Best Smart Shower Head Reviews 2020 (Digital Shower Control)

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Everyone loves a good shower. Washroom renovation is a chance to include some of the latest components in your house that can make your lifestyle comfortable. However, have you thought about smart functionalities? Or how can you integrate such features in your bathroom?

Well, if you browse online or check in the local market, you can see many such options. But the question is; which one of them could be suitable for your washroom? It’s the reason why we will take a look at the top ten smart shower heads available in the US market. We will discuss their useful features so that you can choose one of them depending upon the requirements.

Best Smart Shower Heads 2020

1.Moen TS3302TB U
  • LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2.Moen TS3415 IO
  • Chrome finish
  • ioDIGITAL valves
  • 3.KOHLER K-527-0 DTV
  • Digital display
  • One touch button
  • 4.Blue Ocean 52"
  • 8 Adjustable Nozzles
  • Temperature Display
  • 5.AKDY 39" Wall Mount
  • Luxurious SPA-like
  • Easy connect
  • 6.ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel
  • LED overhead
  • Six Modes
  • 7.ROVOGO 304
  • 5 Function
  • Brass Valve
  • 8.AKDY 51 In. 8-Jet
  • Temperature display
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • 9.KOHLER K-99693-NA DTV Plus
  • Digital Interface
  • Audio output
  • 10.Sumerain Shower Faucet
  • Display
  • LCD backlight
  • Best Smart Shower Head (Digital Shower Control) Reviews

    We test and experience the functions as well as features before bringing any of the shower heads to our page. After spending months on comparing the built quality and functions, now we know what models are better than the rest. The below given smart shower head reviews are the results of our study and research.

    1. Moen TS3302TB U-Best Smart Shower Head

    Moen Digital Shower Controller TS3302TB U


    Do you want an advanced and enjoyable shower experience? Try the digital shower controller TS3302TB U by Moen that gives you luxurious ways to control your bath.

    You can use your smartphone, Alexa or simply the soft buttons on the controller to change the shower settings. Well, there is more. You can also start or stop the water flow using your voice. Exciting isn’t it?

    The digital shower control has a sleek and stylish design that showcases your class. It includes a digital shower thermostatic valve with two outlets. It works in collaboration with the controller and allows you to change the temperature, spray settings, timer and much more.

    Apart from Alexa, TS3302TB is compatible with Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. To connect it with a smartphone, you need the U app by Moen. This app is available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.

    Once you connect the shower controller with any of these devices, you can control it via your words. No need to touch the valve or set the temperature manually in the morning; just let Alexa or Siri know what you need and it will be done.

    This Moen shower controller is a time saver. You can get a warm morning shower simply by asking any of the home assistants to do it. You don’t have to set the spray combination or check the heat before taking a shower, which is great when you are tired.


    • Wi-Fi interface to make connections with multimedia devices
    • Two spray outlet valve already included with the product
    • Easy to install
    • Stylish and reliable.


    • Some of the high-end features are missing.

    2. Moen TS3415 IO-Digital Shower System

    Moen TS3415 IO/Digital Shower Digital Control


    Moen TS3415 is an advanced shower control unit with a single spray connection. The smart shower control has an attractive chrome finish that suits the modern outlook of your bathing area.

    Once you connect it with the shower valve and a 110V electric outlet, you can control the water flow as well as temperature.

    TS3415 has four presets that allow you to choose among four combinations of water flow and temperature. If you want to customize the flow or temperature, then it also has a couple of dials.

    The upper dial or knob is for power and the lower one is to pause the shower. Some LED lights surround both the knobs to indicate the temperature as well as water flow.

    Moen shower control unit works at a maximum water flow of 2.5 GPM or you can say 9.5 liters per minute. The numbers make sure that the product is bound to save water. If you are an environment enthusiast, then you can consider the product, especially if you need a smart addition in your washroom.

    This Moen smart shower control has M-PACT common valve system; an innovative mechanism wherein you don’t have to interfere with the plumbing system while installing or repairing the control unit.

    The product comes with a lifetime warranty against finish defects and 5 years of warranty against drips or leaks. However, the unit does not include the internal valve or trips. So, you need to purchase these items separately.


