Types Of Shower Heads

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Do you want to know the different styles of showerheads? Or Are you confused about which one will suit your bathroom? Today’s guide answers all your questions about the available types of showerheads. It’s for all the readers who think that all the shower heads are the same. Please read on to know more.

A refreshing bath elevates your energy and keeps you in the right mood throughout the day. With a right shower head, the bathing experience becomes luxurious, comfortable and you get the most of it.

If you are constructing a new flat or modifying your bathroom, then knowing the available types of shower heads can be helpful. Why is that? Because you should not choose a bathroom addition depending upon its attractive nature or stylish appearance.

You should also know the functionality. Once you are aware of all the factors, you will make a smart buying decision for a house like a pro. Also, If you know the differences, you can apply the filters to narrow down the results.

Types Of The Shower Head

There are fourteen different types of showerheads available in the market. We have tried to describe them in the best possible way and hope you can make the right choice after knowing about the categories.

1. Rain Showerhead

Esnbia Brushed Nickel Shower System

Stays over your head and offers a straight water flow with adequate pressure, which mimics the natural rainfall. Generally, rain type shower heads are decent in size and hence covers your entire body. So that you can enjoy a comfortable bathing experience without much movement. Such showerheads are available in three variants.

A. Wall-Mounted Rain Shower Head

GABRYLLY 8-inch shower system

A shower arm connects such water streaming heads to a wall so that you can simply stand under it to enjoy a smooth bath. As wall-mounted showerheads cover your entire body due to a decent size, you get more water exposure for an effortless bath. GABRYLLY 8-inch shower system is one of the best walls mounted shower heads that you can try.

B. Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower

If you want to pamper yourself with a trendy addition in your bathroom and you have enough budget for the same, then try a ceiling mountable shower head. Such a fixture makes your bathroom stylish and gives you a luxurious body wash. Similar to the wall mountable version, it showers you with an even water flow but fits with the ceiling. This means it expands the cost for an overall construction or modification. STARBATH Ceiling Mount Shower System is one of the best examples that mixes well with your washroom interior and gives you a high-quality bathing experience.

C. High-Pressure Rain Shower Head

Rain Showerhead

Similar to the above-mentioned variants, but the difference is their functionality. Such a showerhead jets out high-pressure water flow that douses your entire body with a downpour. If you want to replace your existing shower system with an improved water head that can give you a monsoon-like bath, then try a high-pressure rain shower head. Something like SparkPod Shower Head will do the job to give you high-pressure water flow even under low-pressure areas or plumbing systems.

2. Handheld Shower Head

Handheld-Shower head Combo-min

Do you want flexibility in your washroom? If yes, then choose a handheld showerhead. As it’s clear with its name that, such a showerhead comes with an inbuilt handle so that you can bath easily and more precisely. Handheld showers are also useful when you have kids or pets in your house. You can easily use the handheld to wash them.

A handheld showerhead comes with a wall holder. Some models also come with a rotational holder, so that you can set the handheld according to your preferred angle.

3. RV Shower Heads

RV Shower Heads

These showerheads are suitable for your RV as well as home. An RV showerhead provides high pressure and hence saves water to a large extent. Also, such water streaming heads never clogs. You can purchase one of the RV shower head because the inbuilt models are not efficient enough and clog repeatedly.

Moreover, RV heads are cost-effective and hence you can also purchase some other accessories for your vehicle.

Now, you might think, how come it’s a water saver? Because an RV shower head works at less GPM (Gallons per minute). So, it consumes or supplies less amount of water at high pressure. Hence, reduces the water bills. As there is limited water supply in an RV, such a shower head will be the best while you are on the move.

4. High-Pressure Shower Heads

High-Pressure Shower Heads

A morning shower is important because it refreshes your mind so that you can work peacefully. A shower later in the evening relaxes the body and mind so that you can rest and sleep properly. A high-pressure shower is better for relaxation because of its water flow that eases out the muscles.

There are several high-pressure showerheads available in the market that are powerful enough to give you a water massage. Choose one of them depending upon the built quality, water pressure levels, and durability. WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head is one of the best high-pressure showerheads that comes with a 3-inch leak-free water streaming head.

A high-pressure showerhead gives you a better bath, helps you to wash easily, and saves water bills because it uses the same water flow and projects it over you with high pressure. Also, it gives you an amazing feeling when you are tired after all the office work.

5. LED Shower Heads

LED Shower Heads

Do you want an attractive shower head that can make your bathroom stylish? Then, you should invest in an LED shower head. Such water streaming heads emit low-density lights while showering and makes your bathing experience interesting and enjoyable. Don’t worry about the lights. A shower head with high quality built will last longer without any special maintenance.

When you browse for LED shower heads, look for its head size, hose length, and number available light colours. Such a showerhead is suitable for kids because they are naturally attracted to the lights.

If your child feels irritated when you give him or her a bath, try an LED shower head and you will notice the difference. You can consider the KAIREY Led Handheld Shower that has 60 inches of stainless steel hose and seven light changes that can attract kids and adults alike.

6. Dual Shower Heads

Rain showerhead or handheld? It’s the most common question that arises in every buyer’s mind. But, who says that you only have to choose one of them? You can also get the best from both worlds by investing in a dual shower head.

A dual showerhead comes with a rain shower head as well as a handheld that you can use to wash all the areas of your body. Also, a handheld water stream controller is beneficial when you have to bath your kids or pets.

The overhead rain shower and the handheld, both are independent and maintains an average water flow of 2.5 GPM. These heads provide you with adequate water pressure even under a low-pressure installation. So, if you want to enjoy a bath with your partner, you can fulfil such a wish with dual shower systems. It’s the reason it’s also known as couples’ shower head.

