Best Rain Shower Head And Handheld Combo Reviews 2018

The refreshing experience with the best rain shower heads combo can have amazing effects on the health and well being of your mind, body and soul.

It uplifts your mood, relaxes your nerves, improves blood circulation and heals your aching muscles.

An early morning shower prepares your body for a great day while a night shower helps you sleep better.

The best rain shower system is also a great way to improve skin health, toxin removal and the energy levels, besides reducing recurring problems like migraine and hypertension.

If you ever wonder how a simple rain shower heads with handheld can bring such a transformation in your life, read further and discover the hidden formula here.

Best Rain Shower Heads [Rainshower and Handheld Combo] List

 Product's NamePrice
1Handheld Combo-Hydroluxe Shower Head Top pick
2SR SUN RISE- Luxury Rain Shower Head Our pick
3Aquadance shower head and Handheld Combo
4Dreamspa Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld combo
5High Flow Fixed Luxury Rainfall Shower Head Also great
6Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour Air Showerhead
7Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower Showerhead
8EMBATHER 10 inch- Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head
9Blue Ocean 52 Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel
10Vida Alegria Shower Head

Best Rain Shower Head Handheld Combo Reviews

1. Handheld-Shower Combo- Hydroluxe Shower Head Review

Handheld-Shower head Combo-minDesign

It is on of the best rainfall shower head on the market. The best rain shower head customer reports have rated the Hydroluxe at the top of rainfall showers.

The key feature of the design is its twin heads that can be used simultaneously.

This feature is slightly improved version over the AquaDance. The showers have 4” face coated with chromium.

The steel hose measures five feet, which is long enough to be stretched to any corner of your bathroom. T

he strong brass nuts and assembly parts make the shower head highly flexible for rotation. The anti swivel system of the best rain shower head combo helps in holding the heads firmly in position while letting the overhead bracket rotate within your comfort zone.        

The system can divert the water flow in 3 different directions, making your positioning under the shower completely comfortable.


The Hydroluxe is designed to provide the complete functionalities of a rainfall shower and the massage system of the handheld head.

The parallel water jets from the twin heads allow you to refresh your entire body, while massaging your muscles and nerves using the advanced spa fire hydrant shower head formula.

The size and number of nozzles on each head are designed to provide the right kind of water pressure and healing effects. The 24 types of water flow patterns allow you to benefit from the consistent pressure and temperature ratio.


The Hydroluxe provides you with 5 unique types of settings which include Power rain, highly recommended for complete skin toxin removal. The massage feature is built into the handheld shower head.

Stay warm mist is purely for the skin pore cleaning and nerve massaging. It helps in normalizing the blood pressure and controlling the hypertension symptoms.

The water saving mode helps you avoid wasting of the precious natural resource with the best rain shower system.

Aesthetics: The steel body and chromium plated Hydroluxe is a compact showerhead for your small bathroom.

Quality: The best rain shower head combo is made of materials in conformance to the American standards for bath showers and accessories. They ensure durability and service quality with easy maintenance.


  • Simultaneous use of mounted and shower heads
  • 5 settings system with 24 functions


  • Anti swivel system could have been more accurate

2. SR Sun Rise Shower- Luxury Rain Shower Head [Combo Set] Review

Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head-minDesign: The wall mounted SR SUN RISE combo has 12 inch showerhead that is sufficient to cover shoulder-to-shoulder length of a sumo wrestler!

The 304 steel hose enables continuous water flow at varying pressures, enabled by the twin control knobs of the best rain shower head combo mounted on the wall.

The mixer adapter is designed to control the water temperature by optimally combining the hot and cold water.

You can increase or decrease the mixing volume just before you get exposed to the showerhead or even during the shower.

The handheld device is sleek with its L-shape and rectangular showerhead shape. The L-shape makes it easy for you to massage your back from the lower neck to the lower back without having to strain your hand or bend your back too much.

The extended hose pipe also makes your task lot easier. The SR SUN RISE combo has a unique pressure monitoring device that allows you to balance the water pressure at varying temperatures.

This mechanism helps in protecting your skin from pressure impact that is common during pressure showers.

