What To Look For When Buying A Lawn Mower?

A lawn mower is every gardener’s best friend. Without it, lawns everywhere will sit with unruly grass growing from them, begging for a fresh trim. But what kind of lawn mower is best for your lawn?

Let’s help you with your answer!

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1. Your Yard

Begin by defining the size and shape of your lawn along with the condition of the grass. A large lawn will need a cordless mower with a battery that can last long enough for you to fully trim the grass on the lawn.

If the grass is tall and the lawn has many weeds, you will need a large, heavy-duty lawn mower. On the other hand, if the lawn is small, then you can go for a traditionally corded mower or even a manual reel mower.


2. Quality and Type

Look at different types of lawn mowers on websites. For a small lawn with no hills or slopes, get a manual reel mower. If the grass is thick, buy an electric push mower. A gas-powered lawn mower is good for a lawn a little over half an acre.

For a small yard but with less work, get a robotic mower (can be costly). If your lawn requires heavy duty, buy a ride on mower. The quality of the mower depends on your yard and if you’ve correctly lined up what your yard requires in a lawn mower with the mower itself.

3. Price

Prices of lawn mowers can vary due to their workability and type. A cordless mower can be more expensive than a corded mower. A battery powered lawn mower can be higher in price than a gas-powered lawn mower.

A battery-powered mower can add on a lot to your electricity bill and a gas-powered lawn mower has its own expenses with repairing and replacing parts, not to mention electric mowers also need their battery changed.

Also, gas-powered lawn mowers need to be refueled, so expenses on gasoline are present. All in all, the price of the lawn mower depends on how much you’re willing to put behind your lawn-care needs.

4. Other Factors

Gas-powered lawn mowers are harmful to the environment for their emissions from the gasoline. Electric lawn mowers are also harmful to the environment as their batteries do not get disposed of properly most of the time and thus the acid in those batteries can cause a bad affect on environmental aspects.

If you look at these sides, then you’re only left with the manual reel lawn mower, which is not very serviceable.


In conclusion, these are the major four points that you should keep in mind while looking for the perfect mower. Don’t fret if a lawnmower doesn’t match up with your needs; it’s out there somewhere. And it’s waiting for you as well!

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