7. Low-Pressure Shower Heads


As its clear from the name, a low-pressure shower head is suitable for a plumbing system wherein the water pressure is low. In other words, such a showerhead can maximize the water pressure even if the pressure is low. If you want a spa-like experience and have low pressure in your area, then you can invest in such a bathroom addition.

Low-pressure showerheads come with a water flow regulator that allows you to control the pressure. So, you can maximize the water flow for a relaxing massage-like bath or use low pressure if you need soothing body wash.

Whether you are building a new washroom or modifying it to change a low-pressure shower head is a suitable and cost-effective purchase. Even after such excellent functionality, these showerheads are inexpensive.

For example, the Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head that has a simple design and is reliable against low water pressure.

8. Shower Panels

Shower Panels

If you are a flamboyant individual and want to pamper yourself with a luxury bathroom addition, then a shower panel should be your choice. Whether you are building an infrastructure from scratch or modifying your washroom to add some new functionalities; a shower panel is useful in both the situations.

Keep in mind that such fixtures are costly, and hence you should make the selection depending upon the available space, built material, and the number of nozzles.

A shower panel has a straightforward structure containing an overhead rain shower, a handheld, spout and a mixer valve to control water pressure as well as temperature.

When the showerhead and all the nozzles spray water at the same on your body, it feels nothing less than a spa therapy.

So, you will not only get a massage-like feel after each bath, but panel shower heads will make your bathroom more attractive than ever.

9. Filtered Shower Heads

Filtered Shower Heads

Are you living in a region where water is not clean enough? Then your bathroom deserves a filtered shower head that will give you an impurity-free bathing experience. A filtered shower makes sure you are safe from water contaminants, but such fixtures seldom come in attractive designs.

A shower head with a filter takes out the unpleasant scent from the water and also clears its Sulphur content. So, if you are irritated every morning because you notice some dirty water smell while bathing, then bring home a shower head that has an inbuilt screen.

Apart from that, the internal filter also removes minerals including calcium. Hence, you will never notice mineral buildup or water clogging due to the same. Keep in mind that the filter needs regular maintenance and replacement after a certain period depending upon the make and model.

10. Fixed Showerheads

Fixed Showerheads

The traditional wall-mountable rain showerheads are sold as fixed ones. They provide a rainfall effect at a certain angle that you can control using an included control valve. Overall, fixed showerheads give you a complete bathing solution that also at a price range that’s comparatively lower than other categories.

While browsing fixed showerheads, you need to consider the design, built quality, rice, and features. Some of them follow a traditional built, but the recent versions also have some modern features.

If you are modifying your washroom and you don’t have a large budget, then a fixed shower head can be the right choice. There are different types of showers for your bathroom available in the market.

So, you can check the Aisoso Shower Head that gives you a relaxing rainfall shower, even under low water pressure. Hopopro Fixed Shower Head is another high rated fixed showerhead that has nine spray patterns.

11. Handheld Shower Heads with an On and Off Switch

Handheld Shower Heads with an On and Off Switch

We already know that handheld showerheads are flexible and give you more comfort during the daily activities in the bathroom. Such a showerhead comes with multiple spray patterns that you can use according to your mood. If you want even more convenient then you can try a handheld shower head with on and off switch. The switch is a nice addition and makes such products the best shower heads for kids.


The handheld with a water switch is water-conserving. You don’t have to reach the valve every time you want to turn off the water flow or change the temperature. Hence, it makes the washing process even easier. If you need a quick and convenient bathroom solution that you can use to wash your dog or cat, then a handheld shower with a water switch is the right option.

12. Brushed Nickel Rain Shower Head with Handheld

Brushed Nickel Rain Shower Head with Handheld

We already know about dual showerheads. This is one is similar, but only finished with brushed nickel. Another difference is the price and included components. Brushed nickel rain shower head with a handheld could be expensive than dual showerheads because of their luxurious design, large shower head, pressure valve for maintained water pressure and many other useful features.


Some of the brushed nickel rain shower systems come with an additional faucet or tub spout. However, the rain shower head, handheld and a mixing value with inbuilt cartridge are the basic components. Overall, such a showerhead gives you the convenience and comfortable bathing space that you deserve in the morning. Esnbia Shower System is one of the best brushed nickel rain shower head with a handheld that you can check for reference.

13. Sliding Bar Shower Head

Sliding Bar Shower Head

If you live in a family wherein you all have a common bathing area, then shower heads with sliding bar is suitable. Why so? Because such fixtures come with a sliding bar that helps you to adjust the showerhead. No matter whether you want a bath or your kids, you can change the height of this showerhead using its slide bar.


Even if you are an individual who changes position while taking bathing, such a showerhead could be a great addition. Moen 3669EP is one of the best shower heads that belong to this category. It comes with a 30-inch slide bar and a 69-inch hose. If you want a cost-effective option, then try the Waterpik VSS-563MT that has 18 inches of height adjustability and comes with a 60-inch flexible hose.

Final verdict

You can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing bah simply by choosing the right shower head that fits your requirements. Consider shower head types and an option from the same category that fits properly in your bathroom looks good with other fixtures, suits your style and is available in your budget.


Whatever model you choose, research about it before making the payment. Read the reviews, know the expert ratings and check the description to know about the product. If you are a beginner than chooses an option that’s easy to install. Almost all the shower heads come with printed instructions. If you don’t want to install it on your own, then try the Amazon expert assembly.