    • Compatible with any of the shower heads
    • M-PACT Common Valve System
    • Five years of warranty over leakage
    • Water-conserving product.


    • No display screen
    • Does not include the valve.

    3. KOHLER K-527-0 Digital Temperature Controlled Shower

    KOHLER K-527-0 DTV Prompt Digital Shower Interface


    If you need a versatile digital shower system in your bathroom, then you need to take a closer look at the K-527-0 DTV Prompt by Kohler. It’s available with single or dual valve outlets. So, you can either choose to use it with a fixed shower or shower head and handheld combined.

    As the Kohler digital shower interface has dual valve outlets, you can include a showerhead according to your choice. Whether you need waterfall experience from an overhead showerhead, targeted cleaning with a handheld or both of them combined; the DTV Prompt has all the options. It’s the reason why you can also enjoy multiple showers versions from the same interface.

    Kohler DTV Prompt offers multiple shower control options. Push a button and you can change the temperature, set the water flow, or switch to showerhead from handheld and vice versa.

    The water-saving option is another important feature and you can also change the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The device has digital thermostatic valve technology, which guarantees safe and accurate temperature measurement. So, none of your family members stands in danger zones while operating the shower interface.

    Kohler DTV Prompt is available in three different finishes, which makes it easier for you to choose one of them depending upon the existing infrastructure.

    The product comes with five years of warranty. Overall, the digital interface from Kohler has all the qualities and features to make your bathroom stylish, modern and more functional.


    • Controls for multiple functions
    • Available in four finishes
    • Digital thermostatic valve for complete safety
    • Very responsive product
    • Five years of warranty.


    The backlight cannot be turned off.

    4. Blue Ocean SPA392M- Digital & Smart Shower System

    Blue Ocean 52" Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel


    Blue Ocean SPA392M is an ultra-modern fixture that gives you eight multifunctional nozzles. They are the primary attraction for sure, but the unit also includes a primary showerhead and a handheld. It also includes a tub spout that can fill buckets when you desire.

    As you see, there are multiple showering options in the Blue Ocean tower. You can use one or the other independently or in combination as per your mood. The tower maintains constant water pressure in any of the modes, which is one of the best features for a smart shower.

    Apart from the nozzles, there are a couple of knobs and an LCD that shows the temperature. This LCD uses an AA battery that you can easily replace. Knobs allow you to change the spray modes wherein the options are available between a jet spray and steam shower. Need not to say that there are multiple other shower modes that you enjoy using the knobs.

    SPA392M has an aluminum alloy construction, which is long-lasting and suits any of the washrooms. Well, you might think about whether it will suit your washroom or not. Know this; it has a tempered glass surface that has a mirror-like finish and due to the same it looks great with all the modern showering areas.

    The product has all the hardware and accessories included. Installation is easy because you only have to connect the hot and cold pipes, then mount the set up on the wall. Yes, it’s not easy as we can read. If you are a beginner than consult a professional.


    • Attractive mirror finish that suits all the bathroom decors
    • Easy installation and usage
    • Offering a lot of versatility and functions at an affordable price tag.


    • Installation instructions are not clear.

    5. AKDY 39- Multi-Function Digital Shower System

    AKDY 39" Wall Mount Easy Connect Rainfall Waterfall


    AKDY Easy Connect is a multi-functional wall mount shower panel that comes with an overhead shower, two nozzles and a handheld. All the components can work independently or in combination as per your requirements. It has single-knob control for all the functions.

    The 39-inch shower panel has a stainless steel finish, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. It’s easy to clean and maintains new like shine for a long time. This fixture comes with an easy to install adapter, so you don’t have to seek professional help to set it up.

    Due to this easy connect system, the shower panel integrates with the existing plumbing system. Moreover, all the hardware and required accessories are also included with the product.

    Easy Connect rainfall shower panel maintains a water flow of 2.5 GPM. The fixture uses the existing temperature control system of your bathroom. Not only it maintains constant water pressure, but it also saves a lot of water to lower down your utility bills.

