Best Shower Faucets Reviews 2021

A refreshing and energetic bath is the perfect way to start your day. But, what if your faucet is not up for the job? What if it’s not giving the required water pressure? Then, you might not enjoy the bathing experience. Instead, you will shiver under a poor flow of water.

Say goodbye to bathing struggles by investing in one of the best shower faucets that can suit your style and fulfill all the requirements. Today, we will review 11 top-notch models that can give you perfect bathing experiences every day. For better assistance and understanding, we have also included a buying guide that will help you to make the right decision.

Best Shower Faucets 2021

  • Balancing Valve
  • Dual Functional
  • Spa Feeling
  • Rainfall Shower
  • Esnbia Shower System, Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set Esnbia
  • Balance Valve
  • 1.8 GPM
  • More Comfortable
  • Wall Mounted Shower FaucetGABRYLLY Wall Mounted
  • Matte Black
  • Balancing Valve
  • 1.8 gpm
  • Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function Delta Single-Function
  • Easy to upgrade
  • 2 GPM
  • Moen TS2712 90 Degree Moen 90 Degree
  • ADA Compliant
  • Beautiful Style
  • Reflective Design
  • 2.5 GPM
  • Starbath Shower System Starbath
  • 3 in 1 handle
  • Realistic Rain
  • Chrome Finished
  • Ove Decors Breeze 36 withoutwallsOve Decors
  • Tempered Glass
  • Patterned Shower Door
  • Curved Shape
  • Rozin Bathroom Shower Faucet SetRozin
  • Mixer tap
  • Rainfall Shower
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Brass Material
  • All Metal Brushed Nickel Shower FaucetRF Sunan
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Feel as waterfall
  • 2GPM
  • Easy install
  • SUMERAIN Shower Faucet Brushed NickelSUMERAIN
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable Materials
  • Brushed nickel
  • 1.8GPM
  • HIMK Shower System, Shower Faucet SetHIMK Faucet Set
  • Polish Chrome
  • Air in technology
  • 1.8 GPM
  • Large water
  • Know what you need

    Before you start checking the shower faucet reviews, it’s very important to understand your requirements. For instance, if you need to fill a bathtub, you need a tub spout included with the bathing system. Then, you need to think about appearance. The new addition needs to match the other components of your bathing area.

    Think about the replacements and installation. The valve allows you to adjust the water pressure and temperature. It also allows you to divert the water flow among fixed shower head, handheld, and tub spout. Then, there is an internal component called rough-in, which is responsible to control the temperature as per your settings.

    We are discussing these components so that you can understand the configuration of shower faucet sets. Choose a model that suits the number of the existing holes in your bathroom. In other words, look for something that can fit similar configurations wherein you don’t have to drill many holes. You can ignore the suggestion in case you are building a new bathroom.

    Consider replacing the whole shower set, especially if you don’t want to see components with variable finishes in your bathroom.


    Things To Consider

    For better insights, we will discuss some of the factors that you need to consider while looking for the best shower faucet.

    • Available space: Measuring the dimensions of your bathroom is very important so that you can choose something that can fit. Do not buy a shower faucet set with large fixed heads if you own a small bathroom. You don’t have to worry about the measurements if you have a large bathing area.
    • Category: One of the topmost factors to consider is the tap fitting type because it determines how comfortably you can use the shower system. Generally, there are three valve types available to choose from.
    • Single tap valves: Most comfortable configuration because there is only one handle to adjust the water flow rate and temperature. So, such fixtures are not only easy to install, but they are convenient to use as well.
    • Two tap valves: Next version is one of the oldest, but still functional. There are two heads; red for hot water and blue for cold. So, you need to adjust the water flow rate and temperature manually, which takes time.
    • Thermostatic valves: The most expensive among all the three categories, thermostatic mixers are very effective and also look luxurious. Their automatic control of temperature and water flow is the most impressive feature.
    • Installation: In case you are building a new bathroom, you have the cushion to choose any of the models that we will discuss today. However, things are different when you are modifying. If you are modifying the bathing area, then it’s better to choose something that can match the existing configuration.
    • Built material: The construction material determines how many years the bathroom shower faucets will last. it’s the reason why we have selected metal made options in our reviews. However, brass construction is the most suitable according to today’s polluted environment.

