Best Honeywell Whole House Humidifier Reviews 2021

The Honeywell whole house humidifiers have been being the most popular on the market day by day. With so many products coming up each day in each industry, selection has become the trickiest part. You walk around in stores, and everything looks the same.

They are all encased in a brilliantly designed outer appearance, and we are left blind on how well they can perform. I have been studying closely some of the best whole house humidifiers, trying to identify some of the features that set them apart.

With so much experience on humidifiers, I know just how to identify the ones that are of perfect quality from the ones that aren’t. A good humidifier will save you and your loved ones from the unpleasantness of dry weather.

A well-moistened air is easy on your health and comfort and would bring happy moments to any home.

Best Honeywell Whole House Humidifiers 2020

 Model NamePrice
1.Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier Best Choice 
2.Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier
3.Honeywell HE280 Whole House Humidifier
4.Honeywell HE240A Furnace Humidifier
5.Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

Best Honeywell Whole House Humidifier Reviews

All of these furnace humidifiers are all ingeniously designed in a unique way. Each has its strengths and downfalls, but the best one among them always stands out. At the top of the list is a product of Aprilaire.

1. Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier

honeywell_he360a_whole_house_powered_humidifierWant a humidifier with a three-fold significance; then this humidifier is the one for you. It is fan-powered, it blows through the whole house, and it has a low maintenance feature. It comes with the ‘perfectflo’ water distribution tray, with a low water consumption feature, and you can

mount more applications on the humidifier, because of its compact feature. Air enters the humidifier, through the mounted supply plenum. The air is now forced out by the fan, through the pad.


  • The humidifier has a Powered flow-through feature, making the air it produces, completely pure.
  • With square feet of about 4,200, the speed of this humidifier is, tremendous and is one of the fastest humidifiers around.
  • It can be easily installed, just follow the installation manual and you’re good to go. It is important to note that, the installation kit is sold separately. The importance of the installation kit cannot be overemphasized; it is important you buy the kit.
  • You can easily mount on, either the warm air supply or return the air duct of any of the forced-air furnace
  • Thanks to the flow-through design, the units are clean, and you need not maintain it frequently.


  • It is easy to install, follow the instructions on the installation manual and you can install the humidifier.
  • It comes with a fan flow through, which means the air will be cleaner, and thanks to the force the fan produces, the clean air can go through the entire house.
  • The low maintenance feature saves you so much money on maintenance fee and costs.


  • This humidifier is ok, particularly on the high side. Although anyone can get it, you would have to purchase other accessories such as the installation kit separately.

2. Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier

Honeywell HE120A Whole House HumidifierAren’t you tired of using humidifiers that produce hot and dry desert air? You have to mitigate the damage and purchase the Honeywell HE120A whole house humidifier.

Unless you want your rug to give off the shock vibe and your wooden furniture to crack, or you want dry skin, then stick with the humidifier you have.

However, if you want a good ventilation system, an easy-to-use-humidifier, that produces clean and fresh air, then switch to this electronic beauty.

This humidifier is a reliable product that works with your Furnace, to help stabilize and maintain the required level of humidity in your home. This atmosphere circulates throughout the entire house.


  • This humidifier is a drum humidifier, which comes with an installation kit.
  • The humidification is basically for small or mid-sized homes. You may need more humidifiers for larger homes.
  • Has a humidistat, for controlling the level of humidity in your home.
  • You can install this humidifier, in homes or rooms without a drainage system.
  • An installation kit is included, so you know how to install the humidifier.


  • Gives off a clean and fresh air.
  • Relatively cheap and affordable.
  • Easy to install, and can be done personally.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It has a Control panel (humidistat).


  • The wiring of this humidifier is complicated and can be confusing to understand. You may need to study the manual, extensively before you can figure out the wiring, this is too much hard work.
  • Can only work in small or mid-sized rooms

3. Honeywell Whole House Bypass Humidifier (HE280)

Honeywell Whole House Bypass Humidifier (HE280)Are you looking for a humidifier that will keep you warm and comfortable, during the cold and dry weather? Or are you seeking to get a humidifier that you can use as a furnace? Then the Honeywell whole house bypass humidifier is perfect for you.

This humidifier is one of the best whole house furnace humidifiers. It forces are through all the rooms in your house, from a furnace, to provide the warmth and coziness, needed for the cold winter seasons.

The Honeywell whole bypass humidifier comes with an installation kit or manual, and a whole year maintenance package. Like all great Honeywell whole-house humidifiers, this furnace humidifier, comes with a humidistat, for convenient control.


