Best Rain Shower Head [2020] Reviews

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What can be the most luxurious addition to your bathroom? Different readers could reply with a variety of fixtures, but a rain shower might take over the votes because it gives you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Not only that, but such a showerhead showcases your personality and also complements the design of your bathroom.

Today, we will discuss some of the best rain shower heads available to purchase. All of them are wide, luxurious and gives you a soothing rainfall experience that relaxes your muscles and refreshes the morning. We will also discuss some of the important factors that you should check while choosing a rain shower head.

Best Rain Shower Head 2020

SR SUN RISETop Pick10 inches
Hansgrohe Raindance10 inches
EMBATHER12 inches
Artbath Ceiling12 inches
Esnbia12 inch
Artbath10 inches
Moen Velocity8 inch
Fyeer LED Rainfall16 inches
American Standard10 inches
Clarita Home12 inch
TRUSTMI12 inches
Danze Drench10 inches

Best Rain Shower Heads Reviews

In this list, we are reviewing some of the best rainfall shower heads. So that you can gather the required knowledge, relevant information and choose the suitable rain shower head for your bathroom. We recommend that you read the complete rainfall showerhead reviews for better understating their features that you can utilize.

1. SR SUN RISE SRSH 10 Inches Rain Shower Head

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 10 Inches


  • Built material: 304 Stainless Steel and brass
  • Showerhead size: 10 inches
  • Installation: Wall-mounted.


Today’s best rain shower head and handheld combo come from SR SUN RISE. An impactful combination of 10-inch smartly designed stainless steel luxury rain shower head and a stylish brass arm shower for convenient bathing. Crafted to deliver the best showering experience, the F5043 also looks stylish and adds elegance to your bathroom,

As it’s a combo set, the F5043 allows you to enjoy the luxury of a rain shower head as well as flexible bathing of a handheld; the choice is yours. When you use both of them together, you will find extra freedom while bathing.

Not only you, but all your family members including kids can easily and happily use the shower set. Because of its easy operation, even an elderly or physically challenged individuals will not face any trouble while showering.

F5043 has a stainless steel showerhead and the handheld is built of brass. Now, these are some of the strongest metals of this universe. If you don’t find it convincing enough then know this; the combo set also has a 10-layer chrome finish that makes it shine all over its life.

Moreover, the chrome also protects the set from corrosion. Integrated with air energy technology, the combo set works great and provides you a constant flow of water, even when the pressure is low.

To enjoy the water flow in the best possible ways, the set gives you a stainless steel built 1.5-meter hose with the handheld. So, the pipe is strong, durable and also allows to use the shower anywhere on the body.


  • Stainless steel and brass construction
  • Stylish chrome finish that compliments your bathroom
  • Includes a handheld for optimum convenience
  • Delivers constant water pressure due to air energy technology


  • No ways to open the showerhead or handheld in case of blockage


2. Hansgrohe 27474001 Rainfall Showerhead

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour


  • Built material: Brass
  • Showerhead size: 10 inches
  • Installation: Wall-mounted.


Do you want to modify the bathroom? Then, you might not find anything better than Hansgrohe 27474001. The brand is reputable to manufacture some of the best rain shower heads for more than 100 years, so if someone who knows the game, its Hansgrohe.

AirPower technology is one of the innovative qualities this showerhead has that allows air to mix with water to provide a soft and gentle rain shower. Due to the same mechanism, you can enjoy constant water flow even under low-pressure conditions.

Apart from all that, it uses comparatively less water in comparison with other rain showerheads. So, not only it improves your bathing experience, but it also allows you to enjoy some moments underwater that feel like rainfall. And you cannot ignore its modern styling that builds your positive image in front of the guests.

The price is comparatively higher than other rain shower heads, but the Hansgrohe 27474001 seems worthy because of its built quality and features. From an elegant appearance to a wide water spraying surface, it has everything that can change our showering experience.

On top of that, the installation is easy. Overall, the Raindance Downpour AIR showerhead impresses you with its built quality, appearance and performance.