    Then, you need to consider the finish of a rain shower faucet. The finish of a bathroom fixture is what decides its appearance as well as durability. For instance, the chrome finish is reflective and stylish. Still, it easily attracts watermarks. Similarly, a matte black finish is suitable for users who own a modern bathroom. In other words, choose something that can last for long in your bathroom.

    • Water flow rate: Another matter of consideration is the water flow rate of a shower system. Well, you do not need very high pressure while taking baths. But, low pressure spoils your morning. So, choose something that can maintain the water flow, even if the pressure is low.
    • Water conservation: Our world is going through a lot many challenges and water conservation is one of them. You can be of some help by investing in bathroom fixtures that can save water, instead of wasting it. It’s the reason why we included models that can save up to 20 percent water and also reduce your utility bills.
    • Appearance: Modern shower faucets are available in a variety of styles and designs. You can choose a square or round shower head. Then, you can try a chrome finish or brushed nickel shade. But, it all depends upon your existing settings and preferences. So, make sure to match the new fixture with your bathroom design.
    • Ease of use: Do not ignore the valve. Choose a model that comes with a single lever operation. Two handles are great if you want customized water flow and temperature. However, a single lever is modern, offers a sleek appearance and convenient usage.
    • Warranty: Some peace of mind is better. So, choose a product that comes with a warranty of at least 5 years. In this case, more is better. So, prefer something to have life time or limited lifetime warranty.
    • Budget: The price range of shower faucets varies between $120 to $300. The price tag depends upon the make, model, and quality of a bathroom fixture. Find something that can suit your preferences and is available in your budget.

    Why Quality Matter?

    You should invest in high-quality products so that you do not have to invest again in early repairs and replacements. It doesn’t mean that you always need to buy high end shower fixtures. But, look for something sturdy that can withstand daily usage.

    High-quality bathroom fixtures are long-lasting. Plus, you can be assured about their finish that it will never shed its shine. Moreover, the internal components of such products offer smooth functionalities and safety.

    Apart from quality, you should also emphasize water conservation. So, choose one of the best shower fixtures that consume less water without losing pressure. After reading the given reviews, you will encounter some of the models that not only save water but also maintain constant flow even if the water pressure is low. So, choose something that can save your time, and be beneficial to the environment as well.


    Which Brands Creates The Best Shower Faucets?

    • Delta Faucet: Alex Manoogian started Delta Faucets in 1952. Initially, he was simply remodeling the single-handed faucets. Soon, he also started to advertise all these products and within one year his annual sales crossed one million dollars. If you want to find a durable, stylish, and innovative bathroom set, then go for Delta.
    • Moen: Owned by Alfred Moen, this brand deals in a wide range of shower tub faucets. Moen is a renowned brand for its high-quality bathroom and kitchen faucets. If you need a classic addition to your bathroom that can make it more stylish and elegant, then try Moen.
    • Starbath: Founded in 1998, Starbath is another US-based brand that manufactures some of the best single handle shower faucets. Its bathroom fixtures are made of high-quality components so that you can enjoy the daily baths without worrying about maintenance or repairs.


    Benefits Of The Best Shower Fixtures

    • Relaxing Shower: One of the primary benefits of a rain shower faucet is its ability to offer high quality, refreshing, and relaxing showering experiences. Once you turn on the shower, it gives you a positive feel by mimicking the natural rainfall.
    • Maintains Water Pressure: One of the best shower faucets gives you a powerful spray. Some of them even maintain the flow even if the water pressure is low. In other words, these fixtures allow you to enjoy bathing time without any hassles.
    • Conserves Water: While reading the shower faucets reviews, you will notice that multiple models provide you the required pressure but never consumes much water. On the contrary, models like Delta Faucet BT14496-OB can save up to 20 percent water.
    • Easy To Maintain: The best shower systems come self-clean function that prevents mineral and limescale build-up. Apart from that, almost all such fixtures come features a rubber or silicone nozzles that you can easily clean.