  • One unique feature of the Honeywell whole-house bypass humidifier is that it uses the HVAC system of whole-home humidity, for effective distribution.
  • You can easily mount on either, the warm air supply or you can simply return the air duct from the forced-air furnace.
  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance and cleaning; this is done yearly for maximum and efficient usage.
  • With an Easy-to-use humidity controller, anyone can learn how to use this non-complex, user-friendly humidifier.
  • The installation kit on the humidifier helps you to easily install the humidifier, without needing to call an expert, to help with the installation.


  • This humidifier can produce warm air, that is convenient for winter and rainy periods when the place is cold.
  • It is very easy to use, from installation to control, so you don’t have to pay anyone to do this for you. Even dummies can use this humidifier (user-friendly).
  • The Honeywell whole house humidifier does not have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. It helps you conserve your money, because, the maintenance of this humidifier is done yearly.


  • This humidifier is prone to break down fast, because the power it uses to pump out the air, needs to be checked regularly, checking it yearly, will only weaken it’s pumping strength.
  • The wiring is complex and hard to figure out.

4. Honeywell HE240A Furnace Humidifier

Honeywell HE240A Furnace HumidifierThe Honeywell Whole House Flow-Thru Furnace Humidifier is a Bypass Furnace Humidifier, that bypasses your ventilation system and provides you with clean moisturized air – This Humidifier has a low maintenance feature, it is also affordable to get, very easy to learn, making it relatively simple to use and operates.

As earlier mentioned, the humidifier will be granted access to all your ventilation system, including duct and drains. What the bypass does is that it passes the air to the supply, which goes through the humidifier, and finally to return, which then circulates through the house. It has a standard, automated control, for circulating the moisture air.


  • Its DIY installation is very easy. Anyone can do it.
  • The PerfectFLO Water Distribution features allow air, flow seamlessly through the entire humidifier to produce clean, fresh air.
  • This particular humidifier is known for its eco-friendly nature. It reduces its use of energy.
  • This humidifier is packed with 16 gallons of moisture.
  • The forced furnace it works with, evenly distributes the clean air all-around your home.
  • You need not get your hand dirty. This humidifier is designed to maintain itself. So it cleans and drains itself.
  • It also uses hard water. So you will need to get that.


*Because of the auto cleaning and draining feature, this humidifier is easy to use.

*You can adjust the settings on the humidifier.

*It operates noiselessly.

*This humidifier is lightweight, no stress at all.

*Because of its lightweight feature, it is easy to install.


* The instructions in the manual are not comprehensive (Poor instructions).

* Not all parts of the humidifier are easy to clean and maintain, and the component unit of the humidifier is not portable.


5. Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

honeywell_cool_moisture_console_humidifierThis Humidifier gives off a soothing, and invisible moisture. It produces moist air and permeates into other rooms in your home.

The humidifier has two 1.5-gallon water tanks, on a low setting, it can run for 24 hours. You can also remove and clean both water tanks, effortlessly.

To main the humidity level, the adjustable humidistat goes off and on automatically. With the three speed settings, you can regulate the output of the humidifier.

The Honeywell whole house cool mist humidifier comes with a wicking filter that helps to purify the water, it reduces the amount of dust in the water and gives you clean, fresh air.


  • This humidifier is a multi-room humidifier, that can permeate into other rooms, to relieve discomfort, and gives out a smooth, refreshing air
  • A speed setting that comes with three moisture output, that can be controlled with the humidity control.
  • A humidity setter (humidistats) that automatically come on and off, to maintain the humidity level in your home.
  • A 3-liter water tanks, (with an extra gallon, making it two) that last and operates for 24 hours.
  • A wicking filter that removed all sorts of dust from the hard water, including white dust. This wicker filter can be changed. When changing the wicker filter, please replace with the Honeywell Replacement Wicking Filter, Model HC-14 (Filter E).


  • The humidifier permeates into other rooms and is not restricted to a single room.
  • It comes with an automatic humidistat, which automatically controls the humidity output
  • It also comes with a 3-liter gallon that is easily cleaned and removed.


  • You can only buy the wicking filter recommended, which can be hard to find. If you buy any other one you might incur some technical difficulties. This difficulty can be annoying sometimes, to handle.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Whole House Humidifier

You can select from a large collection of excellently designed whole-house humidifiers and still end up with the best if you know just how to go about your selection process. This section will guide you on how to go about it.


It all depends on the size of your house, or the area you want to keep humidified. Different models vary in coverages and only the one that will conveniently cover your entire house is excellent for you. Too large coverage for your house will only give you high power bills.

Too small coverage for your house will not provide you and your loved ones with full protection and health, unless for an equally small house. Therefore, use your house or office size to guide into selecting furnace humidifier with the right coverage.

Protective Capacity

The humidifier is supposed to protect your property besides keeping you healthy and safe. One of the best attributes of an excellent furnace humidifier for your home is its protective ability. It keeps your fine future, musical instruments, and wood floors protected.

