Best Sectional Sofas Reviews 2020 (Most Comfortable & Durable)

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Do you need the best sectional sofas so that the stylish look of your home will be enhanced?

There are different designs and models available in the market and choosing the right one for your home requires comprehensive research.

These best sectional sofa reviews will go a long way in helping you to make the right purchasing decision.

We have analyzed various products so that you won’t need to spend too much time on your research.

So, keep scrolling and learn more about them! You’ll be benefited to read the best quality sectional sofas reviews to select the best one for you.

Top 3 Best Sectional Sofa

Runner Up
Best Pick
Budget Pick
Product's Name
Merax Sectional Sofa
Oliver Smith s295browngrey
Rivet Modern Upholstered Sofa
Product's Image
Merax Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Ottoman 3-Piece Sofa for Living Room Furniture,(Gray)
Oliver Smith s295browngrey
Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise, 80"W, Denim
Oliver Smith
222 pounds
60 pounds
128 pounds
Material Type
Suede fabric
Polyester fabric, sturdy hardwood frame
Seating capacity
1 x 3-seat
6 People
3 People
Prime Status
Runner Up
Product's Name
Merax Sectional Sofa
Product's Image
Merax Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Ottoman 3-Piece Sofa for Living Room Furniture,(Gray)
222 pounds
Material Type
Suede fabric
Seating capacity
1 x 3-seat
Prime Status
Best Pick
Product's Name
Oliver Smith s295browngrey
Product's Image
Oliver Smith s295browngrey
Oliver Smith
60 pounds
Material Type
Seating capacity
6 People
Prime Status
Budget Pick
Product's Name
Rivet Modern Upholstered Sofa
Product's Image
Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise, 80"W, Denim
128 pounds
Material Type
Polyester fabric, sturdy hardwood frame
Seating capacity
3 People
Prime Status

Best Sectional Sofas 2020 (Most Comfortable)

Model Name
1.Merax Sofa 3-Piece Top Pick Large
2.Homelegance L-Shaped SofaMedium
3.GDF Studio CarolinaLarge
4.Iconic Home FSA2677Large
5.Gus Sectional SofaMedium
6.Poundex PDEX-F6954Small
7.Rivet Reversible Chaise Budget pick Medium
8.DAZONE Modular Sectional SofaLarge
9.Homelegance Pecos 105" x 117"Large
10.Signature Design by AshleySmall
11.Homelegance Top Grain LeatherLarge
12.Stone & Beam CharlesSmall
13.Homelegance 8260DB6PWLarge
14.Christies Home Living 6-PieceLarge
15.Homelegance 3 PieceLarge
16.Oliver Smith s295browngreyLarge
17.Poundex Bobkona ViolaMedium
18.SUNCROWN Sectional SofaLarge
19.Peach Tree 7 PCs Sectional SofaLarge
20.Christopher Knight HomeMedium


Best Sectional Sofas Reviews 2020

It’s not easy to find the right product when you want the best sectional couches, especially if you know little to zero about them. To make it easier for you, here we bring reviews about the ten most well-made sectional sofas out there.

1. Merax Sofa 3-Piece –Best Overall Sectional Sofa

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Three with Ottoman
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Suede
  • Cushions: Grey / Suede & Thick Foam.
  • Frame Material: Hardwood & Innerspring.
  • Cover Material: Suede Fabric.


Merax is easily one of the best brands when it comes to home furniture, especially those that need to look good and provide a reliable build. The suede fabric feels amazingly soft, and the whole frame with hardwood & innerspring provides the perfect feel of sturdiness & comfort you need.

And the cushions are also made with suede fabric but with a layer of thick foam for superior coziness. The looks of the sofa give a luxury touch with contemporary style, perfect for modern houses and apartments. It matches all kinds of combinations and provides the ideal size for living rooms of any type.

You will get a three-seat sofa with one armrest, and a chaise lounge that offers the ideal comfort for either seating or laying users. It is another most comfortable sectional couch for you.

With the three sofas, you also get an Ottoman table for superior comfort or convenience. And to improve it, even more, you get six pillows or backrests that provide an unmatched relaxation.


  • Incredibly soft & comfortable suede fabric surface.
  • Outstanding hardwood builds with innerspring for durability & support.
  • Excellent set of pillows with convenient ottoman.
  • Beautiful suede fabric finish with grey color.


  • Plastic legs can be a little unreliable when moving or with heavy weight.


2. Homelegance Sinclair L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Two
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Sinclair Modern
  • Cushion: Chocolate / Foam
  • Frame Material: Plywood with Pocket Coil Spring/Foam Support
  • Cover Material: Linen-Like Polyester Fabric.


Comfort and durability are what always makes the difference between choosing the right sofa or the wrong one. With Homelegance, you can have both a durable construction with superb foam/spring support and high-quality polyester fabric for softness – giving an outstanding comfort that’s simply unmatched.