    Best Shower Faucet Reviews of 2021

    You will find plenty of shower faucets in the US market. But, not all of them are suitable for your bathroom. It’s the reason why we have created this list of some high-quality models depending upon the expert reviews, buyer’s feedback, ease of use, build quality, and durability. So, without any delay let’s meet today’s top contenders.

    1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rainfall Shower Head System


    If you are looking for one of the best shower faucet systems, then take a closer look at SR SUNRISE SRSH-F5043.

    It’s a wall-mounted rainfall shower head system that has a brass construction, which is not only durable but also protects your body from pollutants.

    This fixture has a chrome finish, which makes it rust and corrosion-resistant. Also, the chrome finish results in an elegant reflective appearance.

    One of the best features of SRSH-F5043 is its Air energy technology that maintains the water flow even if the pressure is low. Also, the technology saves water and reduces your utility bills.

    Why do we like it?

    • High-quality bathing experience: SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 comes with a 10-inch stainless steel wall mounted rainfall shower head that offers a mesmerizing bathing experience. It also includes a brass made handheld shower that allows you to enjoy targeted cleaning without any problems.
    • Pressure Balance Valve: Another impressive feature of the SRSH-F5043 is its brass made balancing valve that acts as a thermostatic device and keeps you safe from sudden changes in water temperature or pressure.
    • Warranty: The shower faucet comes with a warranty of 10 years, wherein any of the faulty components will be replaced without any extra charge. Plus, its shower cartridge has a lifetime warranty and can be replaced at any time. No additional payment is required.

    Keep in mind

    • Tough to install: SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 is one of the best bathroom shower faucets and most of the buyers were pleased with its performance. However, most of the users explained that it was difficult to set up. Confusing instructions are the primary reason. So, its recommend that you contact a professional plumber to complete the configuration.

    2. ESNBIA Shower System

    Esnbia Shower System, Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set

    Today’s second recommendation might be a perfect investment if you are looking for a stylish shower faucet set that can change the way you bath.

    It comes with a 12-inch rainfall shower head, which is constructed with 304 stainless steel. Then, the bathing system also has a handheld shower and its bracket, wherein both of them are built of solid brass.

    Esnbia shower system has reliable brass made valve that keeps you and your family safe from cold shocks and scalding.

    The valve has an adjustable cold and water flow, which allows you to choose the right water temperature according to the season.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable and stylish: Due to metal construction the shower system is long-lasting. Its nickel finish makes your bathroom more stylish and elegant. As the bathing set has a square valve, you can easily use it even with soapy hands. The valve has a fixed shower and handheld mode that facilitates easy usage.
    • Flexible handheld shower holder: The hand shower bracket is made of brass and hence, it is corrosion and rust-resistant. High-quality construction makes the holder tarnishing free. Plus, you can adjust it 360 degrees according to the preference.
    • Decent shower hose: The handheld shower has a 59-inch hose made of corrosion-free stainless steel that resists daily tarnishing. This hose has a multi-layered brushed nickel finish that keeps it scratch-free.
    • Perfect for low pressure: Its 12-inch wall mounted shower head uses 2 MM water outlets that significantly increases the water pressure. So, this faucet shower might be a suitable investment if you are living in an area with low pressure.

    Keep in mind

    • Difficult to set up: The shower system is not suitable for beginners because it’s not very easy to set up. So, it’s recommended that you consult a professional.


    3. Wall Mounted Shower Faucet

    Wall Mounted Shower Faucet

    Featuring an 8-inch wall mounted rain shower head, the Gabrylly shower system is suitable for medium and small-sized bathrooms.

    It comes with a 3 function handheld shower, anti-scald pressure balance valve, and many other features that you can enjoy without spending a high amount.

    You don’t’ have to worry about the water pressure because this wall-mounted shower set maintains the flow even under unfavorable conditions.

    If you want to enjoy steady showers every day, then it might be one of the best tub shower faucets that you can try.

    Why do we like it?