If it can control the humidity of your house and protect you and your property from harsh elements that only destroy, then you know you have the right furnace humidifier.


You have to maintain your humidifier in one way or the other. Ease of maintenance is a factor that you have to consider to help you identify just the right machine.

You don’t need an expert to maintain your machine for you, and should, therefore, look for furnace humidifiers with simple maintenance procedures, the ones that even an armature can control and maintain without much ado. Some of these humidifiers are designed to stay clean for longer, and this only makes it a lot easier to maintain.

Ease of Use

Some humidifiers are hectic and want you to be there while it is operating. However, some are designed to work with minimal control, with some features being automated.

For example, there are brands that connect directly to the water source to access a constant flow of water so that you don’t have to be there to fill it up every time the level drops low. The control system should be clearly elaborated so that control becomes a breeze.

Portable / Tabletop humidifiers

Which are the most affordable and best for one room like a bedroom? These tabletop humidifiers require the most regular refilling and are available in ultrasonic cool mist humidifier choices. These are the mini size and localized or excellent for travel where exposure to a cool mist in a small region point where you work or sleep.

There are lots of room humidifiers to select from that will economically humidify one room or multi-room region of 650 1200 square feet. These would contain our ultrasonic warm & cool humidifiers, evaporative cool mist humidifiers, and air washers.

Whole house humidifier will humidify as long as there are doorways that are open. They’re perfect for places between 1700 to 2700 square feet.

Free Ask Question and Answer

What Size Do You Need?

There are three major sizes of humidifiers and they have a different gallon dispersion standing, as well as square footage typically covered. Determine how much square footage you are aiming to cover and the number of rooms.

Would you like to feel cool mist or warm mist?

In the long-run, all humidifiers can make your inside feel warmer by increasing the humidity. But some models may temporarily affect the temperature of your surroundings. Warm mist humidifiers have the inclination to make your space feel somewhat warmer while moisture is dispersed by cool mist models at room temperature.

How significant is the sound factor?

Warm mist humidifiers are typically more noiseless than cool mist humidifiers since they don’t use a fan. Ultrasonic humidifiers are more quiet, making them great choices for other quiet surroundings and bedrooms.

How much care is demanded?

Evaporative humidifiers require a filter replacement or a thorough filter cleaning (for units with filters that are reusable) on a regular basis. Units that operate without a filter just have to get routine care. If your humidifier has a demineralization filter, a germ-reducing an ultraviolet light bulb, or insert, you’ll also have to replace these components at the maker ‘s recommended time intervals.

How large is the area which you need to humidify?

Fit the stated output signal of the humidifier to the area you would like covered. The output is measured in gallons; for instance, a 3-gallon humidifier can put 3 gallons of moisture each day out. The specs for the humidifier should also say how large an area it can cover.

How long is the time period you want to run it?

Although a 3-gallon humidifier will humidify a sizable region, you’ll need to refill it often if it’s just a 1-gallon tank. Also, should you’d like to run it immediately, you desire there to be enough water to do so.

What type of water does your municipality have?

A demineralization cartridge that minimizes dust due to the minerals left behind by tap water is essential if you have hard water. Some models come with a demineralization cartridge; in other instances, it is an optional add on. Don’t forget to replace the cartridge as scheduled.

Consumable costs may accumulate.

Even among the finest-rated humidifiers, criticisms about the costs of more and filters are often seen. Bacteria and demineralization cartridges -killing products additionally add to the ongoing cost. Some say that using distilled water can cut down on dust emitted by ultrasonic humidifiers, and extend the life of your appliance if you live in an area with hard water.

Safety first. We did not see many complaints affecting safety dangers with evaporative or ultrasonic humidifiers. However, when it comes to warm-mist humidifiers and vaporizers, care flags are raised.

These work by boiling water to create steam. That water can scald if innocent hands inadvertently tip over the humidifier, a bad pick if kids are about making warm mist sorts. Dual-mist as they don’t heat water us as much to create a warm mist, making it warm to the touch, but not scalding, ultrasonic humidifiers are a bit safer.

On the flip side, by raising temperatures to boil, warm-mist humidifiers do a better job of killing any bacteria in the tank or the water. Because of that, it’s important to follow maintenance recommendations when using a cold-mist humidifier.

Final Words

Here we gave the best whole house humidifiers review and buying guide. So you may select anyone that you choose from these. From the first humidifier on this list to the last, the air in your home will be transformed and made more comfortable for you and your family.

With minimal energy consumption, they even reduce heating cost in one way or the other. This means that while you are your loved ones are kept safe in a well-humidified environment; you will be spending less on energy and heating cost. With the right humidifier installed in your home, you will see and feel the difference.

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