  • Large water head for smooth rainfall experience
  • Chrome-plated disc to maintain the shine
  • Flexible silicone nozzles for effective cleaning
  • AirPower Technology for constant water flow


  • Expensive


3. EMBATHER Rain Shower System

EMBATHER Shower System


  • Built material: Brass
  • Showerhead size: 12 inches
  • Installation: Wall-mounted.


Save up to 30 percent of water using the Embather shower system, which is one of the best rain shower head combo available to purchase in your region. that works with Air injection technology to lower the consumption.

Due to the same mechanism, the shower system operates quietly, so that you can take a bath at midnight and even your partner will not know it.

The shower set comes with a 12-inch rain shower head and a brass handheld showerhead for a convenient showering experience. A 16 inches’ shower arm that is connected with a 71-inch hose makes your targeting bathing easier, especially when you are showering the kids or pets.

You will find a holder for the handled shower that you can fix according to your convenience. Finally, there is an easy to use control valve that has helpful markings.

All thanks to the Air injection technology, the shower system never loses its water pressure. Its square-shaped shower head is built with brass, so it provides you a long-lasting service. Due to brushed nickel finish, the shower system is also resistive against corrosion and rust.

The Embather shower system is quick to install and looks good inside any bathing area. The product is covered under a warranty of five years, so you can contact the manufacturers via Amazon if you face any problem while using this bathroom fixture.

But don’t worry, you can use it without any trouble, because of its high quality built that only contains brass and brushed nickel. Both of them are non-corrosive elements and hence, none of them can spoil even after using the set for a long time.

A morning shower is one of the factors that decide your mood for the day. So why don’t you make the best of it using this Embather bathroom fixture? It gives you an extremely soothing shower, which reactivates your muscles so that you can deal with the daily challenges.


  • Air injection technology for constant pressure
  • Brushed nickel finish for long-lasting shine
  • Saves up to 30 percent of water
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Tough to install


4. Artbath Luxury Rain Shower System with Handheld

Artbath Ceiling Mount Shower System Brushed Nickel


  • Built material: Stainless steel and brass
  • Showerhead size: 12 inches
  • Installation: Ceiling mountable.


If you need an immersive bathing experience that can activate your mornings for an energetic day, then try the Artbath shower system. It has all the components and features to start your mornings fresh.

The ceiling mount system comes with a 12-inch showerhead that hangs with a 360-degree rotational shower arm.  Then, it has a brass made handheld shower with 7.9 inches’ arm.

The shower system provides a water flow of 2.5 GPM. All thanks to its Air energy technology, the water flow remains constant during your shower. Daily rainshower that also at a constant water pressure; it seems to be exciting. Isn’t, it?

Let’s talk about some of the advantages that you will enjoy if you decide to bring the Artbath shower system home. Its handheld comes with a 59-inch hose built of 304 stainless steel and hence its anti-corrosion, ant-blast, remains abrasion-free all over its life.

There is an adjustable holder for the handheld that you can install at any angle according to your comfort. Like the handheld shower, its holder is also brass made and hence it is also anti-corrosion and scratch proof.

The shower system has one of the most advanced mixer valves that not only looks beautiful but also has a dependable built quality. It saves the users from scalding that’s especially beneficial for kids, girls and the elderly.

Overall, this bathroom fixture is durable, easy to use and also comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Large shower head with a decent flow
  • Air energy technology for constant water pressure
  • Brushed nickel finish for a sleek appearance


  • Might make hammering sound or noise from the mixer valve


5. Esnbia Luxury Rain Shower Systems (Combo Set for Bathroom)

Esnbia Shower System


  • Built material: Stainless steel and brass
  • Showerhead: 12 inch
  • Installation: Wall mountable.


The Esnbia shower system is one of the best wall mountable rain showerheads because of its high quality built and brushed nickel finish. This combo includes a 12-inch rain shower head and a handheld unit.

The showerhead is made of 304 stainless steel while the handheld has a brass construction. A shower arm worth 16 inches connects the brass head to the wall and the stainless steel handheld shower hose is 59 inches (1.5 meters) long.