    • Long-lasting construction: None of us wants to replace bathroom fixtures after every other month. It’s another reason why the Gabrylly tub and shower faucet combo deserves your attention. This model has a brass and ABS construction, which is durable and easy to maintain.
    • Easy to install: The bathing set has standard US connections, which makes it easy to install without using any special tools.
    • Elegant appearance: Gabrylly is designed in style. It has a matte black shade that mixes well with your existing bathroom settings. You will love the system’s eye-catching design and smooth feel. Whether you are living as a bachelor or with family, it’s bold and luxurious enough to be a part of your bathroom.
    • Exciting handheld shower: The handheld offers three water spray settings including a rain shower, fast massage, and full spray massage. You can easily change the modes. Plus, the hand shower uses soft rubber water outlets that are very easy to clean.

    Keep in mind

    • Lack of water pressure: The fixed shower head is not as powerful as we expected. Its flow restrictor needs to be removed if you need more pressure.


    4. Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function

    Delta Faucet Windemere Single-Function

    The Windmere kit comes with a 6 inch fixed shower head, tub spout, and a valve trim with a width of 7 inches.

    BT14496-OB has an oil rubbed bronze finish that appears perfect in farmhouses and any other modern or minimalistic bathroom. Its single handle design makes the usage convenient.

    Delta Faucet BT14496-OB features a Monitor pressure-balanced Valve Cartridge, which prevents any sudden changes in the water temperature. Plus, this is a WaterSense labeled product, which means it will use up to 20 percent less water.

    So, this is the best shower system if you care about the environment.

    Why do we like it?

    • Temperature protection: What happens if someone uses another appliance or flushes the toilet while you are taking a bath? Well, it generally results in freezing and scalding surprise. However, BT14496-OB maintains the water temperature due to a reliable valve.
    • Easy to clean: Mineral build in the shower heads reduces the water pressure and leaves you frustrated. Sometimes you need to scrub those accumulations to get an uninterrupted flow of water. It’s where Delta Faucet BT14496-OB overshadows other models because of the touch-clean spray holes. You can clean its water outlets simply by wiping them.
    • Incredible warranty: Delta Faucet is renowned because of its long warranty periods. The Windemere also has a limited lifetime warranty, which allows you to install it with confidence and added peace of mind.
    • Easy to replace: In case you want to change or upgrade your shower head in the future, it’s not necessary to replace the whole set. BT14496-OB allows you to replace the showerhead in case it’s broken. Its tub spout and shower trim can mix well with any other showerhead, especially if it’s in the same finish.

    Keep in mind

    • No rough included: You cannot install the Delta Faucet BT14496-OB out of the box because it doesn’t include a trim kit. Either you need to purchase it separately or use an existing one.


    5. Moen TS2712 90 Degree

    Moen TS2712 90 Degree

    If you want to add a contemporary appearance to your bathroom, then Moen TS2712 is one of the best shower fixtures that you can try.

    It comes with a 6-inch showerhead that uses Immersion self-pressurizing technology to boost spray power and provides thorough body rinse. Then, there is a 90-degree shower trim kit that makes your bathroom modern and stylish.

    Moen TS2712 does not include a pressure-balancing control valve. Hence, you need to purchase it separately.

    Not to worry because the shower system is compatible with all the Moen M-PACT common valves.

    Why do we like it?

    • Minimalistic and stylish design: Straight lines, squared corners and geometric forms of this shower set add a modern look to your bathroom. Its reflective chrome finish works well with any of the interior decoration and compliments your bathing area.
    • Easy to use: Moen TS2712 has a single lever handle that facilitates easy adjustment even if your hands are soapy.
    • Maintains consistent water flow: When used with the PosiTemp valve (not included with the unit), the Moen TS2712 delivers the required water flow and maintains a consistent temperature while you enjoy the bath.
    • Limited lifetime warranty: Moen TS2712 has a trim that’s integrated with a long-lasting 1222 Duralast cartridge. Plus, the shower set is covered under a lifetime limited warranty against drips, finish defects, and leaks.

    Keep in mind

    • Susceptible to watermarks: Yes, you can notice multiple water marks due to the chrome finish.


    6. Starbath Shower System

    Starbath Shower System

    Starbath manufactures a wide range of shower hardware. When we talk about the bathing systems, it’s one of the best shower faucet brands.