The frame is made of plywood, perfect for overall durability and top-notch strength that supports up to 900 pounds, or up to 5 people without problems.

With an L-shaped design, it gives the perfect stylistic touch to any living room, also working as a versatile 2-pieces set with a loveseat or single sofa.

The best of all, the polyester chocolate fabric and stitching design offer an excellent retro style. What really makes this sofa stand out is the coil spring support, which alongside the foam provides outstanding comfort at all times. It is also a very durable sectional sofa.

Add the zigzag suspension and the square stuffed accent pillows, and you’ll get an amazing sectional sofa entirely.


  • Outstanding support with coil-spring and foam build.
  • Exceptionally durable & strong plywood frame.
  • Good-looking and soft polyester fabric with retro style.
  • A convenient set of accent pillows with comfortable all-foam cushions.


  • Plastic legs tend to be really fragile and easy to break.


3. GDF Studio Carolina Sectional Couch

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Five
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Carolina Dark Grey
  • Cushions: Dark Grey / Plush Foam
  • Frame Material: Birch-wood
  • Cover Material: Polyester.


If you want the best modular sectional sofa for the money, there’s not a better choice than the GDF Carolina Dark Grey couch.

It comes with top-notch Birchwood frame for durability, high-quality plush cushions, and pillows for unmatched comfort, and outstanding polyester cover for exceptional softness and reliability.

You won’t find a better choice for such an amazing price. The design of the sofa is modular, which means you can move the five pieces according to your needs and desires. It comes with a right-arm sofa and a left-arm sofa, plus a corner chair and two armless chairs.

This will give you a versatile & convenient touch that you can use to your advantage in any way, whether to achieve a better style in your living room or to enjoy more comfort.

But it is the polyester cover and the extra-plush cushions that make this sofa so amazing. With plush foam, the cushions feel as if you were on the softest of beds, while the polyester cover provides great feeling without leaving durability behind. And with its dark grey color, you’ll get one of the most elegant sofas in the market.


  • Top-notch birchwood frame that provides an excellent lifespan.
  • High-quality polyester cover for right softness & durability.
  • Beautiful dark-grey finish with sleek style.
  • Exceptional comfort with plush foam cushions.


  • Birchwood frame may not hold too much weight.


4. Iconic Home FSA2677-Sectional Sofa

Product Specification

  • Pieces: One
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Chic Aberdeen
  • Cushions: Grey / Multi-Density Foam
  • Frame Material: Hardwood
  • Cover Material: Poly-Linen.

There’s just not a most comfortable couch than the Iconic Home Chic Aberdeen Linen sofa. This grey masterpiece is a one-piece L-design facing left that provides an outstanding touch to any contemporary or sleek-looking living room.

It gives exceptional construction for support and durability, but most importantly, it comes with soft cushions and nine accent pillows for superb comfort. You can use this sofa the way you prefer. It will look well in any place and provide a fashionable yet contemporary touch.

However, it is a high-quality frame made of the best hardwood, supporting several hundred pounds of weight and delivering outstanding support with a thick poly-linen cover. Let’s not forget it comes with strong wooden legs, perfect to last for years.

When you add the plush-feeling cushions with down & multi-density foam, you get the most comfortable couch out there. And with the set of nine pillows, there’s just no match that offers such coziness. Add the poly-linen cover with the soft feeling, and you’ll get an outstanding couch entirely.


  • Expertly crafted upholstery with grey poly-linen
  • Outstanding hardwood frame for superb strength and support
  • Top-notch looks with Aberdeen fabric style with nine pillows
  • Very comfortable cushions with down and multi-density foam


  • Very expensive


5. Coaster Home Furnishings Gus Sectional Sofa

Product Specification

  • Pieces: One with Chaise Storage
  • Color: Grainy Charcoal
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Chenille Charcoal
  • Cushion: Charcoal / Webbing Base & Foam
  • Frame Material: Hardwood with Spring Base
  • Cover Material: Chenille.


A durable sectional sofa doesn’t only have to be comfortable and good-looking, it can also be very convenient and versatile. This exceptional sofa from Coaster Home Furnishing provides the perfect charcoal color with plastic & chenille that gives a grainy yet soft finish.

But of course, it is not how it looks, but how great it feels. Not only it is incredibly comfortable and provides an outstanding style, but it also comes with a sturdy construction boasting a hardwood frame with spring base.

You’ll get one of the most supportive and reliable sofas out there, which looks fantastic with the charcoal upholstery. But this charcoal fabric is not simple but a chenille mix with plastic that offers exceptional resistance & durability.

This sofa, however, is also incredibly convenient with the addition of storage space in the chaise. So you’ll get fantastic comfort while being able to store the two accent pillows inside the storage for added convenience.