The control valve is made of brass. Due to a sleek appearance and brushed nickel finish, the valve adds elegance to your bathing area. Due to its square design, you can easily operate the level even with wet or soapy hands.

You will find a robust brass made holder for the handheld, which has a removable water flow restrictor.

In case you need more flow, then you can remove this restrictor. In any situation, the handheld provides you with a water flow of 2.0 GPM. For the showerhead, the water flow is even higher at 2.5 GPM.

So, you will get a constant flow of water even when the pressure is low. What’s more? The Esnbia shower system also saves up to 30 percent of water.

As you see that the shower system has a complete metal built, which makes it durable. To give you even more peace of mind, this product ships with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Non-corrosive built to maintain the shine
  • A reliable valve that provides complete protection from scalding
  • Water-saving product
  • Provides decent water flow at constant pressure


  • Installation might be difficult for the beginners


6. Artbath Bronze Rain Shower Head And Handheld Combo

Artbath Bronze Shower System


  • Built material: Brass and stainless steel
  • Showerhead: 10 inches
  • Installation: Wall mountable.


Do you want to enjoy smooth and soft rainfall every morning? Try the Artbath shower system, which is made of high-quality bronze and hence it’s trustworthy as well as durable. Due to an excellent built, the shower system mimics a real waterfall and is very easy to clean.

Finished with a corrosion-free and rustproof bronze, the bathroom set has 100 rubber nozzles in its showerhead. These nozzles never allow calcification and mineral build-up, so the shower system works like new for all its life.

You only have to clean it regularly, which is very straight forward; swipe one of your fingers over its nozzles and the cleaning is done. As easy as you can read it. The set is heatproof as well, so high temperatures will not make any difference.

The showerhead has a decent size, which is sufficient to cover your body. Due to a high number of nozzles, it gives you an amazing bathing experience every morning. The bathing system has a brass made valve with a plated finish that resists corrosion, discoloration, and tarnishing.

It has dual functions; one of the showerhead and another to use the handheld shower. This handheld connects with a 59-inch stainless steel hose, which is great for targeted cleaning, especially when you are showering your kids or pets.

Installing the shower system is comparatively easy because it uses the American standard NPT1/2 connector. Moreover, it includes all the accessories required for the setup.


  • Brass made system for quality performance
  • Bronze finish for a cool appearance that mixes well with any bathroom décor
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant design
  • Long shower hose that’s anti-abrasion, nontoxic ad durable


  • Comparatively expensive


7. Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain Showerhead

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower


  • Built material: Brass
  • Showerhead: 8 inch
  • Installation: Wall mountable.


The S6320 might be coming late in the list, but its quality and features might give the top recommendations run for their money. Due to its mirror-like chrome finish, the Velocity two function rain shower head adds charm to any of the bathroom décors.

It uses Immersion Rainshower Technology to provide you with three times more spray power for an overall rinse. The size of this rain shower is 8 inches, which means it has decent coverage for your body. With 100 nozzles, the showerhead treats you with a luxurious rain shower.

The spa-like experience works on your body instantly and you feel relaxed as well as fresh. Also, there is a lever to control water flow and temperature. There are two shower modes available: concentrated and full spray.

So, every morning you can enjoy a customized bath according to your preference.

Moen is famous to keep the installation process simple. Thankfully, the S3620 belongs to the same line of products that you can install without much hassle. Once ready, it gives you a water flow of 2.5 GPM through the rubber nozzles that are easy to clean.

The Moen fixture seamlessly mixes with other bathroom fixtures due to its timeless design and instantly becomes the center of attraction of your bathing area. Moreover, there are four different finishes to choose from, which gives you an option to make a selection according to the existing hardware in your bathroom.


  • Suitable for any bathroom interior
  • Immersion Rainshower Technology
  • The large size of the showerhead
  • Single lever for easy adjustment of the water flow


  • Expensive


8. Fyeer 16 Inch LED Rainfall Shower Head

Fyeer 16 Inches LED Rainfall Shower Head


  • Built material: Stainless steel
  • Showerhead: 16 inches
  • Installation: Ceiling mountable.