    The product is cUPC certified for the USA and Canada, but it’s not suitable for California, New York, and Colorado. If you need a luxurious fixture that can bring some elegance in your bathroom, then try this 39-inch shower panel and it will not disappoint.

    It gives you a spa-like experience at the comfort of your home and is comparatively cost-effective when compared to other smart showers. If you are not satisfied with the product or its functionality, you can get a replacement within 30 days.


    • Maintains a constant flow of water
    • Comes with a 30 days’ replacement warranty
    • High quality built
    • Easy to install.


    • Vague installation directions that might be a trouble for the beginners.

    6. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Smart Shower Panel

    ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System


    ELLO&ALLO wall mountable shower system has long-lasting steel construction and brushed nickel finish that suits all the modern bathroom designs. It comprises a rainfall showerhead, waterfall shower head, couple of massage jets, tub spout and a trendy square-shaped handheld. Its diverse settings allow you to customize the shower as per your choice.

    The stainless steel shower panel gives you a luxurious bathing experience. You can enjoy two functions simultaneously, which means both the overhead shower and jet sprays at the same time. Similarly, it possible to use the showerhead and handheld at the same time as well. However, you cannot turn on all the water outlets at once.

    This wall-mountable unit could be the best shower panel for couples, because of its LED lights on the overhead shower. You will see three knobs on the panel, wherein one of them for temperature control and others to control the water flow.

    There is also a display that shows the temperature. Due to this screen, you can select the best possible temperature according to the weather. The default settings for the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius.

    The product has a ½ inch FIL water line connection type. It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years. Included installation instructions are not great to follow. Plus, there are multiple connections to make with the existing plumbing system of your house. So, look for a professional, if you want to make things favorable.


    • Stainless steel built that promises durability
    • Brushed nickel finish looks classy and luxurious
    • Wide range of functions available
    • Reasonable price
    • Two years of the limited warranty.


    • Water spots can spoil the appearance
    • You need to set it high for tall users.

    7. ROVOGO-Multi-Function Smart Shower Head & Panel

    ROVOGO 304 Stainless Steel Shower Panel


    The stainless steel tower from Rovogo comes with an 8-inch rainfall showerhead, 6 body massage sprays, 5-mode handheld showerhead, and brass valve. Made of 304 stainless steel, the panel is durable, corrosion-resistant, and seeks minimal maintenance.

    Its parallel line creates a sleek appearance without reflecting much. All thanks to its brushed steel finish, the smart shower system looks stylish and luxurious

    The showerhead gives you a drenching experience that also with constant water flow and pressure. It has 90 spray nozzles provides you with an excellent body coverage, so that you enjoy a comfortable bath. Its brass made connecting arm is vertically adjustable to accommodate users with variable heights.

    When you come back home after work, there are chances that your muscles are sore and tired. It’s the reason Rovogo includes body massage sprays in this shower panel. These sprays relieve your muscles so that you can feel fresh and relaxed.

    The included handheld shower is useful when you need some targeted cleaning. It is useful while washing your hair, showering kids or pets. This handheld has five different modes to your requirements.

    It has a stainless steel connecting hose worth 59 inches (150 cm), which extends your washing reach.  The handheld an attractive chrome finish that looks great with the other stainless steel parts.

    Hard water is the primary bearer of magnesium, calcium, silica, lime and many other minerals that might clog your shower system over time. It’s the reason Rovogo shower panel comes with an Anti-lime scale Function; you only have to push a button and red needle-shaped objects will appear to remove all the residues within seconds.


    • Significant rain shower head for complete body coverage
    • Body massage jets for effective pain relief
    • Handheld shower with 5 modes
    • Anti-Limescale Function.


    • Lacks temperature display.

    8. AKDY 51 In. 8-Jet Rainfall Led Smart Showerhead

    AKDY 51 In. 8-Jet Aluminum Shower Panel


    The AKDY 51-inch shower panel comes with a rainfall showerhead, handheld shower, eight jet sprays, and a tub filler. All the functions work independently and hence there is no loss of water pressure while you are enjoying the shower. In other words, you can use wither the showerhead or handheld, one at a time. None of them works simultaneously.