When it comes to handiness & comfort, there’s no better choice than the Coaster Home Furnishing Gus sofa.


  • Exceptional comfort with foam & webbing base cushions.
  • Top-notch hardwood with spring base build for reliability & support.
  • High-quality design with charcoal chenille finish.
  • Convenient storage space under the chaise sofa.


  • Can feel very stiff in the first few months.


6. Poundex PDEX-F6954


Product Specification

  • Weight:175 pounds
  • Seating capacity: 5 people
  • Seat depth: 22 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 111 x 80 x 33 inches.


The Poundex PDEX-F6954 sectional sofa is your best bet if you want a 2-piece product that will make you feel comfortable at all times.

It is carefully upholstered with full back support so that you can be more comfortable sitting or lying down. With accent pillows and a chaise, you can be certain of maximum coziness at all times.

Featuring legs of solid wood twist, you can be sure of elegance in your room to the admiration of your friends.

You will love its foam-filled cushions which will go a long way in guaranteeing a high level of convenience. Also, the cushion comes with sturdy innerspring and that is why the lastingness of this product cannot be queried.

There is an interlocking insert which helps in maintaining the connection of the pieces. Assembling this product is as easy as ABC as it comes with the right tools that will make the process easier.

You don’t need to worry about too much space as the sofa measures 76 x 35 x 33 inches while the chaise measures 80 x 35 x 33 inches.

What’s more, this piece of furniture weighs 175 pounds making it easier for you to maneuver without much stress. With a seating depth of 22 inches, you can be sure of greater sitting convenience at all times. This product can conveniently seat 5 people and that is why it is an ideal product for most homes.


  • The interlocking mechanism guarantees the maximum keeping of all the pieces together.
  • Innerspring cushion with foam for advanced durability.
  • Easy to assemble and comes with right assembly tools.
  • Accent tufting back supports for extra coziness.
  • Space-saving design for ease of use.


  • Assembly takes time.


7. Rivet Reversible – Best Cheap Sectional Sofa


Product Specification

  • Weight: 128 pounds
  • Material: Polyester fabric
  • Seat depth: 34.6 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 79.9 x 62.2 x 35.4 inches.


Our top pick is the Rivet Reversible Chaise Sectional sofa. It is a popular sofa that the whole family will love. It is an amazing masterpiece that will make you eager to come home. You can move it to either end of your room so that your room outline can be accommodated. You will love its extra seat which is perfect for friends and family.

The sofa only measures 34.6 x 79.9 x 35.4 inches and with the ottoman, it measures 62.2 x 79.9 x 35.4 inches. You will love its strong hardwood frame and that is why its durability is highly guaranteed. Its sturdy beech wood legs will blow your mind and it does not take too much space in your home.

Its seating arrangement is adjustable making it possible for you to arrange it to fit your room. A piece of 2-in-1 furniture for sleeping and partying, if you want to purchase a product of good quality, the Rivet Reversible Chaise Sectional sofa is your best bet. It is space friendly and very easy to install.

What’s more, this versatile sectional sofa comes with stain-resistant polyester fabric which is very easy to maintain.

Merely looking at the firm elegant cushions and tall arms, you will certainly be tempted to sit down and relax for a while. It is not too heavy, hence, it can be moved easily for proper customization. The seating can be adjusted for you alone or for your friends and family.


  • Adjustable seating arrangement for sitting and sleeping.
  • Easily configurable to either side for flexibility with your space layout.
  • Space friendly and not difficult to assemble.
  • The hardwood frame guarantees durability.
  • Stain-resistant elegant cushions for greater comfort.


  • Not ideal for big families.


8. DAZONE Sectional Sofa



Product Specification

  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Seating capacity: 6 people
  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Seat depth: 32 inches.


The DAZONE Modular Sectional Sofa is the most comfortable sectional sofa and a contemporary 7-piece product that is designed to last. It comes with a frame produced with hardwood and that is why its durability cannot be questioned.

You will love its charcoal-coloured linen fabric cushions turning your home into an elegant abode. You can remove the cushions if you like and the covers can be washed with a machine.

This piece of furniture can conveniently sit 6 people making it perfect for your family and friends. The assemblage includes a corner chair, an armchair and 3 centre armless chairs. You will also find an ottoman table so that you will be able to have maximum comfort.

It is easy to assemble and can be configured to suit the design of your room. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have much space at home as this product does not consume too much space. It comes with a multi-layered feather fabric making it possible for you to experience the highest level of coziness.

You can wipe it with a supple dry cloth so that it can look fresh at all times. With multiple seating configurations, this product can be organized in a magnificent manner. Weighing just 42 pounds, it can be moved from one place to another without much stress.


  • Easily configurable to suit your purpose.
  • Strong wood frame and linen blend fabric of high quality.
  • Detachable back cushions for easy cleaning.
  • Perfect for all space styles.
  • Not difficult to assemble.