Functionality: The wall mounted showerhead works more like a ceiling mounted version, because of its connectivity with the shower arm. The vertical waterfall head mount gives you the freedom to rotate the head at an angle of almost 180-degrees to extend the reach of the rainfall.

The benefit from this kind of system is to get the high pressure waterfall on the shoulder tips. You may use the handheld head for this purpose. But the effectiveness is more when the water falls directly from a specific vertical height.

Hence, you need to mount the head very close to the ceiling so as to get the maximum coverage from the 12” face. The L-shape of the L-shaped hand-shower is designed to work at low pressure as well as high pressure above 70psi.

You need to direct the pressure flow onto the specific points from where the pain in your shoulders and back get triggered. By focusing for about 25 to 30 minutes (with breaks after 3 minutes) can give you the best relieving effects.

Focus more on the muscles when the temperature is high (within your tolerable limits) and on the rest of your body when the temperature and pressure are moderate.

Aesthetics: The wall mounted SR SUN RISE combo is a great interior décor enhancer for your bathroom.

Quality: The SR SUN RISE combo is tested under laboratory and real time conditions for pressure and temperature endurance, durability, flexibility and the healing effects.


  • Perfect pressure and temperature balance
  • 12” showerhead face


No visible Cons

3. Aquadance Shower Head [Rain Shower Head and Handheld Combo] Review

Rainfall Showerhead Combo-minDesign: The three way twin head AquaDance 7″ is designed with six types of settings to enhance your showering, massaging and cleaning experience.

The hand shower is an additional feature that lets you personalize your spa therapy for your body.

The larger of the showerhead has a 7” face, while the compact hand held head has a 4” face.

The overhead bracket lets you adjust the angle of rotation according to your convenience while the switch lets you control the water flow between the twin showers.

The steel bodied best rain shower head with high pressure combo has a chromium finished external finishing for rust resistance and extended lifespan.

Functionality: The twin showers are designed to deliver the functionalities of a rainfall effect and the rain massage for the user. The power mist system incorporates the finest elements of spa with a good handle grip and hot water pressure.

The heavy duty brass connectors of the best rain shower head combo are flexible and durable in nature. You can get the best of effects by adjusting the jets according to the pressure of your needs. The switch in the best rain shower head for low water pressure allows you to changeover between the head and hand showers within seconds.

  • 6 Settings: The innovative feature of the AquaDance is its unique 6 settings design. Pulsating massage allows you to enjoy the real time features of a spa. . The clean jets provide the best ways for treating your spinal cord aches. Power mist lets you cleanse your skin pores and relieve the stress from your muscles and nerves. The rain massage is for your entire body. The rain mist is a unique feature for energizing your mind. The pause mode allows you conserve water with the best rain shower system.
  • Aesthetics: The combination of steel, brass and chromium finishing from an excellent design and construction feature of the AquaDance. It is not only a shower, but also n interior décor for your modern bathroom.
  • Quality: The quality parameters of the AquaDance are based on the advanced American standards.


  • Multiple showerhead face size for mounted and head system
  • 6 settings feature


  • Handheld showerhead size could have been more

4. Dreamspa Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Combo Review

Luxury 9 Rainfall Shower Head Handheld Combo-minDeign: The DreamSpa is designed with a large 9” face for the main showerhead and 4.75” for the handheld showerhead.

The wall mounted head of the best rain shower head combo can be turned at convenient angles to cover your head, shoulder and body completely.

The unique square shape makes it ideal for consistent rinsing at variable pressure and temperature.

The system is pivoted on a strong brass ball-joint which renders smooth rotation with leak-free flow of water.

The hand held showerhead has the switch control that lets you make the water flow through the overhead shower and the handheld showerhead alternately.

The 60” water hose made of steel can withstand high temperature and pressure over extended time.

The overall construction of the mounted shower and the handheld system makes the DreamSpa highly durable and rust free.

Functionality: The functionality of the DreamSpa is controlled by the compact switch, brass ball-joint, power packed jets and the long arm of the handheld showerhead. The pipe connected to the handheld head is connected to the root of the mounted head.