Built with high quality 304 stainless steel, the LED rainfall showerhead by Fyeer is a bathroom fixture that you might not want to miss. The first reason is its significant coverage of 16 inches, that provides you with a lot of space for a comfortable shower and gives you a feeling that you are standing in real rainfall.

Also, 324 nozzles add to the overall smoothness and give you a great bathing time. The most exciting part of this rain shower head is its automatic color changing system based on the water temperature.

As the lights use the water temperature, you dint have to purchase batteries. Moreover, they also warn about the water temperature because the color changes at three levels, normal, between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, between 40 to 50 and if it goes above 50 degrees then it will glow flash red as a warning. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

The Fyeer rainfall showerhead has a straightforward installation process that requires no added tools. All thanks to its G1/2 standard connection, wherein you only have to twist the fixtures to fix them against the bathroom wall. As easy as you change a light bulb, that also without any weapons. Everything at a reasonable price tag.


  • High-quality stainless steel built
  • Stylish appearance
  • Excellent body space
  • Fingerprint resistant nickel finish
  • 324 nozzles for a luxurious showering experience


  • Fragile lights


9. American Standard 10-Inch Modern Rain Showerhead

American Standard 1660.683.002


  • Built material: Brass
  • Showerhead: 10 inches
  • Installation: Universal.


Want to enjoy your bath stylishly? Go for the American Standard rain showerhead. The modern showerhead restores your energy level with a gentle rainfall at a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Due to a 10-inch diameter, it gives you a decent bathing area.

As the showerhead uses 1/2 in. connection, its installation is straightforward and takes minimal time. Even if you are a beginner, you can set it up without external help.

American Standard showerhead is made of brass and hence you can be assured that it will withstand the water contact for a long time. The durable bathroom fixture has a polished chrome finish for extra shine. Its nozzles would never block on your face, especially if you clean it regularly; which is easy.

The product does not have an arm or flange, so you can only install it on an existing shower set. As this showerhead has a stylish appearance, it adds elegance to any bathroom décor. Once ready, it mimics the relaxing flow of rainfall that satisfies your body as well as mind.

After a long day of hard work, your body needs some nourishment to relax, so that you can eat and sleep properly. You can get such relaxation at home using a high-quality rain shower head.

If you are looking to modify your shower with something that can give you energetic mornings and relaxing evenings, then you should try the American Standard rain shower head. Due to its simple installation and standard connection, the showerhead is compatible with multiple other bathing systems.


  • Decent showering space
  • Easy to clean spray nozzles
  • Stylish appearance
  • Durable finish


  • Unstable water pressure, especially in low-pressure installations


10. Clarita Rain Shower Head with High-Pressure

12 Inch Rainfall Shower Head


  • Built material: Stainless steel
  • Showerhead: 12 inch
  • Installation: Universal.


Everyone wants to start the day fresh and energetic. Clarita Home rainfall shower head with 194 nozzles helps in the same by giving you a refreshing shower that restores your energy level. Its square design worth 12 x 12 inches gives you a significant space for a comfortable bath.

Made of stainless steel, the rainfall showerhead is durable and corrosion-free. It’s the reason why the head remains in perfect shape all over its life without losing any shine. Once ready, it produces a focused and streamlined water flow, so that you can enjoy large water droplets.

Do you remember any of the five-star hotels you visited when you were traveling last time? Most of them use similar style shower heads in their washrooms.

You can easily install it because this fixture fits all standard ½ inch pipes. It has a solid ball joint nut that allows you to set the showerhead at any height or angle. Even if you are new to the plumbing world, the set up will be quick without any tools. Keep in mind that the shower arm is not included with the product.

You will like the fact that it’s a water-saving showerhead the works at 2.5 GPM of water flow. Another interesting factor is the height of this showerhead, which is less than 5 mm (2 inches) and it weighs only 2.5 pounds. It means the Clarita Home shower is one of the most lightweight and thinnest showerheads.