    Made of aluminum, stainless steel, and tempered glass, the shower panel brings elegance to your shower room. It becomes the focal point of your washroom and soon a point of discussion among your guests.

    There is a display screen that allows you to choose the suitable temperature. Apart from that, you will also see a small shelve that’s very useful to store shower related items so that you don’t have to reach the cabinets.

    AKDY shower panel has a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which is standard for water-saving products. Both overhead and handheld showerheads have LED lights that change their color according to the temperature. Its handheld has a brass made connecting hose with a chrome finish.

    Like all other products, the AKDY shower panel has some downsides as well. The jet sprays are only effective if you stand close to it. You might not feel the pressure if you move away.

    So, it might not be a suitable product if you are looking for a massage shower. Also, the product is not suitable for three regions including New York, Colorado, and California.


    • Versatile shower options
    • LED lights that change according to water heat
    • A luxurious addition to your bathroom at a reasonable price
    • Standard water flow.


    • Water pressure in the jet sprays is not strong
    • None of the functions works simultaneously.

    9. KOHLER K-99693-NA Digital Interface Smart Shower System

    KOHLER K-99693-NA DTV Plus Digital Interface


    KOHLER K-99693 is a high-end shower control panel with multiple features that makes your bathing time enjoyable and comfortable. It gives you a touchscreen panel to operate the functions and change the water flow or temperature. So, it eliminates the need for usage of valves or knobs to give you a luxurious feel.

    The digital interface has several other functions apart from shower control. You can control the audio, steam, and lighting. Then there are several preprogrammed hydrotherapy and temperature programs that provide you with a spa-like experience.

    These presets are inspired by three themes including relaxation, energy, and well-being. If you want customized shower options, then you can save the settings in its six blanks presets. You can also pause the shower and come back to resume at the same settings.

    This Kohler shower unit can connect up to three interfaces per system. Overall, it’s a versatile digital interface that can control the house speakers, lights, steam generators, and shower. You only have to make the connections or consult a professional for the installation. However, to get these advanced features you need to invest a comparatively high amount.

    To build a complete shower, you will also need K-99694 mounting bracket, K-99695 system controller, speakers, and the shower heads according to your choice. So, there is some more investment required if you need the K-99693-NA DTV Plus Digital Interface.

    If you need a waterfall like a shower experience with your favorite music and lights, then it’s the model you should choose. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable electronic shower control for your bathroom, then look at the other smart showerheads in this list.


    • Easy to interact touchscreen
    • Integrated preprogrammed settings
    • Water-resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Can control the speakers and lights.


    • Expensive
    • The mounting bracket is not included, so you need to purchase it separately.

    10. Sumerain Shower Faucet-Electronic Shower Control

    Sumerain Shower Faucet Sets Complete


    If you own a modern house or a high-class mansion, then you might like our next digital shower set by Sumerain. The stylish faucet set comes with an 8-inch overhead shower, handheld and a pressure balanced valve to control these two components. There is a temperature display screen that makes sure you are getting the water shower as per the weather.

    What catches the eye is its micro USB charging feature for the display, which works for almost 12 months after one full charge. Means, you don’t have to purchase batteries at any point time while using the Sumerain digital temperature-controlled shower.

    Made of stainless steel, the shower set is reliable and ensures durability. Its valve has a concealed box design that makes installation and future repairs comparatively easy.

    There is a waterproof temperature sensor that makes sure that you get accurate warmth in the water flow. Due to such an industrial level valve, all your family members are safe from hot or cold shocks. However, there might be a temperature deviation of +/- 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius).

    The faucet set provides you with constant water pressure and temperature, even if the pressure is low. All thanks to its Anti-scald pressure balance valve, you will not feel any pressure fluctuations while enjoying the shower.

    Moreover, the temperature display screen can be taken out or replaced easily. The shower set will perform as usual even if the temperature reader is not connected.


    • Complete shower system
    • Long-lasting metal built
    • Digital temperature reader
    • Industrial grade water-resistant temperature sensor
    • Multi-layer finish for an elegant appearance
    • Uses a rechargeable Lithium-Battery.


