles, etc. It also has additional applications of rusted bolts, cement backer board and plaster, framing, decking, and hard metal flooring. These blades set are also the best metal cutting blades for oscillating tools.

Reviews on Amazon show that it can be used to cut through more than 30 blades, and ten screws at a go!


  • Model Number: IBOAT360-10
  • Dimension: 1.4 x 0.1 x 3.8 inches.
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces (approximately 235g).
  • Color: Black
  • Style: 10-pack style.

The material used in making this Saw Blade is Carbide Bi-metal and has included components of 10 Titanium coated carbide blades for an oscillating tool.

It has 1 3/8” (39mm) cutting width, 1 ½” (38.1mm) plunge depth and 0.042” (1.1mm) blade thickness.


Some of the reasons why you should use this blade include:

  • It is one of the best metal cutting blades that is used for tough applications.
  • It is long lasting and does not wear out easily like other brands.
  • The Imperial Blade Carbide Tooth Saw Blade has a universal fit for most major brands.
  • This feature is called the One Fit Anchor.


  • The only disadvantage of this blade is that it is quite pricey.

#13. Rockwell RW8963.2 Tools Sonicrafter Oscillating Multitool Extended Life Carbide End Cut Blade

Rockwell RW8963.2 Tools Sonicrafter Carbide Cut Blade

You can use this carbide blade to cut metal it gives the best performance when used on metals; but it also made for cutting wood, plastic, fiberglass, nails, thin and non-ferrous metals, etc. The carbide covering on the teeth also adds to its versatility. You’ll get it very good as the rockwell oscillating tool blades.


  • Model Number: RW8963.2
  • Dimension: 3.7 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches.
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces (approximately 41g).
  • Color: Black
  • Style: 2 Blades.
  • Size: 1-3/8inches.


  • This Blade is very versatile, as it can cut metal, and also cut wood and plastics.
  • Its One-Fit design also works with a lot of brands.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • The Carbide covering on the blades help in cutting through metals very easily.


  • The brands that this blade can work with are only open-back designs.
  • Some people find this Blade quite expensive.

#14. WORKPRO 25-piece Oscillating Multitool Accessories Saw Blades Review

power tool accessories-min

The machine utilizes 25 types of multicutter blades removing grout, scraping, polishing, sawing, cutting and shaping. The bi-metal oscillating blade makes it easy to cut through surfaces with nails.

The wood cutting edge cuts drywall, wood, pliable plastics, and fiberglass. The firm scraper blade removes carpeted and vinyl floors with ease.

The semi-circular blade made of carbide materials cuts through corners without damaging adjacent surfaces or walls. The machine drywall and wood blade are used to cut hard surfaces.

The product comes with a series of the best multi tool accessories ideal for a broad range of tasks. It is also one of the porter cable multi-tool blades.


The black machine measures 13.9 x 8.8 x 1.6 inches with a weight of 1.46 pounds. The quick release styled tool comes with certified frustration-free.

The model fits 25 different kinds of oscillating blades. The machine comes with a quick release system for fast replacement of the accessories.


The Makita tool blades platform works well with a wide range accessory from other models.

These include Mastercraft, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Fein, Black & Decker, Rockwell, Dewalt, Einhell, Porter Cable, Worx and Craftsman multi-tool.

#15. 15 Wood/Metal Professional Oscillating Multi Tool Quick Release Saw Blades Review

Ryker 15 Wood Metal Professional Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blades-min

Get 15 Saw Blades at an affordable price while you still don’t have to sweat over quality and effectiveness.


Get 15 Saw Blades at an affordable price while you still don’t have to sweat over quality and effectiveness. How? You can be benefitted buying the Ryker Hardware 25 Wood and Metal Oscillating Multi-Tool release Saw attachment. These are of high quality, and you do not have to break the bank to purchase them.

It manufactured of thick gauge and high-carbon steel. Its premium attachments allow you to have a clean cut through wood, metal or even plastic. It is also capable of cutting through fiberglass, and so on.

These are high-quality oscillating blades that provide high wear tolerance and life.

The built-in markers enhance quick and accurate gauging, to know the depths of your cuts. Since these Saw Blades made with thick, high-carbon steel, they are strong enough to cut through wood, fiberglass, metals, and several other materials.

These are for Wood and Metal cutting and are compatible with most oscillating tools. It is also very affordable!