  • Lightweight, robust and long-lasting
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel built
  • Provides rainforest waterfall experience
  • Produces large water droplets for a relaxing shower
  • Water-saving product
  • Easy installation


  • You can only contact the manufacturers via Amazon


11. TRUSTMI Shower Faucet Luxury Rain Mixer Combo

TRUSTMI Shower Faucet


  • Built material: Solid brass and stainless steel
  • Showerhead: 12 inches
  • Installation: Wall mountable.


With a luxurious brushed gold finish, the Trustmi shower faucet combo Set matches the style of any bathroom. It comes with a 12-inch shower head that’s resistant to high water pressure, which means it will never corrode or lose its shine over time.

It has silicon nozzles that are easy to clean and gives you a smooth bathing experience.

Apart from the showerhead, the combo set comes with a handheld shower that’s brass made and has a 150 cm stainless steel connecting hose. To store the handheld, you will find a holder that can be adjusted to any angle according to your preference.

The combo set gives you a pressure balance valve to control these showerheads. This is an efficient and reliable valve that protects you from scalding and water shocks. Its showerhead also connects with a high load-bearing arm to make sure you are safe at any point in the bathroom.

Installing the combo set is easy and you don’t need a plumbing degree to do the same. You can adjust the showerhead at any angle or height. All thanks to its ½ inch NPT tapered thread, which is standard in the USA.

Moreover, the valve is covered under a lifetime warranty. If you notice any defect in its valve, you can ask for a replacement. Its repair will not destroy the wall because the valve has everything pre-embedded.


  • Gold finish looks elegant in any of the bathrooms
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reliable mixer valve for added safety and comfort
  • Lifetime warranty on the valve
  • cUPC Certification


  • Apart from a few leakage complaints, the product does not possess any negative aspects. Follow the correct installation method to avoid any dripping


12. Danze D460074 Single Function Rain Showerhead

Danze D460074 Drench Round


  • Built material: Steel
  • Showerhead: 10 inches
  • Installation: Universal.


Made of stainless steel, the Danze D460074 provides you with a water flow of 2.5 GPM at a maximum rate of 80 psi. Due to such water flow, the Drench bathroom fixture gives you a drenching shower experience. In other words, it wet you thoroughly so that you can enjoy a comfortable showering experience.

The rain showerhead has a size of 10 inches, which is sufficient for all the individuals in your family. Due to Air Injection technology, the showerhead gives you a smooth and strong water flow. As this is a single function shower head, you will not find any modes to change the water flow. Its polished chrome finish adds style to any of the bathroom décors. If you maintain this shower head properly, there are no chances that it might block the water flow ever. You would like the fact that Its cleaning is very easy.

D460074 does not include a shower arm, so you should purchase a separate one for new installations. It’s compatible with D481162 or D481144 and both of them are readily available on Amazon. However, if you are modifying the bathing area then you can install the showerhead on the existing set. The installation is simple. However, if you have fewer ideas about setting up a bathroom component, then you can go for Amazon expert assembly that’s available at a reasonable price with this showerhead. Moreover, the product has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Air Injection technology for constant and smooth water flow
  • Easy to use
  • Give sufficient bathing space
  • Unique drenching shower experience.


  • Install the showerhead properly and maintain it regularly. You will not face any trouble

Best Rain Shower Head – The Buyer’s Guide

The rainfall shower head you are purchasing should need your requirements as well as budget. When looking for rainwater showerheads, you should keep some of the points in your mind.

Rain showerhead vs. traditional showerhead

Rain showerhead

Rain showers are significant in size when you compare them to the traditional showerheads. In general, the average available size is 8 and 10 inches.

Traditional Shower Head

A traditional showerhead focuses your upper or middle body part, but a rain showerhead is an expert in producing a steady rainfall like water flow all over your body. These are a couple of primary differences between the rain showerhead and traditional ones.

Aesthetics: A rains shower head also adds some luxury and sophistication to your washroom, which is impossible for the regular ones.

Water usage: If the water supply in your area is expensive, then we don’t recommend you to use a rain shower head in your bathroom. You should go for a regular shower because of its high-pressure water flow, your bath will be over very quickly.

