Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2021

Lawn Mower Buying GuideBought a house recently? Or struggling with the grass after the first monsoon? Then read on.

This guide can help you decide which one to buy, but first get to know the types that are available.

If you have reached here, you already know which one you want – an electric mower, and not the one that is powered by gas. To see the best lawn mower click here.

There are two main types of this as per the kind of blades it has – rotary and cylinder. Rotary has one blade that rotates. They are useful when the grass is long.

They give a rough cut. Cylinder mower has multiple blades that rotate and work like scissors.

Electric Mowers can be Cordless or Corded.

Coming to choosing the right kind for your lawn, here are the things you need to keep in mind.

Finish type – If you are looking for a very fine cut, buy a cylinder mower. But in that case, you will have to cut the grass more frequently, because this mower cuts shorter grass well. Rotary mowers give a rough finish. So if you are looking for a more playful lawn, then buy a rotary lawn mower. With rotary mowers, you can mow maybe once a month.

Push or walk-behind – Some mowers need to be pushed for them to move forward. Whereas some are walk-behind types, wherein the mower moves forward on its own; you just have to give it a direction. Push mowers will need more strength to manage them.

Tackling Weeds – The rotary mower blades are at a higher position than those of the cylinder movers. So if your lawn has weeds, fallen leaves, etc., a rotary mower will be more useful.

Cordless or With Cord – Well, it depends on what you like and can manage. If your lawn is quite large and you know it will be difficult to take a corded mower to all corners, buy a cordless mower. But if you are buying a battery-powered cordless mower, then you need to pay attention to the battery life, replace it or charge it when needed. This means it needs more attention from the maintenance perspective.

Size of Mower & Cutting Tine – If the mower has a wider base, then you can cut the lawn in a shorter time. But at the same time, this mower will be heavy to handle. So you need to decide whether you need something that saves your time or physical effort.

The after-job – Some mowers will spray the grass side-ways as they cut, while some will collect them in a grass box. Decide then, you want to clean up the lawn after cutting or you want to simply dispose of the chopped off grass that is collected in the grass box.

There are a lot of variations available – rotary or cylinder, cordless or with cord, grass box or no grass box, long grass or short grass, and so on. We suggest, just look out for your convenience!

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