Hence, the time interval between switch-over can happen within fraction of a second. Tool free installation ensures you don’t need to depend on your plumber for completing the task onto any kind of standard shower arm.

Flow Settings: The flow settings of the best ceiling mounted rain shower headDreamSpa can be adjusted to work in rainfall and high pressure modes for the mounted head. The variation in the handheld head can be made for aeration massage.

You need to point the flow onto the pain triggering points on your shoulders, neck and the length of the spinal cord. By utilizing the rub-clean feature, you can literally increase or decrease the pressure to sooth away the pain within minutes.

The best way to lower the upper back pain is to focus the high pressure jet from the hand-shower onto the thick muscles on the lower neck region. You need to let the water hit the area for about two three minutes consistently.

It can relax the entire spinal cord, including the shoulder joints, shoulder muscles and the nervous system that runs through the spinal cord.

Aesthetics: The DreamSpa is molded with the solid steel body and finished with chrome to generate an electrifying effect on the interior décor of your bathroom.

Quality: The steel construction and chrome finishing are tested for pressure and temperature endurance, rust resistance, flexible construction, engineering design and long term durability.


  • 60” length water hose
  • Good flow settings


  • Handheld showerhead face size could have been more

5. High Flow Fixed Luxury Rainfall Shower Head Review

Luxury chrome rain showerheadDesign

This popular rainshower and handheld combo Rainfall High Pressure 6” is designed with the chrome finishing and an ABS body.

The round shaped head has a dimension of 6” X 3”X 6” that fits perfectly into any of the shower arm with ease.

Installation is simple as you don’t need any tools to fit it. The adjustable metal swivel joint lets you rotate the showerhead in any direction of your choice.

Functionality: The rainfall shower head covers your body completely to give you soothing effects. It works with self cleaning nozzle head and anti clogging silicone jets. Hence, you need to worry about its maintenance too much.

The attached filter takes care of removing every type of contaminant that may be present in the water. The ABS body can withstand high water temperature and perform over extended lifetime.

The Teflon tape holds the shower head firmly in its position and endures varying water pressure. The body of the shower has a good resistance to wear and corrosion. The light weight and enhanced tensile strength makes the product durable.

You can experience the spa effects of the shower, by adjusting the water pressure and directing the waterfall onto your spinal cord.

The consistent pressure and temperature can relax the cervical and thoracic areas of the cord to heal the chronic effects of lower back ache. 10 to 15 minutes of your time in the best rain shower head for low water pressure can help soothe your muscles and unwind the accumulated stress levels.


The showerhead is designed and molded to enhance the external aesthetic form.  The smooth external finishing makes it an ideal interior décor for your bathroom.


The combination of ABS material and chromium finishing makes the Rainfall High Pressure 6” hygienic, durable and highly performing best rain shower system utility for your bathroom.


  • ABS body for lightweight design
  • Complete body coverage


  • Showerhead face size could have been more

6. Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour Air Showerhead Review

Hansgrohe Raindance Air 240 10-Inch Shower Head-minDesign: The Hansgrohe Raindance downpour air showerhead is the best ceiling mounted rain shower head version of the rainfall showerhead.

With the size of 9.375” it is just a fraction below the design of the EMBATHER.

But the airpower technology based design helps in combining the water droplets with the finest air molecules to give you soft rain shower experience.

The compact showerhead has 180 spray channels through which water literally rains on your head and body.

Functionality: Of course, the best ceiling mounted rain shower head can’t be used as a massage or spa compatible utilities. But the soft shower is sufficient to enhance the relaxing experience.

You need to keep the temperature at the optimum levels, when it is connected to the heater. The external temperature and pressure control can enhance the muscle and nerve soothing effects to a considerable extent.

The water flowing through 180 spray channels can have a relaxing effect on the head and body. It is the shoulder part which can get the maximum benefits of the gradual rain fall shower at optimum temperature and pressure.

Exposure to the waterfall for about 20-30 minutes can enhance the probability of reducing the upper back ache. You need to make sure that the water falls consistently on the triggering points at the thick base of the neck.

