How To Choose A Better Filter

Many people wonder about the quality of the water that comes out of the faucet at their house, and the water coming out of your faucet may not be as clean as it should be.\

Healthy adults can drink tap water without any reason to worry,
But some contaminants in tap water may effect people with weak immune systems, younger children, and women who are pregnant.

As reservoirs lower causing increased water shortages, more chlorine is added to our drinking water because the micro-organisms (These include germs, amoeba, parasites, cysts and viruses.) in a reservoir increase as water levels decrease.Water Filter Micro-organisms become more concentrated causing water suppliers to add more chlorine to contain the increase of disease.

Chlorine in our drinking water causes dry hair, dry skin, protein damage, bladder and rectal cancer, it also reacts with the organic matter in water creating Trigonometrical.
Mutagen X, a chlorine byproduct causes genetic mutations.

Chlorine Dioxide in excess of accepted standards, can cause nervous system effects in young children and infants.
These effects can occur in the fetuses of pregnant women.
And some people may experience anemia.

Children under nine should not drink water that has more than 2 mg/L of fluoride due to,
Dental fluoroscopic, results in a brown staining or pitting of the permanent teeth, and occurs
only in developing teeth, before they erupt from the gums.

Explaining Water Filters and Water Purifiers:

Water filter — A micro-biological mechanism that removes bacteria
from water that is contaminated.

Water purifier — A micro-biological mechanism that removes bacteria, and viruses from water that is contaminated.

Choosing a better water filter

There are several details you need to consider before purchasing a drinking water filter, water filter systems vary with a whole house water filter, refrigerator water filters, as in refrigerator water filter,under sink water filter, reverse osmosis water filter, multi stage water filtration system, water purifiers, water filter pitcher, counter top water filter, shower water filter, UV water filter, inline water filter.

Bottle water
Nearly 70 percent of California drink bottled water, which nationwide is a $6 billion industry. And by the end of this year, bottled water will have moved past milk, coffee, and beer to become the second most popular beverage behind soft drinks, according to the Beverage Marketing Corp.

There are a wide selection of water filtration systems and methods of water purification available on the market today.
And there is no filter or treatment that will eliminate 100% of every contaminant from your water.

Of all the different types of whole house water filtration systems, most would agree that the reverse osmosis system is the best water filter.
because reverse osmosis systems remove the widest spectrum of contaminants.

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