    Starbath SS02Y is also a top-notch bathroom fixture with a chrome finish that easily mixes with your bathroom design.

    The wall-mounted shower system comes with a 12-inch square shower head that’s made of durable 304 stainless steel.

    Its handheld shower is plastic built and has a 1.5-meter hose. This hose is also made of 304 stainless steel.

    Why do we like it?

    • Easy to operate: Starbath SS02Y has a single lever usage that offers flawless control over flow rate and temerature. Then, there is a knob to divert the water flow to the handheld shower or the wall-mounted rain shower.
    • Large rain shower head: The shower set has a 12-inch head, which offers wider waterfalls and comfortable bathing experiences. Moreover, it has an ultra-sonic welding tech that takes care of your skin.
    • 3-setting shower head: Made of long-lasting ABS, the hand shower is lightweight and easy to use. It has a button that allows you to choose among three spray modes including rain, spring, and a combination of both patterns. For your convenience, the handheld also has a bracket holder that can be rotated for 360 degrees.
    • Durable valve: The shower tub faucet has a dual function shower mixer valve control. Made of brass, it’s durable. Plus, it has a ceramic cartridge that can withstand 500, 000 open and close functions.
    • Risk-free purchase: Starbath has helpful customer support. Still, the manufacturer will provide a complete refund in case they are unable to fix the defect.

    Keep in mind

    • Seeks professional installation: Starbath SS02Y needs a concealed installation and its bracket holder, shower arm and shower mixer use NPT threads. So, professional help will be needed if you are a beginner.


    7. Ove Decors Breeze-36-withwalls Kit

    Ove Decors Breeze 36 withoutwalls

    Today’s next recommendation is not a shower faucet, but it can be a perfect accessory if you are looking to build a corner shower.

    The Ove Decors Breeze is an excellent addition for small to mid-sized bathing areas where you want to create a perfect shower space.

    Its round acrylic base has an attractive white appearance. The base has fiberglass reinforced for added durability.

    This fixture has a clear glass sliding door that adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom. You can configure the kit for a left or right door opening because it has a reversible installation design. Chrome finished handle completes the shower cabin.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable glass: The bathing kit has a 6 mm thick tempered glass that’s not only beautiful but long-lasting as well.
    • Smooth opening: The Over Decors Breeze has a heavy-duty rolling mechanism that provides you with effortless opening and closing.
    • Comfortable entry: The door opening of this shower wall kit is 26 inches wide, which is perfect for all average-sized users.
    • Beautiful handle: The chrome finished handle not only allows uninterrupted access to the bathroom but also adds more beauty to your bathroom. Moreover, the framed glass panel has an anti-splash threshold that reduces water spills.
    • Easy to clean: It has easy to remove seals between the glasses, which makes the cleaning process easy and fast.
    • Fast installation: Over Décor Breeze consists of three major pieces that are easy to install and you can set them up within a few minutes.

    Keep in mind

    • Beginners might not be able to install: The shower kit comes with poor instructions that you cannot follow as a beginner. You might spend a long time setting it up, even if you are good at following the guidelines.
    • The kit is not suitable for small bathrooms and hence, might not be a suitable purchase for users living in a compact flat or apartment.


    8. Rozin Bathroom Shower Faucet Set

    Rozin Bathroom Shower Faucet Set

    The Rozin shower faucet is unique and has all the features to offer comfortable and luxurious bathing experiences. Plus, it has an appearance that can draw your attention instantly.

    Overall, it deserves a closer look because of an affordable price, high quality built, and convenient usage.

    An 8-inch rainfall showerhead is the most exciting feature of this faucet set.

    With such a wide face, the head offers full body spray and keeps the pressure consistent.

    Then, it has a handheld spray that is helpful when you need some targeted cleaning.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable and stylish: Made of brass, both the handheld and fixed showerheads are long-lasting. Plus, the set has an oil-rubbed bronze finish that appears stylish and mixes well with other bathroom components.
    • Rainfall showerhead: The faucet set has a rainfall water head that revitalizes your mind and body due to a massage effect. Its water outlets are also easy to clean.
    • Adjustable handheld shower: Its hand shower rests on an adjustable bracket that adjusts between 70 to 120 cm (27.5 to 47 inches). This means any of the users can use the handheld according to their height.
    • Easy usage: There is a diverter switch between the hand shower and top spray. As it has a single lever, you can conveniently change the water flow.