Shower experience: A rain showerhead allows you to enjoy a shower, but the regular ones only complete the duty to provide you with some water on your body. If you want to uplift your mood and energize your body, then try a rain shower head that gives you some “good time” in the bathroom. Its rainfall like water flow relaxes your body as well as eases your mind.

Price range: Elegant looks and multiple features adds to the price of the rain showerheads. On the other hand, the traditional shower heads are affordable.

Shower time: There might be some times when you have to take a bath quickly because you are already late for a meeting or movie. In such situations, traditional showerheads work great and give you a quick bath. A rain shower head feels good when you have some extra minutes to spare.

Body movement: If you don’t want to move much while bathing then you should choose a rain shower head. As it covers your entire body, you don’t have to move much only to rinse off your body parts. When you use a regular shower head, you need to move in multiple directions because such a showerhead primarily targets your mid-body.


You can easily notice that the rain showerheads come in variable sizes that vary between 6 to 20 inches. You are the best judge about the requirements, so choose the size that fits your body as well as the bathroom. You don’t have to necessarily choose a big one, but it’s a fact that a significant shower head gives you sufficient showering space. However, you can only go for bigger showerheads, only if your bathroom allows that. You cannot put a gigantic shower head in a small bathroom. Can you?

Next comes the design, which can be round, square or rectangular. You can make the choice depending upon your preferences and other bathroom fixtures. Suppose the other faucets are round in shape then you should also choose a round shower head. The situation changes when you are building a new bathroom because then you can choose anything you like.

Water pressure and flow rate

A rain shower head or system should be able to handle low water pressure situations. So, you should look for a high-pressure rain shower head, especially if you have a low-pressure plumbing system. Flow rate is another important factor because it makes sure that you receive the water according to the requirements. Decent water flow is 2.5 GPM and it’s the reason why most of the rainfall showerheads in our list have the same flow rate.

Spray options

Some of the rain showerheads come with a single mode of water flow while several others give you some options to choose. Single functions models release the same level and rate of water once you pull its lever from the given mixer valve. On the other hand, many showerheads give you a lever or knob that allows you to change the water flow according to your preferences.


The durability of a rain shower head or combo depends upon the built material. Stainless steel and brass are the most common materials that are used to produce rain showerheads. You should choose a shower head made of these metals because they are the strongest and withstands daily usage. Then, comes the finish. You should choose a shower system or shower head with corrosion and scratch-free built. So that you don’t have to replace any of the components any time soon.


If you are modifying the bathing area, then make sure that the showerhead or combo, mixes well with the existing faucets, sinks and other fixtures. On the other hand, if you are building a new house, you should choose a model that should match the color and interior style of the bathroom.

Extra features

We were talking about the important basic features. However, some components are not necessary for a showerhead, but they might make the showering experience better. LED lights, rubber or silicon made nozzles that are easy to clean, removable water restrictor on the handheld shower, large water droplets are some of the factors that need your attention while you are browsing for a rain shower head.

Materials and Installation

Some of the rain shower heads come as a standalone object that you need to install in an existing set. While a combo set or shower system includes a showerhead, handheld shower, connecting hose for the handheld, mixer valve and even a faucet. The installation becomes difficult as the component increase. So, you should choose a standalone shower head if you need to replace an old one in the bathing area. If you are completely modifying the bathroom, then you should look for a complete shower system, so that you don’t have to look for other items separately.

Final talk

Rain Shower Heads add some quality to your bathing time and also make your bathroom look elegant and stylish. After reading rainfall showerhead reviews, it’s easy to understand that such bathroom fixtures give you a spa-like experience at the comfort of your home. Thanks to their significant size, you get a wide stream of water that covers your entire body. Such a showerhead makes you feel like you are standing in a real rainfall. These are the reasons why you should one of the best waterfall shower heads that we are discussing today.

We hope that this list of best rain shower-heads and their guide can prove helpful to you and you can choose a useful shower head for your bathroom. Make your selection based on the appearance, build quality, style and price range.