  • The pack comes with 3 semicircular blades, which are larger than the rest.
  • Pack also includes faster cutting bi-metal blades built with stainless steel arbor. All these come with a carrying case.
  • These feature built-in markers.
  • It weighs 13.6 Ounces.
  • It has package dimensions of 6.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches.

#16. 50pk Fast Cut Wood & Plastic Multi Tool Masonry Blades Review
50pk Fast Cut Wood & Plastic Multi Tool Blades-min

You’re wondering if you saw 50 packs? Yes, you did. Why should you buy one blade for about $10, when you can get 50 for less than $70?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have the best multi-tool blades cheap. Just find the right product.

That is an excellent tool for flush cuts, as well as cut-outs, especially in non-metallic materials like plywoods, hardwoods, and particle board.

Even materials such as fiberglass, plastics, and Plexiglas can cut easily with this.

The 50pk Fast Cut Wood & Plastic Multi-tool cutting blades are equipped with 20 TPI cutting edge and is surpassing with Fein Multimaster.


  • Weight: The pack weighs 2.3 pounds.
  • Size: Product dimensions stand at 10.2 x 5.5 x 7.2 inches.
  • Content: This box contains 50 muli-tool accessories.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Depth of Cut: 40mm (inch).
  • It is made of stainless steel material.

#17. Dremel Carbide Oscillating Tool Blade - Dremel Saw Blade Review
Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blades-min

This multi-tool metal cutting blade is also popular on the market. If you’re used to multi-tools, you must’ve heard about Dremel. It is a pretty famous brand, because of its quality and track record.

Dremel saw it is a pack of 3 blades and holds the record as the first oscillating kit that has high-performance carbide teeth.

The blade makes it possible for you to cut through screws, nails, hardwoods, stainless steel bolts, cement board, sheet metal, ceramic tile, slate, fiber, and several others.

This is for wood, nails, and metal can easily fit into most oscillating tools on the market.

If you ever require an amazing set of oscillating blades, this is worth your try.


  • Weight: 0.8 ounces (very lightweight).
  • Size: 0.7 x 3.9 x 5.4 inches.
  • Color: Black color only.
  • Content: It contains 3 blades, including a flush cut.
  • Can cut through hard materials as a result of its carbide teeth feature.
  • Also contains Quick Fit system for easy and quick accessory changes.

#18. Rockwell RW8981K Sonicrafter Oscillating Multitool End Cut Blades Review

11 Rockwell_-min

The Rockwell RW8981K has several blades for cutting surfaces with varying degree of hardness. The blades for multi-tool have a universal accessory fit system.

The multi-fit system works well with accessories of other models. The machine is ideal for repeated end sawing and procedures. It is also cheap.


The product weighs 1.6 ounces and measures 4.3 x 0.8 x 8.6 inches. The six-pack model comes with a bi wood and a metallic end cutting edge. The Rockwell oscillating tool blades consist of two RW8932 precision blades and one RW8935 blade for cutting wood.

The machine utilizes the RW8932 for cutting drywall, plastic, and wood. It also exploits the RW8935 saw for cutting soft plastics and wood. The user can fit the RW8929 on the tool when cutting non-ferrous metals, hardened fillers, fibreglasses, plastics, a thin sheet of metal and wood.


The Rockwell RW8981K Sonicrafter has a multi-fit system which adjusts to other models. The universality makes it a good choice sanding and polishing machine for crafters and hobbyists. You don’t need to worry about the machine you are using. The tool can fit all the models in your workshop giving you a wide choice of usage.

Types of Oscillating Tool Blades

An oscillating machine is a versatile and handy tool that has a wide range of applications. These tasks include polishing, sanding, cutting, scraping, rasping, and sawing.

The blade of these tools differs in types and sizes. These features depend on tasks performed by the tool. Therefore, for the best results, you need to familiarize yourself with different types of blades in the market.

Here is a brief description of each category of the cutting edges.

Cutting Blade

Cutting Blade

Multi-tool cutting blades vary. The function of these cutting edges is to shear and cut soft materials. These materials include leather, rubber, flooring materials, polystyrene, felt, lino, among many more.

Modified cutting blades have special applications. For example, hooked cutting blades are ideal for cutting gunwales, deck caulk, cleats, and many more.

Sawing Blade

Sawing Blade

Sawing blades have wide applications compared to other types of blades. These come in various shapes, sizes and design.