    Keep in mind

    • Traditional mixer tap: The shower set has a 6-inch apart mixer tap, which takes a little extra time to set the right water temperature and flow.
    • Average built quality: Some of the users reported that the shower set leaks after 3 years of regular usage. Rusting is another common issue that several buyers mentioned.


    9. All Metal Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet

    All Metal Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet

    If you want to change the way you feel while using the bathroom, then take a closer look at the RF SUNUAN shower faucet. The fixture has a brass construction that’s sturdy and durable to withstand regular water exposure. Plus, its ultra-modern design mixes well with all the bathroom designs.

    The bathroom set features an 8-inch rainfall showerhead that offers powerful water flow to give you refreshing baths every day. You will appreciate that this rain shower faucet has a brass valve that keeps you safe from sudden pressure and temperature changes.

    Why do we like it?

    • Easy to install: The rain shower faucet is not very heavy at 8.4 pounds. Plus, this fixture is easy to install because of its clear instructions and template.
    • Stylish handheld: Apart from the fixed shower head, the bathroom set also has a brass made handheld that is connected with a stainless steel hose. You can very conveniently use the hand shower due to its bracket holder.
    • Convenient usage: The valve has a one handle design that you can easily use. So, water pressure and temperature adjustment will never be a problem with this model. Also, there is a knob to divert the water flow between hand spray and rain shower head.
    • Rubberized nozzles: The handheld and fixed showerheads have rubber nozzles that never allow much mineral accumulation. On top of that, these nozzles are easy to clean.
    • Warranty: The product has a warranty of 5 years. This means you can confidently purchase and use it without worrying about the functions or durability.

    Keep in mind

    • Some of the users stated that the product is made in China and it’s the reason why it has a low quality built and leakage problems.


    10. SUMERAIN Shower Faucet

    SUMERAIN Shower Faucet Brushed Nickel

    Sleek, stylish, and modern; the shower faucet by Sumerain transforms your bathroom into a spa.

    It has everything that you need to enjoy a perfect bath; an 8-inch showerhead made of stainless steel, brass handheld. The hand shower is connected with a 59-inch hose. Its holder bracket is also constructed using durable brass.

    You will love the brass built valve, which is very user-friendly. All the components are finished with rust and corrosion-resistant finish.

    Another impressive feature of the shower faucet is its Touch-Clean nubbins that are rubber made and hence, easy to clean.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable product: Sumerain shower faucet has a long-lasting metallic construction. As we discussed earlier that it mostly has stainless steel and brass parts. Moreover, its finish is also fingerprint resistant and remains smudge-free. So, you can easily maintain them without spending much time.
    • Easy installation: All the hardware required to complete its installation is included with the package. Also, the faucet shower has NPT ½ inch connecting threads that are standard and hence do not require extra tools. Apart from that, it has a concealed box that facilitates easy maintenance and upgrades.
    • Adds more value to your bathroom: The tub and shower faucet combo has a modern appearance. Its nickel finish mixes well with all other components of your bathroom. Plus, the long hose is useful when you need to perform targeted cleaning.
    • Rubber nubbins: Multiple households in the US has a hard water supply, which leads to accumulation in water spray holes leading to blockage. Such a situation cannot occur with Sumerain shower faucet because of its Touch-Clean nubbins that are resistant to mineral build-up. Plus, they are easy to clean as well.

    Keep in mind

    • Some of the users are not satisfied with the 6-inch arm of its handheld shower.


    11. HIMK Shower System

    HIMK Shower System, Shower Faucet Set

    Today’s next recommendation is a stylish and feature-packed shower system that includes a 10-inch rain showerhead and a brass made handheld shower with a 16-inch arm.

    The handheld has a 71-inch shower hose made of stainless steel and brass made mixer control valve. Then, there is a brass tub spout, which adds versatility to your bathroom.

    In other words, the HIMK shower system has everything that you will ever need for daily baths.