  • Installation may take time.


9. Homelegance Pecos- Best for Large Spaces


Product Specification

  • Weight: 362 pounds
  • Seating capacity: 8 people
  • Seat depth: 38 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 117 x 105 x 39 inches.


One of the most durable sectionals in the market right now is the Homelegance Pecos 105″ x 117″ sectional sofa. It combines style and performance to bring about a platform of enjoyment.

Produced with a leather gel of high quality, this 4-piece sectional sofa is a product to get for high performance. It is very easy to clean making it possible for you to have a reduced maintenance cost.

You will love its reclining system which is very easy to use making it possible for you to switch from a seated position to a reclined position without much stress. It is easy to assembly eliminating the stress that can be associated with the installation.

Also, this piece of furniture can be configured in various ways so that your ideal seating arrangement will be realized. You can adjust it to accommodate more people so that you don’t have to worry when your friends visit you. It is not so bulky and a floor space of 9 by 8 feet is enough to contain it.

The durability of this sectional sofa is guaranteed since it is produced from solid steel as well as hardwood. With seat cushions made from high-density foam, you will enjoy great coziness anytime you are relaxing on it.

With a capacity to seat 8 people, this is a perfect piece of furniture for your family and guests. It comes with two recliners, a tabletop, a concealed storage compartment and two drink holders.


  • Easy to pull handle for easy conversion from a seated position to a reclined position.
  • Easy to clean leather gel cover of high quality.
  • Easily configurable to match your seating arrangement.
  • Easy to assemble for the most satisfactory result.
  • Strong frame made of steel and hardwood.


  • A bit heavy.


10. Ashley Furniture – Best Budget


Product Specification

  • Weight: 204 pounds
  • Material: Polyester fabric
  • Seat depth: 20 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 89 x 39 x 38 inches.


The Ashley Furniture Signature Design sectional sofa is an affordable product to consider if you want to invest in class and style.

It comes with a full-sized mattress which is concealed so that you can experience additional coziness. With an easy-lift system, you can easily transform the sofa to bed without much hassle.

It can be used in any living room because of its firm seat cushions and unique rounded arms. You will love its corner-blocked frame, faux wood finish feet, loose seat cushions and tight back.

Its queen-size innerspring mattress is bi-fold and conveniently pulls out on a strong metal frame so that you can relax with so much ease.

If you are struggling with space at home, this is the perfect product for you because the sofa measures 89″W x 39″D x 38″H while the pullout mattress measures 60″W x 72″D x 4.25″H.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about any installation as this product is pre-assembled. Once your doorway is 32 inches wide or more, you can place an order for this piece of furniture.

It is not too heavy and that is why you can move it around without breaking your back. It is easily adjustable so that it can work with the design of your room.


  • Firm seat cushions and rounded arms for greater comfort.
  • Shrouded innerspring mattress with an easy lift system.
  • Corner-block frame and exposed feet for perfect convenience.
  • Space-saving design with queen pullout innerspring mattress.
  • Requires no assembling.


  • Since it is preassembled, it can only go through doors that are 32 inches wide or more.


11. Homelegance Laertes- Best for Apartments


Product Specification

  • Weight: 101 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Seat depth: 32.5 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 116.2 x 116.2 x 39.5 inches.


One of the most comfortable sectional couches in the market right now is the Homelegance Laertes Two-Tone sectional sofa. It is an ideal product that will provide perfect seating for your family and friends.

With a classic design and high performance, this is the perfect piece of furniture to go for if you want the best possible relaxation.

With a cutting-edge reclining system, you can easily convert it to a reclined position so that the highest level of coziness will be achieved.

You don’t need to enroll in rocket science before you can assemble this product. Measuring just 116.25 x 116.25 x 39.5 inches, it does not consume too much space for the most thrilling experience.

You will love its top grain leather fabric which will give your home the elegant look you have always desired. Weighing just 101 pounds, this product can be moved around your home without much stress.

It is easily adjustable so that it will blend with the outline of your room. Made from the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, this is one of the most sophisticated products you will find in the market right now.

A piece of furniture like this in your room will always tempt you to sit down and before you know it, you are already taking a nap. There is a reclining armless chair in the middle of the package making it possible for you to enjoy yourself without any limitation.


  • Easy to use the reclining system for maximum pleasure.
  • It does not require a cumbersome installation procedure.
  • It can be effortlessly configured to suit your room outline.
  • Two-tone cutting-edge grain leather fabric for extra radiance.
  • It does not consume too much space.


  • A bit heavy.

12. Stone & Beam Charles Classic


Product Specification

  • Weight: 170 pounds
  • Seat depth: 23 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 92 x 38 inches.


We have included the Stone & Beam Charles Classic sectional sofa in our review because it is one of the best-rated modular sofas by our team of researchers.