You should also expose the area between the twin shoulder blades to the maximum time possible. Bend smoothly to make the rainfall focus on the entire length of the spinal cord. It can also cure the lower back ache to a reasonable extent. There is an option for the addition of handheld shower separately.

Aesthetics: The best ceiling mounted rain shower head Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance has the chrome finishing that makes its presence strongly felt in your bathroom as a décor.

Quality: The quality of the chrome finished best ceiling mounted rain shower headHansgrohe 27474001 Raindance is highly flexible, strong and durable. The system works with near zero maintenance tasks.

Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons


  • 180 spray channels
  • Optimum design


  • No inbuilt massage options

7. Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower Showerhead Review

Multi Function Rainshower Showerhead-minDesign: The antique bronze showerhead from Moen S6320 has a showerhead size of 8”. Though it is 2” less than the EMBATHER, the immersion technology makes it highly ideal for the complete rinsing of your body.

The water flow adjuster of the best rain shower system is designed to give you a clean bathing experience in the concentrated and rainfall modes.

The showerhead can fit into any standard shower arms that are available off the shelf.

Functionality: The immersion technology based pressure and velocity control makes the Moen S6320 highly compatible for healthy and refreshing showers. Of course, it doesn’t have the facility of a hand shower for massaging and spa features.

But the pressure from the overhead shower is sufficient to fulfill the needs of high quality pressure wash! It is literally like subjecting your body to the power cleaning units of a mechanical device like your car.

The impressive feature of the mounted shower is that it can be combined with the hand held version through the two-way diverter valve. The customizable valve can be wall mounted to make the water to flow simultaneously into the two showers or alternately.

Aesthetics: The Moen S6320 is a compact rainfall showerhead with chrome finished body. The first time you enter the bathroom, you may not be able to observer its presence at all. It is only when you near the shower area that the showerhead makes its presence felt.

Quality: The base metal with the chrome finishing makes it highly durable and flexible in nature. It can withstand varying water temperature and pressure to give you the best shower experience.


  • Optimum velocity
  • Higher rinsing


  • Showerhead face size could have been made better

8. EMBATHER 10 inch- Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head Review

Flexible Handheld Shower Head-minDesign: The wall mounted EMBATHER is the designed with a wall mounted feature and twin knob system. It has a sleek and elegant outlook for its power packed functionality.

The mounted showerhead is 10” in size with an optimally sized handheld shower of the best rain shower head combo.

The arm length of the shower is 16”. Though it is not as the Hydroluxe, the pressure volume is just right for the best spa massaging effects.

The combination of brass and eco friendly PVC makes the design perfect for your high end bathrooms.

The chrome finishing makes the shower highly resistant to varying pressure and temperature of water flow to the best rain shower system. The top valve on the wall mounted panel controls the water flow in the mounted and handheld showers.

The second valve is meant exclusively for the temperature control. The showerhead’s connection to the 360-degree swivel control makes it highly flexible.

Functionality: The EMBATHER has a unique pressure balancing valve, which helps in increasing the water pressure for the spa massaging purposes. You will need the help of a plumber to install it, as it is not tool free.

Once you get it installed at the right location in your bathroom with sufficient space around it, you can enjoy the benefits. The 10” main showerhead is sufficient to cover your entire body. You can turn it in any of the direction which makes you feel comfortable.

Mixer Valve: The mixer valve control is an intelligent way of controlling the water temperature. The inbuilt mechanism responds to your temperature control and mixes the cold water with hot water proportionately.

You can increase or decrease the temperature and pressure according to your convenience.

Aesthetics: The simple and sleek design of the EMBATHER with brass body makes it a high end shower system to decorate our bathroom interiors.

Quality: The brass body and 8 layers chrome-finishing on the exteriors make the EMBATHER highly resistant to corrosion and wearing. The enhanced tensile strength and flexibility of the system makes it ideal for extended usage and durability.


  • 10” showerhead
  • 16” shower arm length


  • Temperature control valve could have been made digital with display

9. Blue Ocean 52 Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel [Handheld Shower head] Review

Blue Ocean Aluminum SPA392M Rainfall Shower HeadDesign

The best rain shower system Blue Ocean is a wall mounted system with a mounted showerhead and a handheld spa type of massager. It has a display screen to indicate the temperature level.