    So, it deserves a closer look whether you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new one. Excellent water pressure is something that we all want, right? It’s what this tub and shower faucet combo promises.

    Why do we like it?

    • Constant pressure: The square rain shower head and handheld maintain their water flow, even if the pressure is low. Its innovative Air-Energy technology allows you to enjoy smooth baths every day.
    • Easy usage: Apart from being stylish, the shower faucet is easy to use as well. You can control its handheld, fixed shower head and spout using one valve. The valve has a single lever for easy understanding and a knob to change the water flow.
    • Stress-free maintenance: The faucet shower has a brushed nickel finish, which looks very stylish due to its mirror-like finish. All thanks to such a strong finish, the bathing set remains rust and corrosion-free. Apart from that, both the shower heads feature soft silicone nozzles that very easy to clean. You can remove their calcifications simply with your fingers.

    Keep in mind

    • Not easy to install: Most of the users finds this shower set difficult to configure.
    • Expensive: This model is comparatively expensive than other options that we discussed today.


    What Is GPM?

    What is GPM

    GPM or gallons per minute is a unit to measure the water flow rate. If a bathroom fixture has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, means it can release 2.5 gallons of water every minute. However, GPM is not the standard unit across the globe to measure the flow rate. So, it’s important to know what is the unit is in your region.

    Can I Use a New Shower Head With An Existing Valve?

    None of the valves used to share the same connections in the past. However, times are changed and now the manufacturers agree to share valve connections among each other. Still, not all brands are using the same parts. So, it’s not possible that all of them can fit each other’s valve. 

    Do all systems come with an installation guide?

    Yes, an installation guide is included with the package by default. However, there are chances that you might not receive a manufacturer’s manual with the product. It only happens because of human errors or negligence. In case you don’t see an instructional book included with shower hardware, you can open its manufacturer’s website to get all the information.

    Is The Flow Restrictor Removable?

    A flow restrictor is installed for your convenience. It limits the amount of water coming out of a showerhead. Remove it if you don’t want to limit the water flow. You can also put it back once the need arises.

    How To Clean Bathroom Shower Faucets?

    You need to take care of a few things while cleaning the bathroom shower faucets.

    • Use a soft cloth soaked in water to clean the faucets.
    • Do not use abrasive materials and strong detergents.
    • Never use acid on the bathroom fixtures.
    • If the shower tub faucet is leaking, it’s recommended that you fix it as soon as possible.

    What Should Be The Height Of The Shower Valve And Spout In My Bathroom?

    You do not have to follow any rules while deciding the right height for a faucet valve. So, if you want straightforward usage for all the family members then follow this; the tallest individuals in your house can stand under the fixed shower without bending or her head and the shortest member can use the valve levers without using any support.

    What you can do it’s; call a family member or friend who can hold the shower set components at particular heights to check whether the tallest and shortest individuals can access them properly. If you want more convenience, then try a model that has a height-adjustable hand shower.

    Talking about the standards, anywhere between 26 to 38 inches from the ground is fine for water controllers and hand faucet. If you have any confusion about the settings or you cannot follow the included instructions manual, then it’s better to consult a professional.

    Can I Use A Tub And Shower Faucet Combo Or Just A Shower?

    Yes, you can use a combo or only a shower as per your requirements. Some of the models we discussed today come with a spout that you can use to fill a bathtub. However, you need to call a professional plumber to get this done neatly.

    Can I Install A Shower Valve Without Any Help?

    Installation of bathroom hardware can be tough for inexperienced users. You can try to configure a valve and related components only if you know some of the basics of plumbing. In case you do not understand the instructions manual, it’s recommended that you can a professional plumber. 

    Can I Take Out The Valve Without Tearing Down The Whole Shower System?

    You can remove some of the parts of a shower system without disturbing the whole system. Most of the models come with a concealed box, wherein you can access the valves simply by unscrewing few screws.


    Finding one of the best shower faucets for your bathroom might be difficult, which is the primary reason why we have researched and reviewed hundreds of products to give you some of the top-notch recommendations. We have shortlisted options from different brands so that you can choose what is required for comfortable baths.

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