How To Find The Perfect Mattress (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Types Of Mattresses

The Mattresses are most required to everyone that we spend lot of time in bed. We go for sleep everyday for 8 hours over the mattresses.

There is multiple numbers of mattresses available that you can use to get right sleep. Many people don’t know different types of mattresses and go for the first one they see.

Knowing the best type of mattress to your sleep will benefit your health. Here are in detail about different types of mattresses that you can choose from.

1. Memory Foam

This mattress is made only from memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are popular for good support, pressure relief, and body contouring. The strongest disadvantage of this mattress is that it could be really hot. However cooling properties have been infused into modern designs making it less hot and cooler compared to previous designs.

The Memory foam mattress is completely filled with form that they will give you smooth and soft bed. The foam inside them is smoother and you can get best relaxation over them.

They allow you to move freely during sleep that the foam is distributed to equal parts over all of the bed. It adjusts your body to get right shape with its foam.

These mattresses also prevents neck and back pain problems. They also help you to relieve the pressure points.

2. Sprung Mattress

The Mattresses that come with springs inside them are called sprung mattress. This type is widely used that has best features to sleep. The sprung mattress is more durable and also cost effective. This makes people to purchase sprung mattress in more number.

They provide best support and comfort options to the people during sleep. These are available in multiple colors and designs that you can choose best among them.

3. Innerspring Mattress

The coil springs are used inside this mattress that gives best support to the people during sleep. These coils spread weight of person equally to every corner of the bed. This benefits you to get nice sleep over them.

They are apt for couples that equally shared your bed. There are upholsterers over the coils that add additional comfort to the bed. Most of the people will choose these mattresses as they give best support and comfort equally to the bed.

4. Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are basically made from latex foam. They provide comfort, they are bouncy, with great responsiveness and cooling.

People who concerns more about durable and comfort options on mattresses can select the Latex Mattress. They have several benefits to the user that it gives best support and comfort during sleep.

These mattresses also has anti-allergenic factor that will not cause you any allergies sleeping over them. Hence you can use the Latex mattresses to get the right benefits.

5. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids are mattresses made from latex, coils, and other materials, depending on the designers and brand choice. Hybrids are bouncy and they provide great support, cooling and are very comfortable.

6. Pillow-Top Mattress

Pillow-top mattresses are made by stuffing or sewing a soft layer of material into the cover. The main purpose of this is for extra comfort and cushion support.

This mattress is best used to support the head and neck. It is really soft and most suitable for people with neck problems or anyone looking for comfort.

7. Coil Mattress

Coil mattresses are very popular and one of the most used mattress types. This mattress has one or more layers of spring coils which are made from steel that provide major support and comfort.

As the world’s technological cycle advances and new designs are made, the types, numbers, and layer of coils greatly subside as well. The thing with coil mattresses is that the greater the number of coils, the greater comfort, and support you will get.

8. Pocket Spring Mattress

The pocket spring mattress is advanced versions of sprung mattress. There are several additional benefits you can get with the pocket spring mattress. In this there are many smaller springs that are located in separate fabric pockets.

They are best suitable to adjust the body shape during sleep. People with body pains can best relax over these mattress that they will cure their pain. They are also called as roll together movement for couples.


These are the best Mattress types available in the market. You can choose best required among these and get right benefits from them. This will benefit you to relax well on the bed.

How To Buy The Best Mattress

Mattresses are one of the amazing options to have nice sleep. Many people are using the old mattress that lost their features. This is the time to purchase new mattress which benefits your health to get nice sleep.

People don’t know how to purchase new mattress that they don’t take much care while buying. Proper buying guide is necessary to purchase new mattress with special benefits.

The following tips are things you should consider greatly and would help you if you want to buy the best mattress(es).

What to Look for in a Good Mattress

  • You should never compromise on quality of mattress. There are several qualities of mattresses available that you can purchase but the best quality mattress only gives you right benefits. The mattresses should give you longer life and should be nice to use. Quality of the product play key role in getting the right mattress to your need. Hence you should not compromise on choosing best quality mattresses.
  • There are hundreds of models and designs available in the mattress. You can choose the right model mattress. If you are having kids inside them then you can go for cartoon model mattresses. This will make your kids to show interest on sleeping. There are special mattresses for couples also included that works great option to couples. You can also get ideas from internet and choose the right model mattress to your house.
  • Consider which type of mattress you require to sleep? There are different types of mattresses available like Foam, sprung, Latex etc. These offers great features with independent benefits. Choose the mattress that helps you to get best benefits of sleeping. You can also read some articles about these mattresses and get ideas from them. Hence most of the people will choose the mattress that considers the right benefits during sleep.
  • Pricing is also important to consider while choosing the mattresses. The best quality mattress will cost you more price whereas some mattresses will cost you less price. There are some companies offer affordable mattresses such as Intex air mattress that you can purchase from the range of $20-$100. Many people will find the right way to get low cost mattresses for their requirements. You can also purchase these products in the discounts season to get them for low prices.
  • A good mattress should benefit you in multiple ways. They are always ready to give their best to have nice sleep. There are some ideal mattresses for couples and for kids. Choosing them with some research will benefit you in getting right mattress. Many people will choose their first seen mattress but this is wrong. You should do some research while picking right mattress to your requirements.
  • The mattresses are available in both online and traditional stores. You can make a try to choose right way to purchase these mattresses. Purchasing these mattresses through online stores will benefit you in getting right opportunities. They also offer special discounts sometimes to get right beneficial features. Hence these are the top mattress buying guide you need to know before purchasing mattresses.
  • Research

Don’t just walk into a store and buy a mattress. Research and do your findings of the best mattresses around and the best brands. You could consult a professional mattress dealer to help you with that.

  • See your Doctor 

This is really advisable especially if you have a health condition like arthritis, back pain, or spinal cord defects. Your doctor’s advice would go a long way in helping you to get the best mattress for yourself.

  • Test  

You should opt for brands that allow testing. You could test the mattress for at least a week or two to see if you’re comfortable with it before buying it.

  • Look out for quality firm mattress with warranty.