The number of knobs onboard the shower panel might confuse you initially. Once you get used to the system, you may benefit from their design and functional features.

The number of nozzles (8) in the body massage and the tub spout adapter makes the handheld shower of the best rain shower head combo flexible and practical. There are to dedicated knobs on panel for controlling the temperature range.

The shower can work at a low pressure of 28Psi and a high pressure of 72Psi. The installation of reinforced-pipes at the rear- end makes the device highly stable and strong.

The aluminum alloy material used for the design is light in weight and durable for many years of consistent utilization.

Functionality: The multiple functionality of the Blue Ocean is delivered through its panel knob components that work independent of each other.

You can adjust the pressure and temperature for every individual knob including the mist jets, spray jets, temperature control valve, and four other valves that control the water flow rate.

The system allows you to switch between gentle drizzle mode, high pressure jet mode, normal mode and the hot mist mode. When these features are used in the handheld showerhead, you can use the system for complete spa mode massaging.

8 Nozzle System: The Blue Ocean brings you the unique feature of 8 nozzle system, which in fact meets and exceeds the standard spa options. The system offers gentle and power massage for your skin, muscles, nerves and even the bones.

Aesthetics: The tempered glass surface of the best rain shower head for low water pressure enhances the aesthetic features of the showerhead to the levels of high-end bathroom products in the market today.

Quality: The ISO 9001 certified Blue Ocean is a symbol of consistency for quality in design and functionality.


  • ISO 9001 certified
  • 8 large nozzle system


  • Efficiency could have been made better for pressure under 28psi

10. Vida Alegria Shower Head [Rain Spa Shower Head] Review

Rain 25 GPM Shower Head-minDesign: The 8″ x 8″ x 2.5″ Vida Alegra is designed to provide soothing and scintillating effects of shower for your body.

The number of jet nozzles (144) within the 8”X8” area makes the flow of water output evenly balanced.

The length of the best ceiling mounted rain shower head arm (18” which is not part of the package and you need to buy separately) with adjustable bearings makes the Vida Alegra highly versatile and flexible in nature.

The pre-rubbing of oil gives a spa effect to the water jet. However, the manufacturers have not disclosed what nature of oil is rubbed and how long its effects may last.

The Vida Alegra is made available in wall mounted and also hand-held models of the best rain shower head combo by the manufacturer.

Functionality: The practical functionality of the Vida Alegra is much better than its size. You can get high and optimum pressure water jets from the shower over extended time.

The slightest layer of oil rubbing on the face gives a soothing effect to your body, when you take a hot water shower. The large number of nozzles within the relatively smaller area of 8”X8” (distance between each nozzle is also relatively smaller) relatively increases the water flow velocity, even at relatively modest pressures.

As a result, the spa effects can be increased substantially when you increase the water pressure using the control valves. The Bronze molded Vida Alegra is rust proof, light weight and it has relatively higher tensile strength and endurance at high temperature and pressure.

Aesthetics: The black colored Vida Alegra is a visual treat when it is mounted on your bathroom wall. When it is used with the 18” shower arm, you can turn the head and position it at a comfortable angle to make your shower experience highly sensational, soothing and get a special spa Hydrotherapy massage.  

Quality: The Vida Alegra is tested for its soothing and healing effects practically by the majority of the existing users. They have also found the pressure, velocity, temperature and body coverage factors to be satisfactory.


  • Oil pre-rubbed finishing for better spa effects
  • Square shape for uniform water flow


  • Showerhead face size could have been made better

Best Rain Showerhead Buying Guide

Design and construction are the two key parameters that you should consider while buying your next rain shower head. Compatibility with the control valves is a mandatory factor. Study of the rain shower head pros and cons can also be helpful.