    • You might need an extra connecting arm for added extension of the overhead shower.

    Benefits of Smart Shower Head (Digital Shower Control)

    A digital shower system provides you with better control over your shower as compared to the units that come with manual valves. You can choose the exact temperature as per the weather without struggling with any of the valves. No guesswork required in case of such shower heads, because you can simply push the button or the touch panel to change the temperature.

    Easy and fast: Digital shower systems are easy to control and you don’t have to wait for the water to reach the right temperature. It’s the best thing, especially when you are late for a meeting.

    Remote control: Some of the electronic shower controllers comes with a Wi-Fi interface wherein you can connect it to your smartphone or home assistants like Google Home or Alexa.  Once it makes the connection with any of such devices, you can also control the shower using your voice commands.

    Comfortable and constant: Digital shower systems give you an uninterrupted shower. Even if someone else uses a faucet or shower head in your house, the pressure remains constant. Some of the digital shower controls also give you a pause button that allows you to resume the same water settings once you are back under the shower.

    No shocks: A smart shower head keeps the temperature constant until and unless you change it manually. Hence, in no circumstances, your family members need to worry about the water shocks.

    Luxurious feel: Including a digital temperature-controlled shower in your bathroom gives you multiple choices for the shower and spray modes. Apart from that, some of these devices can also control music and lights. Moreover, such an addition to your house showcases your class and luxury that’s impossible for any other showerheads.

    Best Smart Shower Head-Buying Guide

    Temperature control

    The digital shower controls should give you an easy option to change the temperature. Choose a model that comes with a wide range of temperature selections. Most of the temperature control shower heads have an available range between 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When you try to increase the temperature, it automatically comes back to the maximum allowed level.


    Check the above mentioned smart showers and you will see that some of them come with an LCD screen that shows the water temperature. When you adjust the temperature, it immediately shows the same after receiving data from an inbuilt sensor. Such a component is necessary for a shower panel to keep you safe from extremely high or low temperatures. At times, you unintentionally set a high temperature in manual valves, which might result in shocks or even burns. However, with a screen that shows you the current water temperature, you are less likely to make such a mistake.

    Shower tower

    The shower system that comprises a showerhead, handheld, multiple jet sprays, control valve and a tub spout on a wall-mountable panel is available as a tower. As all of these components are available in the same system, its described as a tower. When you purchase a shower tower, you don’t have to install a separate valve or showerhead, as both of them are already included. Hence, a tower is easy to install. If you don’t want to purchase multiple items to complete your bathroom, then you can consider a wall-mountable shower system.


    A variety of materials are used to manufacture timed showerheads or smart shower controls. Showerheads are mostly made of metals, but you should look for a durable product with high-quality construction. It should be rust, corrosion-resistant as well as scratch proof.


    Look for an electronic shower control or digital shower system with a wireless or Bluetooth interface. With such a connecting feature, you can control the shower system using your smartphone or home assistant like Alexa.


    If you need a relaxing shower, then look for a smart shower head that comes with water jets. It’s better if the numbers are high. A high number of nozzles will provide you with better muscle coverage. Some of the shower systems also come with a function wherein you can use the jets in combination with the overhead shower or the handheld. Check the Blue Ocean SPA392M to get a better idea about the massage nozzles.


    Some of the digital showers come with a timer that automatically turns off the water flow after a particular period. You can set the timer and it will cut down the water supply when the time is over. Such a feature is great for water conservation and is helpful if you want to cut down on utility bills. Also useful when you need to take a bath within five minutes, which is when you are leaving for office or some personal meetings.

    Final talk

    There are many smart shower heads out there, but Moen TS3302TB U is the best among all because of its compatibility with all the home assistants and smartphones. It also gives you multiple ways to control the shower system. Our second favorite TS3415 comes from Moen (once again) because it gives you a trouble-free bath time and makes your washroom elegant than ever.

    KOHLER K-527-0 DTV Prompt stands third on the recommended list because of its versatility that’s available at a pocket-friendly price. You can try any of these options, or discover the other seven options if you need a complete shower system.

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