It comes with traditional rolled arms so that your comfortability will be guaranteed. You will love its turned wood legs which are integrated with cutting-edge 100% leather upholstery so that a superb piece of furniture can be delivered into your home.

Also, this product has a long silhouette and that is why it can accommodate every member of your family without much hassle. With a seat depth of 23 inches, this is the product to go for if you want additional sitting comfort.

Its strong hardwood frame is produced from 100% cow leather and that is why its durability is highly guaranteed.

It is easy to clean with a dry cloth, you only need to wipe it with the cloth. If it is necessary, you can spot clean it and this can be carried out without any issue.  Weighing just 170 pounds, you can move it around the home without much difficulty.

If you don’t have much space at home, you don’t need to worry. This product measures 39 x 92 x 38 inches and that is why it can be used in most homes.

You will love its soft cushions which guarantee a high level of comfortability. With an array of colour collections, you can the perfect colour that will match your home.


  • Cutting-edge 100% cowhide leather upholstery for extra coziness.
  • A long silhouette guarantees enough space for the entire family.
  • Soft cushions for additional convenience.
  • Easy to clean with a dry cloth.
  • Not difficult to assemble.


  • Installation can take up to 15 minutes or more.


13. Homelegance 8260DB6PW- Best Leather


Product Specification

  • Weight: 426 pounds
  • Seating capacity: 5 people
  • Material: 90% Polyester + 10% Polyurethane
  • Seat depth: 18.5 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 119.5 x 135.5 x 139 inches.


The Homelegance 8260DB6PW sectional sofa is the perfect product to go for if you desire elegant furniture. It can seat 5 people conveniently making it ideal for the whole family.

With an innovative power reclining system with properly placed USB ports, this is the right piece of furniture for classy people.

There is a functional armrest console so that you will be able to enjoy a high level of coziness. With storage space for keeping your things and two cup holders, you may not be able to get a better deal elsewhere. It is made of a leather gel of high quality and it is very easy to clean.

You can choose from two colour options, dark brown or grey so that you select something that will match your home. Its power reclining system is easy to operate with just a touch of the button. This way, you can easily change from a seated position to a reclined position without much stress.

With a seat depth of 18.5 inches, you can be sure of unique coziness at all times. You will love its double reclining ends as well as 1 armless reclining chair and that is why you are certain of maximum comfort with this sectional sofa.

It is easy to assemble and lightweight for easy movement from one place to another. You can use it in a less spacious room since it measures 119.5 x 135.5 x 139 inches.


  • Motion and power systems for greater comfort
  • Strong leather gel match cover for an elegant look.
  • The seat depth of 18.5 inches guarantees maximum complacency.
  • 2 reclining ends as well as 1 armless reclining chair for perfect relaxation.
  • Not difficult to assemble.
  • Storage console to keep your stuff with two cup holders.


  •  A bit heavy.


14. Christies Home Living CLARK-6PC


Product Specification

  • Weight: 404 pounds
  • Seating capacity: 5 people
  • Material: Polyester
  • Product Dimensions: 191 x 40 x 41 inches.


The Christies Home Living CLARK 6PC SECTIONAL sofa is your best bet if you want to relax in a comfy atmosphere at all times.

It has the capacity to seat 5 people and that is why it is an ideal piece of furniture for your home. You will love its space-saving design and it is not too heavy, making it easier to move about.

Also, it comes with a storage console as well as 2 cup holders making it possible for you to enjoy your favorite drink without fear of spilling it.

This product is produced with hardwood of high quality and fortified with a solid steel rail mechanism. The seats have pocketed coils concealed in foam so that your maximum comfort will be guaranteed.

There is an armless reclining chair with 3 recliners in the package and that is why you can be sure of high performance always.

Measuring 191 x 40 x 41 inches, this product is fit for your home and it is not difficult to install. Produced from genuine polyester with a feel and look of leather, this piece of furniture is durable and easy to maintain.

If you want a reclining sofa that will give your back the needed support, you can consider the Christies Home Living CLARK 6PC SECTIONAL sofa. It will enhance your posture so that your health status will not be jeopardized.


  • Bolstered by a heavy-duty steel rail mechanism.
  • Made with hardwood of high quality for enhanced durability.
  • Coil-encased foam for maximum comfort.
  • It comes with 3 recliners for perfect relaxation.
  • Central storage console with 2 cup holders.


  • A bit pricey.


15. Homelegance 3 Piece Bonded


Product Specification

  • Weight: 337 pounds
  • Seating capacity: 5 people
  • Material: Leather
  • Seat depth: 47.5 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 95 X 95 X 39 inches.


If you want a collection of furniture that will reduce stress on your back, you need to consider the Homelegance 3 Piece Bonded sectional sofa.

It comes with all the convenience that you desire with a stylish look. The right and left seats have a functional console for lift top storage as well as cup holding.