  • Head Face: The shower head face should have a large dimension. The shape could be square, rectangular, or circular.
  • Nozzle Count: If the number of nozzles per square cm is higher, you can expect to have a better rainfall effect. The direction in which the nozzles point is also an important aspect. Generally the nozzle holes are drilled straight and the rainfall direction is straight. But you can also find showerheads which have straight nozzles at the center and slightly curved at the two edges to increase the reach of the rainfall.
  • Pressure Balance: The rain showerhead should be able to deliver the water uniformly regardless of the water pressure from the pipe of the ceiling mount rainfall shower head. The velocity may vary depending on the pressure, but the distribution rate through the multiple nozzles should remain uniform.
  • Shower Neck: The shower neck should preferably have a rotatable design and it should be compatible with all kinds of shower arms. If the neck has no rotation option you should check if the shower arm has such a feature.


  • Material: The material should be preferably steel, brass, copper, or ABS. The material should be light weight and have high tensile strength. Rust proof coating with chrome or compatible material is an added advantage.
  • Method: Most of the rain showerheads are molded or assembled. You may choose from any type depending on your choice. But you should check the stability of the construction or assembly. The construction should be durable and near zero maintenance with self cleaning clog free nozzles.
  • The showerhead should be able to deliver the rainfall effects at a uniform rate, without abrupt changes in pressure.
  • It should be compatible with the control valves and panels.

Rainfall shower Showerhead FAQ

What Is A Rain Shower Head?

The shower head is the fixture at the end of the best rain shower head combo arm for spraying the water at a uniform pressure (as set by the valve). There are many types of showerheads, namely the body-spray, wall mount, rain, hand-held and sliding bar etc.

The rain shower head has a relatively large diameter (multiple shapes) with direct overhead mounting features along with best ceiling mounted rain shower head options. It creates the effects of a rainfall that is uniform in its flow rate, pressure and velocity.

Each droplet is shaped by the diameter of the nozzle. Even at high pressure, you won’t experience the negative effects of force on your body. The other obvious advantage of the rain shower is its ability to expand the reach of the rainfall effect between the two shoulders of your body.

Why should you use a Rain Shower Head?

The rain shower head has many benefits over the conventional heads. The first benefit is the dimension which is relatively large compared to the conventional heads. Hence, the reach of the rainfall can extend beyond the head to cover the shoulders completely.

  • Drenching effect of your body is comprehensive.
  • Uniform water flow at high and low pressure.
  • Number of shower nozzles is relatively more than the conventional models.
  • Flexible neck and arm.

What Features Should You Look For?

  • The nozzles should have self cleaning options with anti-clogging feature.
  • The shower head face should be large and it should have uniformly distributed nozzles.
  • It should be supported by a flexible neck and long shower arm.
  • The gallons per minute (GPM) of the showerhead should be optimum (2.5 is the mandatory value).
  • It should endure high temperature and pressure.
  • It should be compatible with multiple types of shower arms.

How do I find the best rain shower head for me?

You can find the best shower head for yourself when you compare the products for all the features listed in the answer to the previous two questions.

You can watch demo videos, read customer reviews, comments and feedback. Always make sure that you list out the technical features of each product before comparing.

The factors like GPM, velocity, pressure, temperature, and other related parameters are very important for the comparison. If the shower head has a panel that displays the temperature and pressure values, you can consider it as an added benefit.

What’s the best rain shower head?

The best shower head should be able to produce the effects of spa massage, besides drenching your body completely within the shortest time.

It would be better if you choose a combo shower head with mounted and handheld heads through which water flow simultaneously. Temperature and pressure indicators are certainly plus points. It should be able to cleanse your skin and remove the contaminants.

Safety is another important factor, for which the pressure and velocity should be uniform. The best showerhead can have steel, bronze, or other non-rustic metal or ABS material with chrome coating.

Final Verdict

After comparing and contrasting the features of the rainfall showerheads listed here, the SR SUN RISE SRSH-D1203 12 Inch Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set could be recommended for your bathroom.

  • The size of the showerhead is larger compared with the others.
  • The material is ABS with chrome coating which means it is rust proof, light in weight and durable in nature. ABS is also known for its hygienic and bacteria free composition. It can withstand varying temperature and pressure.
  • The ceiling mount rainfall shower head has a mixer which allows you to vary the water temperature at runtime. This feature is relatively better than having a fixed temperature and wait for the change after you reset it.
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