The rip blades are common in this category. These are used to cut wood along the grain.

Scraping Blade

Scraping blade

The type of cutting edges comes in rigid or flexible format. Scraping blades helps in removing silicone, adhesive coating, undercoat, carpet, intractable paint, among others.

The blade comes in a wide variation of mushroom shapes and straight flexible formats.

Rasping Blade

Rasping Blade

Rasping blades are made of carbide. The hardiness of the material makes these blades the best for sanding wooden surfaces, concrete, adhesive tiles, stones, and fillers.

A rasping blade comes in three designs which include finger, round and triangular shapes.

Sanding Blade

Sanding Blade

A series of sanding fingers or pads attachment provides the user with an opportunity to turn the oscillating machine into a sander.

Abrasive tools come in two configurations. The formats include triangular and round shapes. All of these formats measures 4 ½ inches in dimension. The blades are either plain or perforated.

A hook and look fasten the sanding blades on the multi-tool. The material composition of the abrasive blade differs. These materials include Zirconium and Aluminum Oxide.

Zirconium sanding edges are used in removing uneven surfaces on extremely hard areas. Aluminum Oxide has a wide application and works well on all surfaces.

Grout Removal Blade

Grout Removal Blade

Grout removal blades come in round shapes with varying configurations. The edges are either diamond or carbide made. Carbide blades have a wider application of porous materials like grout, tiles joints.

The removal edge can also be used on softer surfaces, the sealant of a deck plank and porous concrete. The diamond edge has similar applications as its carbide counterparts.

However, since diamond is the hardest naturally occurring compound, the diamond blade works well on harder surfaces. The material also increases the tool’s durability.

Polishing blades

Polishing blade

Polishing pad comes in handy after grinding. The polisher can either be a fleece, bristle felt, and medium density pad. A hook and look usually attach the polishing blade on a standard backing pad.

The polisher helps to create an ultimate quality finish. It has wider applications which include polishing natural stone products, stainless aluminum, gelcoat, non ferrous, and more.

There is always a blade for every project. Sawing and cutting blades are the common multi-tool edges. However, there are other types of blades. If you intend to undertake a serious project, then you need to know the types of blades available in the market.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Multi-Tool Blades


There are several factors to consider when selecting the best oscillating multi-tool blades. Like any other product, one must consider the quality and features of each tool before purchasing to ensure its efficiency for the purpose intended. These are also the best blades for oscillating tools that people find.

The tool should be flexible enough to perform these tasks swiftly. Some of the tasks undertaken by these oscillating multi-tools include a saw, sanding, scrap adhesively, braking out the grout, cutting through pipes, bolts, and drywalls.

Flexibility is needed since many jobs are carried out using the same oscillating tool by simply changing the tools and using another for the intended purpose.

Some of the tools come with a kit containing assorted tools for different purposes.

Comfortable Grip

This is enhanced by the circumference and the shape of the holder that determines the grip which in turn it also determines how well the tool fits in the hand to give a comfortable grip on it.

Since it is one hand or both that is wrapped around the tool’s barrel, a comfortable grip is advisable. This enhances ease of use, effectiveness and avoids tiring during extended use of the tool.

Minimal Vibration and Noise

For effective working with oscillating multi-tools, minimal vibration is called for.

Most of these machines vibrate almost equally, but it is advisable to go for the ones that have minimal vibration and noise in use.

This is a feature which avoids tiring the user easily, and it also enhances ease of use when using it. This also contributes to the lifetime of the machine as wear is slowed down.

Variable Speed

This characteristic focuses on the running speeds of the tools. Jobs are more manageable with slower speeds.

Some tasks like cutting and grinding call for highest speeds for efficiency. Best multi-tools offer variable speed control.

A couple of models have soft starter motors that ease the tool up to speed and prevent it from jerking when switching on the power.

Also, it is advisable for the user to operate the tool at the pre-listed parameters by the manufacturer.

Other Considerations

  • Task lights
  • Tool attachments
  • Shipping Weight(Mass)
  • Design

Final Verdict

Finding the right and best oscillating tool blades is a crucial part of getting the work done. Otherwise, you could spend hours and energy trying to cut through any work material.

However, if you can pick any of these products on this blade tool station I have reviewed here, you can be sure of saving much time and stress. All it takes is making the right move.

For now, these are the best oscillating tool accessories on the market. Pick any of these and you’d thank me later.

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