You will love the flexible center wedge unit which can be used as a wood table or plush seat. The wood table has receptacles as well as USB ports so that you can have fun to the fullest. This product is produced with a bonded and that is why its durability is guaranteed.

It is easy to assemble with a sitting capacity for 5 people. You can configure it conveniently so that the layout of your room will match your arrangement.

It weighs 337 pounds enabling you to move it around if a reorganization is necessary.  Measuring 95 x 95 x 39 inches, it does not take up too much space in your home.

What’s more, you will love the modern reclining system of this piece of furniture. This will go a long way to give you perfect backrest, especially if you have issues with your back. This is the product to go for if you want to get it right in terms of sectional sofas.


  • Cutting-edge reclining system for greater convenience.
  • Space-saving design for ease of use.
  • High-quality leather guaranteeing durability.
  • Storage compartment with 2 cup holders.
  • Easy to assemble and can be easily configured.


  • This product is heavy.

16. Smith & Oliver Fur Dropship S295 

Oliver Smith Fur Dropship

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Four
  • Color: Brown / Grey
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Fur
  • Cushions: Brown / Fur
  • Frame Material: Hardwood.


An indoor sectional sofa is always a great choice for anyone who wants to make a beautiful home interior. And this Smith & Oliver Fur Dropship sofa with a greyish/brownish finish will give the perfect style to any home.

You can adjust it the way you prefer, as it is composed of four parts: one corner, one single, and two double sofas with one-sided armrest. The design is beautiful, perfect for traditional or modern looks, perfect for a recently bought house.

They also come with accent pillows, and back & plush seat cushions for comfort with the same color as the sofas.

The frame of this sofa is made of hardwood with plastic feet, with a leather surface that offers an outstanding look and exceptional durability. They are entirely anti stains and provide a top-notch fade-resistant feature.

In short, you get a beautiful, well-made, and durable sectional sofa for interiors that won’t let you down.


  • Excellent looks with brown/grey fur finish
  • Top-notch construction with a hardwood frame & plastic feet
  • Comfortable plush cushions with accent pillows
  • Very durable sectional sofa and reliable construction.


  • Cushions can’t be washed which can be inconvenient.



17. Poundex Bobkona Viola Linen

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Seven
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Milltown Mid-Century Modern
  • Cushions: Light Grey / Extra-Plush Foam
  • Frame Material: Hardwood with Birch Legs
  • Cover Material: Polyester.

GDF Studio always comes with good quality sectional sofas, and this one is not an exception. The Milltown Mid Century Modern sofa with a 7-piece construction provides all the features you could hope for. From a sturdy frame to a high-quality cover, this sofa will impress you in many ways.

First, let’s talk about its high-quality hardwood frame. It will promote outstanding stability with high strength. What’s even better, it provides excellent durability so you can use this sofa for years no matter where you put it. And with the birch legs with a natural look, you get even better lifespan.

The second great quality of this sofa is a fantastic design. You get seven pieces that look both contemporary and modern, but without losing a classic touch with its polyester light grey cover.

And third, you get superb comfort entirely – with the extra-plush cushions, you will find like laying on a high-quality. Whether you want to sleep or simply watch TV, the comfort this sofa offers is just terrific.


  • Superb hardwood frame for a long-lasting & strong build
  • Excellent grainy polyester style with a modern yet classic touch
  • Outstanding comfort with extra-plush cushions
  • Versatile & convenient seven-piece set different sofa designs


  • Polyester fabric tends to start fraying with slight pulls



18. SUNCROWN Outdoor Furniture Sectional Sofa

Suncrown Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Six with Coffee Table
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Rattan
  • Cushions: Brown / Weatherproof
  • Frame Material: Iron
  • Cover Material: Wicker – Plastic.

Looks beautiful and offers excellent comfort, this 6-piece set for outdoor use will take your breath away. Not only it looks good and feels comfortable in every way, but it also offers one of the most resistant builds out there.

Everything is weatherproofed and highly reliable, even after years of use. So, you could say this is the best modular sectional sofa or most comfortable sectional couch without even trying to be so.

This set also comes with an elegant tabletop with glass, perfect to use as a center alongside a pool or garden. And when you add the wicker style in each one of the pieces, you get a completely natural style for superb looks and top-notch finish to your outdoor area.

What’s even better about this sectional sofa set – it comes with all the necessary tools and instructions to assemble. And of course, you only need up to an hour to finish, and you’ll have a gorgeous and durable sectional sofa for your outdoor areas. It gets even better when you see its price. Many people like the Suncrown outdoor furniture sectional sofa.


  • Exceptional outdoor design with beautiful wicker finish
  • Durable & resistant outdoor construction
  • Comfortable and well-made brown seat cushions
  • Tabletop with glass provides a stylish touch


  • Can be a little problematic to assemble


19. Peach Tree 7 PCs  Rattan Wicker Sofa

Rattan Sectional Outdoor Furniture

Product Specification

  • We
  • Ma
  • S
  • Prod.

