Lawn Mower Engine Repair Resources [Must Read]

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It is very important to maintain your Lawn Mower Engine regularly.

Everybody, who use the Lawn Mower should know the best way  or how to repair their Lawn Mower engine correctly and safely.

Handling an electric mower is easier than a gas mower. With a simple push button, you can get it started. But like any other electronic item, it needs maintenance or your lawn will have tell-tale signs.

If you maintain it well, it’s going to need less of repairs. In this article, check out both these important aspects – maintenance and resources for repair of the mower.

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Cleaning of blades– After mowing, you need to clean the blades to remove the soil and grass. If you don’t clean it, it is going to rust and weaken the blades.

Blunt blades are bound to spoil the look of your lawn. If you leave the grass to long on the blade, it will dry off and stick to the blades, making it even more difficult to clean.

Ventilation Slots – As the engine runs, it gets heated. There are cooling systems inside to cool down the heated parts. Hence it is important to clean the ventilation slots so that the parts run smoothly.

Cords – Ensure that the cords are properly insulated to avoid any accidents.

Mower Deck – Clean the deck area often because the underside of the mower is most exposed to the soil and grass. Anything that accumulates there will prevent the mower from doing its job.

Wheels – Wheels need to be checked for rusting and lubrication.



Repairing Resources

But now, suppose you still got yourself in a situation where your mower needs repairing, here are some resources you can refer to. These links are especially useful if you are going to do the repair yourself.

Before you attempt to repair your mower, make sure you have disconnected it from the power source, or if it is a battery operated, the switch is off.

1. Refer to the following link if your mower is not starting, working slow, engine not starting or the cord is damaged.


2. If you are looking for something more detailed such as cleaning the carburetor, oil leaks, engine not starting etc., you can refer to this link.


It tells you in details about handling various parts of the mower such as the piston, valves, ignition system, and spark plug and so on.

3. Now if you are looking at further issues, try this link. It provides troubleshooting for a whole lot of problems.


Topics covered – Engine not starting, engine overheating, leaking gas, blades not engaging and so on.

4. If you are specifically looking for why the engine is not starting, check this out.


It covers a wide range of reasons that could be leading to this problem, such as issues related to spark plug, valves, carburetor etc.

5. Here is another link talking about the most common electric mower problems.


The above links will help you sort out some common issues related to your mower, but if it still doesn’t work to the best of its capacity, you know it’s time to take it to a professional.


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