How To Clean Your Grill Correctly

If you are going to buy a portable propane grill or any other grills, treat at as a long term investment for you. With proper care and maintenance, the grill can serve you for many years for your exciting outdoor activities.


You should always clean the grill after each use otherwise you will be making your life very difficult when you clean the grill end of the day. Not only this, you are also putting a risk in decreasing the life span of the grill.

For thorough maintenance, you should always check out the user guide or service manual, but most of the maintenance guide will not carry major differences among each other. Here are some tips for you to follow in cleaning the grill.

Get ready with the necessary cleaning items

You are not going to clean the grill with bare hand, you will need at least some basic cleaning tools like brass wire brush, steel wool pads, soap, sponge, dry baking soda, cooking oil, aluminium foil and etc.

Start by brushing the grill

Start cleaning your grill by brushing it routinely, use the brass wire brush to brush off the stain build up on the surface.

How long and how difficult you should brush the surface is depends on how long you have left the food build up unclean. The longer the stain stays on the surface, the harder to clean it off.

Grill Cleaning system

Spray a light layer of cooking oil on the surface

Once you have clear off all the dirty stain on the surface, now you may want to spray a light layer of cooking oil on the grill surface. This is to prevent it from rusting. Make sure the surface is completely cool before spraying to prevent fire ignition.

Make your grill shine with dry baking soda

Dry baking soda is good for cleaning and maintaining the outlook of your grill. Apply it on the surface or any other surface that you couldn't clean with the brush, you will find the grill with extra shine. Other than the soda, you can also rub the grill lightly with aluminium foil to remove stain or build up.

Clean the attachments

The attachments on the grill are very important as this is where the food touches during cooking. You need to use the wire brush to take away as much food build up as possible. Once you have it removed, start washing the racks with dish soap.

If the attachments are really dirty, you may also use the steel wool pads. Make sure to wholly rinse off all soap and residue before cooking on the grill again.

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