One of the most resistant and strongest best sectional couches to get, the Peach Tree Rattan Sofa with wicker design provides superior reliability in every way. Among the most comfortable sectional couchesit comes with a perfect wicker style making it look pretty exciting with good-looking blue cushions.

The set is entirely comfortable, boasting seven pieces with two corners, four chairs without armrest and a coffee table with resistant glass. This design would make the perfect idea for a mini-lake side or garden pool, while also working excellently as an interior sofa design in a terrace or open living room.

It’s totally stylish, versatile, and provides enough versatility with its seven pieces. But the real advantage of getting this set is the outstanding build. Coming with a steel frame and polyethene rattan, it won’t let you down when it comes to resistance.

And of course, the cushions are also totally fade-resistant and washable. Add that to the beautiful blue color, and you’ll get a great sectional sofa set. It is one of the most comfortable sectional couches you can choose it.


Pieces: Seven with Coffee Table

Color: Black

Size: Large

Style: Rattan / Wicker

Cushions: Blue / 250G Polyester Fabric

Frame Material: Steel

Cover Material: Rattan – Polyethylene


  • Beautiful rattan design with black wicker finish
  • Durable & resistant steel frame with a polyethylene surface
  • Excellent blue cushions & white pillows with 250G polyester fabric
  • Beautiful coffee table with glass for convenience


  • Really hard to assemble due to confusing instructions.

20. Great Deal Furniture

Product Specification

  • Pieces: Five
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Samuel Mid-Century Modern
  • Cushions: Dark Blue / Plush Foam
  • Frame Material: Hardwood with Rubberwood Legs
  • Cover Material: Polyester.

Comfort is all Great Deal Furniture wants to offer with the Samuel Mid-Century Modern sectional sofa. This dark blue piece of furniture comes with an outstanding design that promotes exceptional convenience, a plush feeling in each cushion for unbeatable softness, and a high-quality polyester fabric for resistance & durability. It is also the best affordable sectional sofa.

The 7-piece set is also straightforward to match any living room style. Whether you want a contemporary style or a more conservative touch, this sofa will help you achieve it. And of course, it lets you organize it in many ways, so you’ll have an even more versatile product.

Then there’s the hardwood frame with rubberwood legs. This means you get a solid sofa that stands many pounds of weight, as well as lasting a lifetime without issues. Add the amazing dark-blue color with the grainy design of the polyester cover, and you’ll get a durable yet attractive sectional sofa that won’t let you down.


  • Very strong and durable hardwood frame with rubberwood legs
  • Extremely convenient & versatile seven-piece set
  • Stylish & modern design for a more good-looking touch
  • The outstanding polyester cover offers softness and durability


  • Very heavy and awkward to move inside the house

Buying Guide of Best Sectional Sofa

There’s always a way to pick either the best affordable sectionals or the most comfortable and durable ones. To do it, you will have to know as much about them as you can.

So, here we bring all the different features and factors you should consider on a sectional sofa before buying.

Sectional Sofa Configurations

All sectional sofas are pretty different, so it is essential to pick the right design according to your needs. These configurations below will come pretty useful at the moment of choosing:

  • L-shaped

This is the most common shape for sectionals out there. The L-shape is precisely how it sounds, a sofa that looks like an L and offers great comfort and space for up to 10 or 12 people depending on the size. They work fairly well for all types of applications, whether it is the living room, outdoors, or just whatever.

  • U-shaped

These are the most interesting of all sectional sofas. They also resemble a letter U, but they won’t work for all types of environments or situations. However, putting them in places where a conversation is crucial or around a tabletop, giving a more intimate configuration.

But surely, it all depends on the design of the sofa, some of these are wide and large, so they can be used practically anywhere.

  • Curved

Instead of a U-shape, you can get a curved one. They are broader and larger than most U-shape sofas and typically provide an excellent idea for home theaters or TV rooms. The back of curve sofas is curved entirely, which means they can be a little harder to place and move around.

  • Symmetrical

Asymmetrical sectional sofa means that it can be used however you prefer without problems. They often use less space than other types and can be configured in many ways according to your needs or desires. These usually offer more seating room than other types without losing versatility.

  • Pit

Imagine a U-shape sofa, but the center is not a table or free space but another part of the couch. These work significantly as bed alternatives or for many people who want to lie down instead of sitting.

They are pretty useful for comfort and offer great versatility if you want to experiment. However, they take more space and come with more pieces than other configurations.

  • Modular

These are the ones that offer the most versatility when it comes to sectional sofas. Modular configurations allow you to fit the different pieces and seats in many ways, as an L-shaped, U-shaped, pit, symmetrical, curved, or just whatever you prefer. If you prefer versatility over anything else, go for a modular sectional sofa.

Sectional Sofa Features to Consider

While knowing different configurations will help you pick the right design, it won’t help you select the highest-quality product. That’s why the following factors are a must to consider before buying.

  • Size

While it is important to always find the right size according to your room dimensions, it all comes down to what you prefer.

Take into account, however, that large sofas tend to be really heavy and hard to move around. So, be careful before choosing.

  • Style

An excellent stylish sofa always comes like a great idea, especially if it fits your house interior design. We recommend going for styles that are both modern but also simple enough to be used in different houses without problems.

This way, you don’t pick an orange sofa that eventually looks wrong in a white/black living room. This also counts when it comes to outdoor/indoor sofas. Don’t mix them.

  • Fabric

The fabric is maybe the second most important factor to consider before choosing. You should always go for resistant, durable, and soft fabrics. For us, the best ones are poly-linen which is soft and resilient or polyester which offers exceptional durability.

Cotton and silk are also incredibly soft and comfortable, but not too resistant. Leather and wool are soft and resistant enough but can be very expensive.

  • Reclining

Getting a reclining sofa always provides exceptional comfort and versatility. Especially, if you want a couch for your TV room or any place you can spend hours sitting, a reclining design always comes like a great idea.

However, most sectional sofas just come with one or two reclining chairs, so don’t expect much more than that.

  • Sleeper

If you can arrange the sofa similarly to a bed so you can let overnight guests from time to time, or just use it as an occasional nap alternative – go for a sleeper. They tend to be really comfy and convenient.

  • Convertible

This is similar to a sleeper but with a mechanism that allows to transform the sofa into a sleeper or to extend or shorten the sofa in any way. This helps to save space or to add a different design to the sofa when needed.

  • Chaise Longue

This frequently comes attached to a corner and has the whole purpose of allowing people to lie down when they want. It is like a small sofa with no borders or armrests that lets you have complete freedom with legs.

  • Built-in Storage

Whether it is to store pillows, covers, blankets, family games, or any other object or device, storage on a sofa can be a handy feature. We recommend those that come with storage in the chaise, so you have more storage space.

The Gardengrower can help you with gardening ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most long-lasting fabric for a sofa?

A: The most durable fabric is polyester. However, leather and wool tend also to offer exceptional durability, but for a higher price.

Q: How do you decorate a room with a sectional couch?

A: Make sure it matches the colour and style of the sofa. If the couch is modern and brown, go for a brownish decoration with contemporary style.

Q: What is a modular sectional sofa?

A: It is the type of sectional you can configure in many ways without an issue. A modular is often composed of several pieces of different designs so it can be placed in different ways.

Q: What is the best fabric for a sofa with pets?

A: Polyester is always the most resistant and stain-free of fabrics for pets. However, it is leather that protects your sofa the most against hair & odours.

Q: What is reversible sectional?

A: They offer the chance to move the chaise to the place you prefer without problems.

Q: Is polyester a good fabric for a sofa?

A: Yes, it is not the most expensive or softest, but surely one of the most durable and resistant.

Q: What does left facing sectional mean?

A: When the armrest is on the left side of the couch, it is a left-facing sectional.

Q: What is a sectional couch?

A: It is a couch that comes with different sections or pieces allowing a more versatile & convenient application.

Q: How do you measure for a sectional sofa?

A: Make sure it fits the room size of your house or apartment. Allow up to 3 or more feet in each side and at least 5 feet in front to be free for a more comfortable experience.

Q: What is the long part of a sectional couch called?

A: The long part of a sectional is called a chaise. This part tends to offer enough place for an average person to lie down with legs straightened.

Q: What is the normal size of a sectional sofa?

A: Most sectional sofas are pretty large so anything shorter than 6 feet can be pretty small and uncomfortable.

Q: Do sectionals come already assembled?

A: Some of them do, but the majority of sectionals come with different parts that have to assemble.

Q: There are so many different styles. How can I decide which sectional sofa is right for me?

A: Go for the one that fits your house’s looks the most. Stick to modern and simple designs for a more versatile experience.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best sectional sofas for your home can be a tedious task, especially in today’s fast-paced world. We hope you will be able to find the right product of high quality from the list above. Your expectations, as well as needs, will determine the piece of furniture to put your money on.

It is very important for you to focus on features rather than luxury or price. There are slight differences in features from one product to another and these should be properly checked before making a purchase. The richness of the features will be reflected in the price as well as delivery.

In the sofa market, the most versatile and convenient model is always the sectional, but it’s also the hardest to pick. However, if you follow our most comfortable sectional sofa reviews and recommendations, and when you consider our product reviews, getting the most durable sectional sofa for your house will be a piece of cake.

So don’t hesitate and get one now! These couches are just amazing in every way, and you don’t want to miss out!


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